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  1. Eyes popping out : Count Me in! Want, need, must have.......
  2. Just a bit to late, any chance I can get on the list for Moonpatrol. Didn't even know this was going on around here. Thanks....
  3. Just got a hold of a supercart, came with a bunch of carts I purchased. Didn’t even know what it was for a few days, cleaned it up and changed the battery. Ok, I looked up the supercart mod and I see there are programs to manipulate this thing. Is there any program that can save what you have on it to a disk? Any help having fun with this would be welcomed. Thanks…..
  4. Thanks for the supper quick response and info, I will keep an eye open for one.
  5. Hi AA737! First of all, welcome to our Atariage group. You'll probably find a lot of interesting stuff here You also might want to check out the top thread (Development Resources sticky thread) as it has a reference to the TI-FAQ on Ninerpedia. Now to your question: His ebay seller name is schmutzig1952. Just recently he had a CF7+ with serial connection up for sale. It went in a split second. Apparently he is working on a new batch of those. Note that the device now is called "nanoPEB" instead of CF7+. Look at ebay article 200505522099 for some pictures. Good luck!
  6. Hi all, new here. Just returned to the TI99/4a after 20 some years. Anyway, I would like to get one of these CF7+ units to mess with. No listing on Ebay for now, can I get the sellers eBay info so I can keep an eye for one? Thanks all for any help. Had most of the TI items back in the 80s and gave it all up to goodwill a long time ago. Now I'm trying get it all back.
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