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  1. hello fellows, im a life long atari fan and user of the 8-bits, last week picked up an ipad mini (version 1) as i do with every machine i ever owned, i thought id put atari power into it..... ie an emulator so i can play "proper" games.... blimey after rooting, and finding how to use the thing, i discovered there are no atari 800 emus out there.... wish i had the skills to compile my own but alas... so the workaround i found is to install a dos box type thing and then run the original pc dos version of atari 800 (xformer), crazy but not the first time i emulate from whithin another emulator.... i found emulators for just about every other system... and they do a good job, but it seems strange that nobody has written an ios version of our favourite machine.....so i guess im asking if anyone has any info on why there is a lack of atari on ios? also since rooting or jailbreaking ive discovered what powerfull little machines these are, such a shame that apple cripples em before allowing joe public to get his hands on em - ie blocking access to all but pictures... not allowing install of anything but applestore crap... its good that rooting gives the machine back to its owner (as it should be) anyway its been a phun week sofar and i have the machine exactly as i want it now.... apart from proper retro playability ie an atari emulator thats a little more up to date than pc xformer... also i found a 2600 emu, its installed and working with all the games... but its not the same....
  2. got an 810 with ARCHIVER/EDITOR and all documentation.... are they rare nowadays?
  3. i remember as a kid buzzing the plug on the arcade machines at my local cafe, frogger and defender where two you could get 100s of lives on using this technique - i also remember killing a few arcade games this way :{ , ahh those were the days! - little bloody vandal!....
  4. yeh, was interesting.....
  5. i use sio2sd and my 810, setting the 810 as drive 2, then booting from sd, load copier then switch to source (or blank .atr) and go copying whichever way atr>floppy or floppy>atr
  6. hey coder guys, what about TLL and CYCLONE also by Costa Panayi?? would really like them two atari-fied.
  7. thank you for version 3 of the archiver software....my versions are both 1.0 also i copied my broken disk to atr from floppy and now the editor seems to work... gonna put it back to floppy and try it! included in the zip with some basic utils. basic utils.zip
  8. hello ppl, just dug out my old 810 with archiver built in, and tested and it still works.... just copied fractalus and ballblazer originals with protection still in place! thing is it also comes with editor software for designing your own tracks/protection and my editor is dead.... need a copy of archiver/editor software, i have the archiver only software thats fine but need the editor..... also i have the instruction manual for the software.... if you have any copy protected disks i can copy em!!! also you have to open the chip before it works, with an open code of 1234, that puts the drive in copy mode, simple power off/on to restore normal use... its only an eprom fitted to the verticle shielded upright board great copier.... isnt as fast as happy on a 1050 but is just as powerfull.... i think! also i have lots of util disks will convert to atr and upload soonish....
  9. simple answer yes, i have copied a few games from atr to real floppy, also real floppys to atrs using my 810 drive and sio2sd... as long as they are not copy protected or have damaged sectors. as previously stated, set real drive to 2 and use 1 on sio2sd here are some usefull files copy stuff.zip
  10. I noticed the k appeared when i used atr util to create autoboot disks from xexs etc
  11. yes you can save to an image file same as a disk, i set my 810 as drive 1 then used sio2sd set to drive 2 and succesfuly copied a few of my old disks to atr files using a disk to disk copier - worked well
  12. on a similar note has anyone here used archiver?, l might put a video up of that in action on my 800 & 810 if you are interested to see it, been a few years but i think both hardware and software are still good.
  13. hey hey, i wanna join the "want ones" its the support for disk images that im interested in....(already have the ultimatate cart) cased would be nice....
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