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  1. some excellent set-ups shown, i also have the 800,810 & 410 would like to get them in use, but space is my problem.... lack of it! keep snapping pics guys, looking through your systems is interesting, and the enjoyment these machines still provide is timeless.... long live A T A R I
  2. mental! nice work fellas, looks interesting & fun!
  3. Thats a very NICE box!... (pls no wife/gf puns)
  4. what about nadral and shrekenstien - sure i spelt it wrong hmm...
  5. this is all the carts ive managed to obtain sofar.... dont think there are any utils here though.... Cartridges.zip
  6. That game is Burg Zarka an unfinished german pd title... its pretty good.... until crash on level four or five - ish
  7. theres a atari 400 case for raspberry pi 3b on ebay...£22
  8. i have an 800 + 810 with archiver + 410 130xe with quad pokey half installed! xegs + 125 carts... and yes i buy carts most recent bomb jake, turbo freezer, rescue expedition.... soi2sd + sdrive max + ultimate cart
  9. its already added, check the platform folder....
  10. hehe went hunting found an xl version.... my apologies! here is version 3 with sticky fixed and a few more games.... Games.zip
  11. see what you mean about being light on the control, but found it very playable (and fun!) on a real atari setup. cheers, good game!.
  12. thanks... was getting paranoid!!
  13. no problem, tis done! - check levels folder.... for captain sticky you need to use translator - have included it in the archive. (will update if i find a version for xl/xe) menu.zip
  14. hello atari ppl, i have a single file compilation of games, its about 12.5 megs, contains some recent stuff, omits plenty!! ideal if you want a collection but dont know where to start. its an atr file... thanks to Hiassoft MashUp!.zip
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