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  1. Are you interested in selling just burgertime?
  2. Where in Ohio? Ive been looking for a cheapish machine to do some fixing up on.
  3. im interested on the generals and gambler, I have both and they are probably my two favorite games ever and i could really probably benefit from having spares (especially for the generals). Also archrivals if it is still available i remember that game from my childhood, but alas my mom gave it away lol. PM me a price and maybe we can ship all three, im a little short on cash these days but if you are talking garage sales prices I can possibly get all three, let me know what you are looking for those and shipping to 44266.
  4. Yeah man you got the best stuff, it sucks you get ripped off so often, i feel for you man.
  5. I have had a few friends with this same type of experience in the end amazon doesn't care about sellers they care about the buyers that go to their site since that drives their commissions. At least on ebay you have a chance of winning. Amazon just sends you emails telling who cares about this one sale which is little consolation to someone that spent hours trying to work out a problem and through no fault of their own is forced to take a return.
  6. It seems that the contacts are too close i have taken apart the console but not taken the button off yet, which is what i am guessing you are calling the cab? So you are saying i should take that part off and remove the trace patterns and look for a problem?
  7. Hey guys I'll get right into the problem. I have a 2600 Jr. that I am having issues with the reset button randomly activating without being touched as in gravity will eventually get it to press. Sometimes it is one press but others it is as if the button is being held down. I tried to take it apart and take a look and it looks like it is traced contacts in there. any advice on how I can fix this problem? Thanks for any/all input. Jarrod
  8. I saw some local guy around the area was selling an xbox and a game cube kiosk. He was near Cleveland, Ohio, I think it was Lakewood and wanted 200 each. Seemed like a good deal and also looked more complete than this one. Although, I think it was different in a few ways (domed clear cover over gamecube and two controllers). I could dig up the ad if anyone in the area is interested.
  9. Do you mind if i ask why your games are so expensive?? Most likely I would assume he looked up what these games are going for and is selling them around there? He is also taking offers. He has a lot of harder to find Sears labels and the like, if you aren't into paying what they are worth, dont buy the games seprately, buy huge lots and go through them like the rest of us. But dont just rag on someones prices because you dont like them. He obviously has gotten a shit ton of sales on ebay so its not like he has his prices that high in the grand scheme of things.
  10. Isn't a 10% fee a little much considering paypal only takes 30 cents plus 2% or something like that?
  11. I remember you talking about your thinking of selling this at CCAG with me. Stopped in your store by the way also, nice selection. GL with the sale hope you get as much as you are looking for. Jarrod
  12. I try to tell people what I have that is in their want list as often as I notice it. The whole problem with that is that a lot of the time people advertise they only want to spend $X on a specific cart. Also a lot of people don't update the thread often enough. Sometimes they will already have received a cart and others they are waiting for a cart to arrive, either case often has no editing of the thread and my time sending a PM is wasted only to find out the person already has what they needed.
  13. Cheers for the suggestions. Skies of Arcadia has never really stood out for me as I'm not a big fan of JRPGs (past the 16bit era), but I've heard nothing but good things, so I might give it a shot at some point. Did Sega ever release a first party Lightgun (or whatever you want to call them) for the Dreamcast? Or is there a good third party one? I'd need a couple to really make the most of House of the Dead 2. But that was one I was looking forward to. There is an interact one I see around used periodically for about 10 dollars loose. Also I think there was a variant of the guncon that was released with dreamcast branding, I have no idea how common that was, I remember it having dreamcast symbols, but not sure who manufactured it, it had the color scheme though, so probably sega at the very least contracted someone if they didnt make it themselves.
  14. I actually do sell a little here and there on ebay. Of course my current method that I haven't been doing long is to put stuff here on AA and if it doesn't go take the time to list it on GG and let it sit and sit if it has to. Its better than paying listing fees constantly for stuff you aren't sure you will sell.
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