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  1. I backed the Amico and am still looking forward to it. Some of the games look cool and I like the idea. While I somewhat doubt it will be an amazing success, I always like to see new consoles and the such for our hobby.
  2. Pretty much sums up my experience with the SNES. Enjoyed F-Zero a lot, and tinkered a bit with the Mario games. Fun times but never regretted going with a Mega Drive bitd.
  3. wiz n liz is a manic speedy platformer akin to Sonic
  4. Like most people, I've got a bit of a love-hate relationship with the Mega-CD (as it was here in the UK). I fell for the hype and bought a MK2 for £250. It came with Road Avenger which I couldn't get on with. But I persevered and had a lot of fun, mainly with non-FMV games such as Thunderhawk, The Terminator, Silpheed and Pitfall. Also played a lot of Cryo's Dune, Texas Ground Zero, Sherlock Holmes and Night Trap. In the end though, the games were just too difficult to get hold of.
  5. Glad you've got past those difficult times. There are so many great mags about these days but it's always good to see more if you ever change your mind? Where are you working now?
  6. What don't you like about my work Vince? Is it because I didn't know about a Commodore 64 game from 1993? Our last email exchange was in 2019 and I thought we had a good friendly chat about a few things.
  7. Back when I did a couple of retro gaming parties for my boys, we always had the Atari 2600 out and the most popular games were always Ms Pac Man and Carnival
  8. Crikey. Lots to explore, thank you all
  9. Ah yes Ms Pac-Man is ace, i've got that one. I'll give Tapper a go, as love that game too. Thanks!
  10. I never had a 2600 as a kid, my parents bought me an Intellivision instead :-) However, in retrospect today, one of the things that constantly amazes me is the high quality of arcade conversions on the 2600. I'm a big fan of Warlords and Moon Patrol, and have recently been playing Spy Hunter which is impressively nifty. Any other good recommendations pls?
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