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  1. Currently looking to bulk up on my SNES collection. I currently have very few carts for the SNES, so I thought I would put some of my other stuff up for offers and trades, in hope that I could maybe trade for a few games that I would enjoy playing. , I'm always up for NES trades as well. Please, feel free to make offers on anything you see.... Red titles are pending. Links to pics over here..... http://s159.beta.pho...rigger/library/ PS1 All complete unless otherwise noted... action bass alien ressurection big ol bass bass landing army men 3d arcades greatest hits vol 1 arcades greatest hits vol 2 big bass fishing bob the builder caesars palace 2 crash bandicoot 2 deathtrap dungeon dukes of hazard 2 elemental gearbolt fifa 98 fear effect fear effect 2 - no manual excalibur grand theft auto jeremy mcgrath super cross 98 martian gothic medal of honor namco museum vol 1 fox nhl pro pinball pro pinball usa riven road rash 3d triple play 98 treasures from the deep tomb raider 2 silhouette mirage soul blade spyro the dragon star wars masters of teras kasi tekken 2 tiger woods pga tour golf time crisis tiny toon racing pool hustler virtual pool true pinball triple play 99 FOR TRADE ONLY..... alundra parasite eve parasite eve 2 suikoden suikoden 2 silhouette mirage arc the lad collection lunar 1 complete lunar 2 complete Atari 7800 cart only Choplifter Galaga x2 Donkey Kong Jr. Centepede x2 Dark Chambers Touchdown Football x2 Hat Trick Asteroids x2 Xevious Pole Position 2 Super Huey Xenophobe Sega Genesis cart only Zoom Cyber Cop Cool Spot Double Dragon 3 Spider Man Xmen Pitfall Sonic Sonic 2 Combat Cars Aracade Classics Jungle Book 6 Pak Power Rangers Justice League Radical Rex Prime Time Football Kid Chamelon Jurassic Park Toe Jam and Earl Panic of Funkatron MERCS Taz The Lion King General Chaos Test Drive the Duel Zero Tolerance Charles Barkley Shut Up and Jam Fatal Fury Super Street Fighter 2 Super Hang On Ren and Stimpy Battleship Xmen 2 Exo Squad Road Rash 2 Shadow Dancer Sonic 3 Tommy Lasorda Baseball Sword of Vermillion Ms. Pacman Animanics Whell of Fortune Williams Arcade Classics Street Fighter Championship Edition Mutant League Football NBA Live 95 James Buster Douglass Boxing Ceasars Palace Joe Montana Football Mick and Mac Global Gladiators Burning Force Gargoyles Mortal Kombat Target Earth Mortal Kombat 2 Ecco the Dolphin World Series Baseball 96 Sonic 2 Sega Master System (complete unless otherwise noted) Action Fighter Choplifter Shinobi Alex Kidd in High Tech World Great Basketball Maze Hunter 3d Space Harrier Monopoly Global Defense After Burner Enduro Racer Shanghai Pro Wrestling Double Dragon - no manual World Grand Prix
  2. Now that I'm home, it is all one word and listed under private leagues.
  3. You may need to try searching private leagues as well.
  4. Soul, will check when I get home. I know the password is correct. If not one word try pipe storage. That may have been where I messed up. Stupid name, but it's a work league.
  5. I have started a connected careers online league. If anyone would like to play, search for the league pipestorage and the password is 12345. Hope to play with some of you!
  6. Sorry, have been busy for the past couple days. Lot is sold and shipped.
  7. Made a huge trade with Dreamstate. Everything was shipped with extreme care and arrived in excellent condition. He shipped exactly when he said he would and supplied me with a tracking number as well. A really stand up guy and an asset to the atari age community!
  8. Anybody play tiger woods 13 on the 360? If so is there any interest in starting an atariage country club?
  9. You should report her for extortion.
  10. This is what I was thinking. Even go as far to set a time to met to pick it up. Then show up and just mock him the whole time on filming it. B I would seriously pay you for your time just to watch that on youtube.
  11. Please don't encourage me because I will do it!
  12. If I want to text him and offer $20,000 just to troll does that make me a horrible person?
  13. To be honest, I'm not even sure what it's worth. It's not boxed but it's in great working condition. I don't want to highball anyone but I don't want to seem like I'm trying to gouge anyone either.
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