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  1. I knew it outside out and could finish it with no life lost at some point Snes version was even more frustrating.
  2. I had a discussion with probably the best arcade player in my country. Had a yt channel with over 300 1cc replays and was also good at french billiard and darts, waging even his motorbike on occasions. One time he was playing a mame cab and finished original ghosts and goblins. Then after trying to relax, he noticed that some kids were watching him. Then one said that those games were for small kids and he was an ace in Call of Duty. Then the guy pulled out a 50 euro note and told the kid "I'll give you 10 credits (5 euro). If you manage to finish the first stage of this game, the 50 euro note is yours''. He put it under the ashtray and kid started to play. He couldn't even maje it past the red gargoyle and when he managed to pass him on his final credit, he fell on the bridge and died as he had no clue what was next. No money won and his friends were laughing at him when they left.
  3. I remember watching the Italian movie House on the Cemetery. It was filmed in the usa with English original dialogue in the scenes, except the Italian dialogue of the children and then it was redubbed again in English
  4. Fortunately they run on Xenia that includes the original and remaster version
  5. thanks. Whenever Atari gets mingled, this happens.... till later then
  6. menu is so barebones..... Btw is it possible to play on windowed mode? I have an Ultrawide monitor and letter menus seem to be messed, plus I'd prefer a smaller game window. ALT-Enter does nothing
  7. Their priority should be sites that distribute Wii U, 3DS and Switch games. Downloading Zelda BOTW, Smash, Mario Kart, Pokemon or Samus Returns does far more financial damage than some 20+ year old NES or Gamecube game
  8. I remember playing a DOS soccer game in the mid-90s where you picked animal team banners with animal characters, but can not find info. There was also another old soccer game, top down perpective, where the match would be interrupted because a naked crasher would enter the field. Wish modern soccer games adopted this too!
  9. Comparedto the bad arcade ports I had to play back then, emulation is not as bad
  10. I remember I had to use so many different emulators for every system back then.Now MAME has it all
  11. Going out of your home, spending money on travel fare, a drink or snack and visiting the arcade was also part of the gaming experience
  12. Hosting the files on your own server makes things even more difficult to avoid lawsuits. At least they'll reduce server costs. But most of Wii ISOs were hosted on their forums in external sites like Mega.nz, they were password protected and required third party tools to decompress (PAR)
  13. Disastrous for video games mostly and the way they are perceived. ET was a movie for the whole family after all. Bubble Bobble co-op play was made with couples in mind,according to the creator. If you see various advertisements,not just videogames but hardware and software in general, during 80s and 90s,you'll notice a blatant sexism. Now this is reduced to a degree because various voices that were muted or ignored during that era are now mostly heard and taken into account. Except for online multiplayer games that are a minefield for everyone.
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