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  1. Doesn't seem too difficult, it's posted right under your user name lol (I know that's not your real address) First time I've ever encountered a thread like this while I was literally eating popcorn.
  2. Is that also true for the United States and how do we make that choice? My only option shows $63 for shipping (two games).
  3. I used to buy double density disks and use a hole punch to create another notch to use the other side. I think everyone did that. However, I was being silly and meant they should have had you turn the disk around (same side up) to load the other game. I don't think it would matter or the disk drive would even know. Would have been cool to mimic the carts
  4. That's an old post but is probably still pretty accurate. I know Al hurt his hand or wrist recently which slowed down the manufacturing process. That may still be lingering. My past experience has ranged from a week to maybe a month or so. However, the quality is always top notch, he's a great guy and there's something about getting a new game that still excites me. Which games did you order?
  5. I was hoping it was going to be one disk with a window on each end so that you could turn the disk around and load the other game
  6. I had forgotten about that. She really enjoyed Seawolf but just moved and fired like crazy. I remember her playing one incredibly long game and getting an unheard of score while I was working on something and not really paying attention. Turns out she died twice with only one ship left which rolled the counter backwards to the maximum number of ships instead of zero. Fun times. She's 21 and a senior in college now. Time flies.
  7. Awesome find and it's in great shape for being at a garage sale. Was it more than the 79 cent price tag?
  8. JayAre, that's a cool watch. Do you still have it? I don't have the Hot Wheels one. A much older kid on the bus asked if he could look at it and refused to give it back. I told the bus driver, the kid claimed he didn't know what I was talking about and I never saw it again.
  9. My first watch was a Hot Wheels watch like this one... I loved that watch. Turns out it's from Bradley also.
  10. That's an interesting assortment and welcome to AtariAge! Why aren't you just selling these on eBay if you're already established there but not here? Just asking since eBay will generally get you more money.
  11. Interesting. I like to see how boxes and other items changed throughout time. I certainly like the plastic trays with liners much better than the all-cardboard variation.
  12. If the book is half as good as the game it should be a best seller.
  13. cvga

    Birthday gift

    I love it, especially because it feels like it's personal and that someone put a bunch of thought into what you would want. Happy Birthday!
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