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  1. Ugh, I didn’t have a chance to report in time so I’m partly responsible for the low numbers. Here’s what I would have reported... Intellivision: Bomb Squad - 210 minutes My 13 yo loves this game and built a program to optimize determining the correct digit.
  2. Sold socrates63 a boxed Frankenstein’s Monster and Private Eye. He paid promptly and had great communication. No problems and would be happy to sell/trade/buy with again.
  3. That's the one. I believe the other hosts have turned him into an involuntary Carnival and Sharp Shot collector. I'm surprised that Carnival is so common!
  4. I apologize if I missed it but how will we be able to participate in the auction? I'm looking forward to at least catching some of the marathon.
  5. Frankenstein's Monster and Private Eye have been sold. Thanks!
  6. Holy cow! I'm glad I've hung on to my copy. Still looking for time to play it.
  7. Bump - take 20% off the listed price for the next 48 hours (until Tuesday @ 7:30 pm EST)
  8. Taking advantage of the long weekend to continue to get some gaming in... Atari 2600: Crypts of Chaos - 12 minutes H.E.R.O. - 11 minutes Ms. Pacman - 7 minutes SNES: Castlevania X - 8 minutes Space Invaders - 10 minutes Earthworm Jim - 15 minutes
  9. Bump - added additional boxed carts. Will continue to add more if there's any interest. Thanks!
  10. cvga


  11. cvga


  12. Take 20% off the price listed below until Tuesday 7:30 pm EST. Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have several Atari 2600 carts that I'll be listing over the next week. Nearly all of these carts were in my collection before being upgraded which means that they vary widely in condition. I've done my best to show lots of pictures and highlight any blemishes. Please check out the pictures closely and feel free to ask questions. I want you to be happy and know exactly what you'll receive! I'll leave these up for about a week and then move them to eBay. Thanks for looking! Frankenstein's Monster - cart, box & instructions. Note that the box is not in perfect condition. It has a tear on the backside and shows wear in other places. The front of the box is pretty good though and looks great displayed. Please examine the pictures for details. Price = $55 + $6 shipping anywhere in the US SOLD Check out the rest of the pictures in the following gallery: Private Eye - Box, cart and instructions in very good condition. Price = $70 + $6 shipping SOLD Check out the pictures in the following gallery: H.E.R.O. - cart, box & instructions. The box is somewhat crushed, possibly a little more than the pictures show as the front is somewhat dented. Please check the pictures carefully. Price $100 + $6 shipping Check out the pictures in the following gallery: Submarine Commander - cart, box & instructions. Please see the pictures for details. Price $80 + $6 shipping Check out the pictures in the following gallery: Stellar Track - cart, box & instructions. Box shows some wear, especially on top flap. Please see pictures for details. Price $30 + $6 shipping Check out the pictures in the following gallery: Oink - shrinkwrapped, excellent condition (pictures coming soon) Price $25 + $6 shipping Party Mix - shrinkwrapped, very good condition (pictures coming soon) Price: make offer
  13. Accidental necrobump. I was attempting to respond to David Yancey in another post but responded to the link he supplied instead
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