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  1. These are also incredible. Would love to have an Activision Family Vacation t-shirt! They look awesome. Thanks for sharing!!
  2. I watched it on my phone and it played perfectly with no lag. I enjoyed being able to see and hear from some of the people behind the scenes at Intellivision Entertainment and the various programmers developing games. It certainly added some legitimacy for me. And of course, I'm always interested in seeing actual game footage. I was a little surprised that I'm more interested in the games that aren't updated Intellivision games from 80s given those games were the primary reason I ordered an FE. Overall, although disappointing, the delay isn't surprising and certainly wasn't unexpected given worldwide events. I can wait until 4/3 and will be excited to show the console to a bunch of people who have no idea that it evens exists before then
  3. I have one bat so I measured it. It's a Bill Madlock and is just under 30".
  4. These are incredible. Love these types of stories and thanks for sharing!!
  5. That top one seems pretty small for a major leaguer. These were intended for kids. I wonder if all of them came in assorted sizes.
  6. I'd be interested also.
  7. Turbo Grafx Y's Book I - 943 minutes Finally finished it. Something I never did even when my Turbo and the game was brand new. Getting ready to start Book II. Since the CD is Y's Book I & II I'm wondering if they get counted together or separately.
  8. Wow, that's in great shape. Love that they are advertising Stadium Mud Buggies and Spiker on the cover along with 25% off Choplifter and Super Pro Pool.
  9. Wow! Good stuff. I liked some of the free stuff better than the for sale stuff and gladly would have paid something for it. Very cool of you.
  10. My best friend had Maze-A-Tron growing up and we really really wanted to like it and gave it several attempts but just couldn't get into it. Deadly Discs was our favorite Tron game.
  11. I like your videos but have to disagree when you said "The 2600 version looks really good, and it plays well". I guess it plays okay but I had the 2600 version as a kid and was really disappointed. Overall I think MNetwork did a great job with their 2600 conversions, especially with Space Battle/Attack, but felt they could have done a better job with Burgertime even though I know it's a difficult task for the 2600.
  12. He likely accepted a best offer
  13. Cool. Got my board. It was good to see how easy it is to put it in a shell. Thanks!
  14. Lots of people let overpriced items continue to relist over and over. Sometimes I watch them just to give them hope.
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