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  1. It's my favorite game on any system. I love how it continues to add new enemies with different features deep into the game. The controls allowing you to jump from beam to beam are very responsive and the difficulty ramps up at a reasonable, but fairly quick, pace. The key to getting high scores is to build a large reserve of ships and hit the mother ship at the end of each sector for a large bonus. I've never seen them either lol
  2. I have a bunch of Vic20 carts that are doubles for me. Is there anything particular you're looking for?
  3. Totally agree regarding Activision but not so much with Imagic. You mentioned Atlantis but Demon Attack was a completely different game (although I like the 2600 version better) and Dragonfire included archers that shoot arrows when you're crossing the drawbridge. The only other conversion was Fathom and I haven't played either version enough to know if it was a direct translation or not. The other 10 games Imagic released for the Intellivision were original games.
  4. From BITD I'd choose... Beamrider AD&D Cloudy Mountain Burgertime 3 awesome games for three different genres I haven't played all of recent releases but Christmas Carol, Stonix and D2K are incredible
  5. I received an Atari and my best friend got an Intellivision the same Christmas (1980). We spent tons of hours together playing games on both systems. I have great memories of playing Major League Baseball, Astrosmash, Swords & Serpents, Lock N Chase, Beauty and the Beast, Demon Attack, Space Battle, Space Armada, Advanced D&D (Cloudy Mountain), Burgertime, Poker & Blackjack, Skiing, Beamrider, Bowling and lots of other games. 10 years later I bought my own intellivision and my college roommates and I discovered many of the later releases like Body Slam Wrestling, Super Pro Football (which I purchased new instead of Stadium Mud Buggies) and Slam Dunk Basketball as well as a bunch of older games, some that I hadn't played before. Today I love getting homebrews and later this year I'll be excited to get an Amico. 40 years of Intellivision and I've never outgrown it!
  6. Sucks that you even have to report it. They should be able to monitor and discover this type of behavior without the users even getting involved.
  7. I was wondering what my score would be in 5 minutes. I'm sure it would be less but I may try it this weekend. We can revive the Boscov Challenge!
  8. That's really cool and a great update to a nearly 8 year old post! I believe Boscov's is still around in the PA area. Also, not a surprise that the 13-17 year old division winner's score was higher than the 18+ winning score.
  9. You're getting a little too personal but guilty as charged!
  10. I would think that a smaller company with a new product like this would have to promise to buy back unsold inventory in order to get on the shelves at a Target or Walmart.
  11. I have one that looks like it's never been used...
  12. Look at the Amico, consoling those little lost controllers
  13. This is great stuff. Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you had the most awesome parents ever!
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