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  1. I've seen another thread on this somewhere. If I recall, it's a trivia game where you read the questions out of a book and submit answers via the Atari.
  2. I see two large bid retractions. That's really lame, if not dishonest, on the bidders. I'd consider pulling the auction if this were my game.
  3. I'd be interested in buying it or trading you something for it if you're interested.
  4. bump - Limited time special - Free shipping for orders over $25!
  5. This probably isn't the best place for this post (especially since I sold everything in it) but I ran across the box today and thought some of you might be interested in seeing what it looks like.
  6. I agree with you and don't consider it cheating but it "feels like cheating". I've often thought that the logs should roll from the opposite side of the screen regardless of which way you are running. I'll have to try your version!
  7. Finally got some time in. The 13 yo and I played the following this week... Atari 2600: Pitfall - 32 minutes including one full 20 minute game. I don't recall which underground passages to use but scored over 90,000 points so I was pleased. Ms. Pacman - 8 minutes Dig Dug - 12 minutes Draconian - 10 minutes - a great homebrew you should purchase if you haven't already! Astronomer - 9 minutes H.E.R.O. - 5 minutes Atari 5200: Megamania - 10 minutes Keystone Kapers - 8 minutes Pitfall II - 5 minutes Meteorites - 10 minutes 007 James Bond - 5 minutes Berzerk - 6 minutes Blueprint - 5 minutes Congo Bongo - 4 minutes Decathlon - 3 minutes Galaxian - 5 minutes Gyruss - 8 minutes Joust - 5 minutes Jungle Hunt - 3 minutes Mr. Do's Castle - 4 minutes Ms. Pacman - 4 minutes Pole Position - 5 minutes Popeye - 6 minutes Q*bert - 5 minutes Qix - 15 minutes RealSports Baseball - 5 minutes River Raid - 8 minutes Space Dungeon - 4 minutes Space Invaders - 6 minutes Star Wars: Death Star Battle - 5 minutes Star Wars: The Arcade Game - 8 minutes Super Breakout - 3 minutes Zone Ranger - 4 minutes and a host of others that we only confirmed to work but didn't play. The 5200 games were all doubles. I have a bunch of them for sale in the Buy/Sell forum if anyone is interested.
  8. My 13 y.o. and I were playing Pitfall last night. I'm not sure he was buying into the hype associated with this game when it was released until I explained how the underground tunnels work. Now he's interested in mapping it. We played one game forward (running right) and one game backward (running left). Backward certainly seems much easier but also feels a touch like cheating. Which way do you run and why?
  9. Everything in this thread is SOLD (except the sign that wasn't for sale but generated a bunch of discussion). Thanks!
  10. Weekend Special - H.E.R.O. for $60 shipped. The box is in poor condition but the price is comparable to just the cart and instructions without it! Plus I want to close this thread and move on to other stuff
  11. cvga


    It's the same game as Super Challenge Football.
  12. Sold items have been crossed out but lots of great stuff left!
  13. I totally agree but I've owned it for the last 20 years so that makes it a little less surprising
  14. Added loose carts and reduced prices on some boxed carts!
  15. That's awesome! I've never seen those stars. Thanks for sharing!!
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