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  1. Cool sticker. I'm glad you got it!
  2. I wouldn't say super popular but I never saw a Zoo Keeper at an arcade until a couple of years ago.
  3. I wish I would have purchased one back when they were $60. I'm willing to pay a slight premium but not nearly $400!
  4. Oscar, I've thought about you often. I hope you've been able to find some comfort since Rosa's passing. I know I'm not alone in wishing you the best.
  5. That's so awesome. I love to look through pictures of collections like this and then show my wife how bad things could be at our house lol.
  6. I'm hoping for an IntelliClub Sandwich. It's almost lunchtime!
  7. Yeah, even growing up in the midwest, I was surprised that there weren't any MLB teams in Florida given its population, spring training home for most teams back then and the popularity of baseball in Caribbean in general. Hard to believe the Braves were the only team around and that they were in the National League West with the Reds while the Cubs and Cardinals were in the East lol.
  8. That's really interesting. I wonder why they paired Seattle and Atlanta also. I guess there weren't enough National League teams in the Northwest. I also noticed that there was another version with Baltimore and Atlanta paired together. Maybe Atlanta was a popular choice due to all their games being broadcast on TBS.
  9. I bought a Colecovision homebrew at our local video game store about 4 years ago. I believe it was Armageddon. I think I paid $7.
  10. There's a contact member link on the seller information page. I'm guessing it's just a lack of awareness of how it comes off though. I bought a high score cart for about $200 (iirc) prior to Curt's passing (maybe a year or two ago) and I thought that was a fair price for the seller and me. I'm not sure what the market value would actually be today since we don't see it very often.
  11. I love this stuff. I have a postcard for Robot Tank. I wonder how many of these postcard advertisements were made.
  12. I'm pretty certain he just sold the last of that stuff on Saturday. Looks like you just missed him by a few hours. Bummer.
  13. I appreciate the interest but this thread is almost 20 months old. Due to some health issues, I'm not currently selling anything at the moment. I'll start a new thread in the future if/when I can get back to it. Thanks!
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