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  1. Im so sorry man, that's why I was going off on the 120 vs 240 AC input... AA MEMBERS: BUY FROM THIS MAN!!!
  2. Oh christ. Yeah, okay. I re-read the thread. I thought someone was going to use a uk adapter on a us outlet. When they said they were coming to the US I assumed they were going to bring it over use it here on the american genny. Mea culpa. Carry on.
  3. Do you see that part on the AC adapter that says 240V ~ 50Hz??? That adapter is not expecting 120V ~ 60Hz... Whatever. Do what you want.
  4. Yes... Wall outlet outputs 60Hz AC in the US. AC adapter expects 50Hz, AC which it then rectifies into 12V DC or so to pass to the LM7805 for stepdown conversion to a proper 5V DC source. Think what you want, and not to pull the education card, but I have a bachelors in EE and I've worked on these things for YEARS modding them. It's still a bad idea. To be clear, im more concerned as to what will happen to the AC adapter than I am the Genesis.
  5. No no no no no! Do not try this. PAL outputs current at 50Hz, NTSC outputs at 60Hz. If you plug in an AC adapter expecting 50Hz and it gets 60, it will not work as designed. Or worse.
  6. As much as it pains me to do this, I have to. So, with that said, the following items are for sale (OBO). Prices are in USD, and include shipping in the US. International buyers will have to pay the shipping costs, which we can work out. First, I have a Model 2 Sega Saturn that has been modchipped, and has also had a region switch installed. Comes with the 4MB Action replay cart, s-video and audio cable, two Eclipse controllers (always preferred those over stock), and a Sega branded 3D controller. SOLD! Next up is a Component modded, dual mono modded, FM modded Sega Master System with a Master Everdrive. Comes with AC adapter, component cables, audio cables and standard controller. If you want, I can also throw in a Genesis controller as well. I also found a pair of 3D glasses that seem to work just fine that I'll throw in (not pictured). Pics: Asking $250.00 OBO Again, Im open to some negotiation here. Thanks for looking!
  7. Yeah I used price charting to make an initial determination and it's hovering around 500, so I knocked off 50 and included shipping into the cost. I might lower it a tad now though - I need the money or I don't have a lawyer.
  8. I hear ya. I always have the option of taking it into a retro shop, but who wants to do that? Id rather it go to someone who wants it.
  9. So make an offer. Im open to pretty much anything at this point.
  10. Thanks. Unfortunately the Jaguar was the one to suffer.
  11. Sold. Watch this space for potentially more things.
  12. How snug are these? I installed an RGB board in my toaster and I used standard 1/4" jacks for the outs ao there's a bit of additional length to the system. Just wanna make sure it'll fit. Thanks!
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