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  2. If any console is 25 bucks with a bunch of games, it's pretty much worth it.
  3. Yeah from what I was told on a cd32 forum, all games were pal only, however some do work on an NTSC console. There's a list out there of whichs ones work, and which ones don't, and which ones are buggy. I know golden.ax used to have some games for sale for it, but this was like 2 years ago. He hooked me up with a few of mine.
  4. getting a lot of interest in the controllers, TG16 boxes, and the (now pending) system lot. Thanks for the pm's, and everyone has been (re)replied to. Feel free to drop me offers. I'm more inclined to give bigger deals if you're interested in more than one item.
  5. all pm's replied to, and almost everything has prices now instead of making me offers.
  6. Messiah NES wireless Controllers now on EBAY. Since this isn't the auction section, no link posted. I decided to do this, to stop a pm'ing bidding war, that started right as I accepted an offer. Possibly a dick move on my half, but I think this is better for everyone. New adventure Island Box. Box is in fair condition, with a noticable tear on the front. But it's still functional and looks great on the shelf. Nothing with this box, just the box itself. 17 Shipped USA Just a small lot of random games I've got. I'd like to lump these together to save shipping, but may take offers. They all work, just fine: *I need to update pic* Alex Kidd in High Tech World (SMS) Ecco the Dolphin Tides of Time (Genesis) *sticker and sticker residue gone* Frogger II (2600) *r6* Hang on Safari Hunt (SMS) *not pictured yet) $23 shipped I don't really know much about this game, except for the fact that its fun. I hear it was a hack and someone then just put it on a cart. Please feel free to help me, and others out about more info. I'm not the one that made this, and I don't know it's origin, but I did grab this over a year ago from the Neo Geo forums. Game looks great and plays great. $25 shipped USA I'm also thinkin about throwing a bunch of randon accessories in a flat rate box. I'm thinkin random system controllers, rf switches, power supplies, remote controls, etc. If I did something like this, it won't be a mystery box, but trying to gauge some interest if this is what people would want.
  7. yeah, i think you guys haven't really followed the emerson arcadia as of late. They're rarely on ebay, and even broken systems sell for 70+ before shipping. I almost jumped on a boxed one with a BIN of 80 bucks, but because of older advise from this site, I didn't. An hour later it was sold. so the 10-20 dollar for the system is far from accurate.
  8. no worries. I've got nothing but time and money.
  9. damn. totally woulda jumped on this too.
  10. i thought the wood ones didn't say atari 2600.
  11. i too have one available. I'm not with it at the moment, but would be able to ship monday. works like a champ. I'd be willing to just charge 5 bucks + actual shipping, and i'd have to quote you that when im with it. Being that it's huge and heavy, I don't want you to have to spend too much.
  12. 22 bucks isn't "value" It's the price they sold for back then. You could say they didn't depreciate, but they don't have any "value"
  13. i'd be all over this, if I didn't have a huge purchase coming up. who knows, maybe in a few days.
  14. then u might want to check the wanted section instead of the for sale section.
  15. http://www.atariage.com/forums/forum/24-auction-central/
  16. but what about the fancy soft plastic case? it'll keep it safe from the kids getting their hands on it.
  17. holy crap. you posted this on sega age and got replies? That place is a ghost town.
  18. actually, listing on ebay is only the safest and secure solution for the buyer. You'll get screwed, if they're remotely unhappy. But damn, if i didn't have my eyes set on a large NES lot, i'd drop a bm, the send you a pm for some Custers action. My g/f wants to play it.
  19. great stuff man. I'd jump, but got a big NES lot I need my pennies for. But I love lookin.
  20. not sure the point of this? just buy a PAL version, and play it in your top loader. BOOM official version, and playable on your console. No dealing with crappy repros, and ruining a perfectly good nes cart.
  21. damn good deal man. I've watched those things go for hundreds. Boxed have gone over a 1000 on a few occasions. If it doesn't work, it will sure look good. Plus you can get some of your money back sellin the games if you already own them. Totally jealous over here.
  22. what he said ^^ but then again, with this set up here, it's not needed, but it's definitely missing.
  23. take that time killers and throw it down the toilet. shittiest arcade port EVER. Even worse than the 2600 Donkey Kong. Though some would argue the arcade Time Killers sucked, but when i was 11, it was the shit, except when i got my head chopped off first move of the bout. All in all though bro, you got some decent stuff. even the aforementioned game has value. You should get some bites on here for sure.
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