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  1. I’ve recapped a bunch of stuff for people here. Mainly Game Gears, Atari Lynx, and Turbo Express. PM me if you’re interested.
  2. I’m still making these, although I have slowed down a bit due to the holidays and being super busy at work.
  3. PM sent. I have a few available at the moment.
  4. I mean, it’s cool that others are making these too, but why post them in my thread? Anyway, I still have one available currently.
  5. I don’t have a picture, it wasn’t mine, my younger cousin tried to fix it himself and screwed it up. He ripped off an entire solder pad and some of the trace. It was Pokémon Emerald.
  6. I fixed a GBA game that had almost the exact same thing happen. Didn’t look pretty, but it worked. That’s the important thing.
  7. I’d put a battery holder in this now, because it’ll be hard for anyone to change the battery it the future. Just solder a small jumper wire from the back side of the battery terminal and hook it to the next component in line, which looks like the diode at the top of the board.
  8. I currently have one available if anyone is interested.
  9. Sold out apparently, even though amazon says there’s 3 available. If they actually do exist, I’d like one.
  10. Has anyone tried the cases from http://www.customgamecases.com They make genesis style clamshell cases for game gear. They all appear to have artwork included, not sure if you can get blank ones and make your own artwork or not. I don’t have any, so I can’t speak for quality or anything like that. Also, a couple people mentioned that their Game Gears don’t work or need recapping. I can do that if anyone is interested.
  11. How long are you in town for? I don’t have any right now, but I can make some.
  12. I don’t have any right now, but I can make some soon.
  13. It’s available now, I just ordered a copy.
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