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  1. Ohio has opened up Covid vaccine to 40 and up folks. I tried the chain pharmacies, and their systems were broken (no appt's within 20 miles or 5 days) with no option to expand the search. Went to the OH health website instead and was able to schedule an appointment for a "jab" in a few days.  Though to be fair, perhaps if I spoke to someone directly at the pharmacies then perhaps I could've gotten an appt? But they probably would've just said "go onto the website/app".

    1. Stephen


      Nice - I'm hoping to get scheduled too.  Wife had her first shot earlier in the week.  Nice avatar BTW.

    2. Keatah


      They DO say go to the website. They are instructed not to waste time scheduling.


      Now. In general, everything should be opened up. There's excess capacity, local news says so, and you can't PAY people to take a shot. They just say they don't want it. Local chain stores are offering $200 "bonuses" to get inoculated. And still refusing. Unused doses are going to waste.



    3. zylon


      I'd have done the reverse, and got the working age folks done 1st. Having all the elderly "safe", while no factories operate doesn't do well. I'm idling an facility tomorrow. Can't get materials to operate until maybe May.

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