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  1. PM me the price. I can also trade a CoCo2 if you want. It has everything necessary.
  2. Hmm, you can find a new Wii for 150$ at a store...
  3. @Player 3 Not me! I buy the games!

  4. @Player 3 Not me! I buy the games!

  5. My Fly Pen computer came today! Love the Sim Earth packaging!
  6. Man, I hope some more BoC's pop up! Really cool stuff!
  7. Thanks for mentioning that website, I need an Atari!
  8. Yeah parents are like that... They're usually right it turns out... Though depending on what's crap or not for you in this case it could be one of the exceptions................. I like the idea of young blood in the hobby.... Assuming you'll stick around... I'll make you a deal, If you post at least 2 times a month on the forums and you PM me in October reminding me I said this (linking this thread), I'll send you a box of crap for Christmas next year as a gift.... (have to remember I said this..... Hope I don't forget, meh, it's your job to remind me, hope USPS keeps doing flat rate boxes.... Sigh.... I hope this doesn't bite me in the butt).... There problem solved, parents are happy, kids are happy, and forum members don't have to feel like they're stealing candy from a baby.... Chris I sent an email to myself in the future about this. Thanks!
  9. My dad said it would literally be a box of crap and he is not letting me get it. Can you be just a tiny bit more descriptive? Please!
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