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  1. My greatest moment is a memory. My Daddy came home from work and brought home a C64 breadbox with the tape deck. He had a game Like Asteroids! I played that thing till like 1:30am I was only 5 or so when that happened. I guess the greatest moment would of been being 5 and staying up late!
  2. I'll probably try and sell it... What do you guys think a fair asking price is?? it is working and all keys and everything but cosmetics is so so... scratches but no cracks ect..
  3. Sorry to hear that... a buddy of mine showed me it not that long ago. I’m vary impressed on how well it was made! Wish you luck on the sales!
  4. Just wanted to add that this is the second edition of steel battalion.
  5. Dose the custom firmware allow the unit to play in full screen if connect to a tv?
  6. I was just looking at this my self. If I had the money I would of picked it up too!..
  7. Yea it’s a CoCo 1 computer. Would it be worth the investment to get it up to par or should I sell it trade it?
  8. Wish you lived in Wisconsin!. Would love the iMac G5 and The G3-G4 iBook!
  9. I have a Trs-80 model 1 sitting around doing nothing for years no games or controller pretty bare bones and beat but works. Every time I think about doing something with it I check eBay and everything’s seems so expensive for the computer to bring it up to par. I know I used to like the model 2 or 3 ( late to early 90’s) I do remember playing Robocop and Rampage on it and some game (Caveman game that gives you armor and your armor grants ability’s) that I used to love on it. I would also like to see frenzy on it. Most of the games I remember on it was cartridge games. Would a model 1 be able to run these games? Would it be worth the time and investment? Thanks for any advice.
  10. I had this same problem when the system was new!. Lol! What a battery hug.
  11. After ordering a new cartridge off eBay space Spartans works!! Makes me think that the cartridges aren’t the most durable mainly do to the open bottom. Since most cartridges from this era probably were not taking care of the best.
  12. No space spartan doesnt work and dont have another system to test it out with. It just the freeze color changes.. depending if the voice is in or not.. Ive cleaned all pins and no changes to game playability or load.. regardless if the game is pushed in or partial out doesnt change the out come or freeze after button press. The pins on this IntelliVision seem to work great.
  13. Thanks!! But I dont know if a rom chip is going bad or is bad in my IntelliVision. I dont doubt that if I get pitfall it would work. However if in get another space spartan game or Advance D&D game i feel like it might not work.. thats kinda been my issue.... I could try and resetting the rom chips ect..or it vary well of been a bunch of bad games. Just dont know... if they dont have a vary high failure rate it might be with the IntelliVision..
  14. Working: Space hawk Space armada Astrosmash Tron deadly discs Atlantis Night stalker Star strike Intellivision voice -seems to work even though only have 1 game for it Non working: and returned to store. Space spartan- voice works at splash than freezes Night stalker advanced dungeons & dragons: treasure of tarmin Ive tried space spartan with both voice in and out of system and same results except with voice in it freezes on blue srceen with out it freezes on yellow screen. Ive pulled the cartridge back till its about ready to slip out and the system booted game fine. Space spartan was a eBay game I ordered and the last game I got for my IntelliVision so far. It came CIB and was thinking of returning it thats what made me post this problem cause idk if its system or just a bunch of bad cartridge that Ive gotten.. So far most of the games that dont work seem to push the Intellivision thats what make me think its the system. I also thought it odd that Im running into a 25% failure rate on the cartridge not working.. are the IntelliVision carts that finkey or flakey?
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