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  1. Definitely a good lesson to learn early. . .reworking multiple boards in a test run would be a serious pain.
  2. I seem to remember that there were published fixes for Defender, Moon Patrol, and Q-Bert when using 9938-based video chips.
  3. There is the CorComp Peripheral Diagnostic Module, and there are several specialized memory test programs (JediMatt's memory tester, SAMS AMSTEST, MEGTEST for HRDs, and probably a few others). Other than that, not too much.
  4. I can't answer for the sidecar version/TIPI combo, but I have played it using a regular disk controller and the PEB card (though not recently, so I should probably play it again just to be sure nothing has changed).
  5. I would try to get a replacement 74LS154, just because of the leg, but the memory errors may also be caused by an iffy buffer chip (the 74LS244s on the address lines or the 74LS245 on the data lines).
  6. When I first got to Germany in 1985, I didn't know any other TI local users. A couple of my TI friends from my previous tour in Germany were still in Stuttgart though, so I had people within a few driving hours of me. The base recreation center had a little hobby expo a couple of months after I arrived and I set up my TI there. After about an hour, there was a small crowd surrounding my table--it was the K'Town 99er's User's group (not the one located in the US--this was a military user's group). They had about 20 regular members and the group lasted until about 1992 when we were down to three remaining users. I was also connected with the local German user's group. Ten to fifteen of us met every other month. There was even an independent computer store in downtown Kaiserslautern that stocked stuff until the store itself closed down in 1990. I bought my Advertizer cartridge and several other European items there. The TI Treff at Duisburg in 1986 was the real eye-opener for the size of the German TI community though. That place was packed. I saw demonstrations of hardware from Mechatronic and from Atronic, GRAM cartridges from TI Club Baunatal, and so many interesting German TI things that I wanted that I had to ration myself. . .in the hope that I would find them again the following year. Even into the early 90s, the TI Treff was large enough to completely pack a large gymnasium. Germany was definitely not a TI wasteland. . .and the shelf of TI-related books I have in German were mostly from sources other than TI. A lot of them were released, although distribution was sometimes a bit more problematic, as some of them had print runs of only 100-200 copies.
  7. You mean I don't already look weird enough when I show up? I must be losing my touch. . .
  8. yeah: no glasses, really mucked-up vision. . .
  9. I would call that mighty well organized--my storage space is of the wall-o-boxes-six-feet-deep variety (more-or-less a cube that overwhelms its half of the room). . .
  10. Turns out I'd already used my brown case for something else, but I have more of them on order now, LOLOL Here's a nice pic of the cartridge that just had to be. . .all parts, including the case are new-manufacture parts. This is one pristine butt-plugger!
  11. Good sleuthing. Hidden pins like that can be a real pain.
  12. I do make an exception for women's naked beach volleyball. . .so all is not lost.
  13. Well, the Japanese are even more baseball-crazy than most Americans, so that one did escape the island. . .I just found a simpler personal solution: I ignore all professional sports and pretty much any other level of sport. I will sometimes humor my friends when they are in a game of some kind, but that is about as far as I can push myself to endure the torture of watching a game (or match).
  14. My only options were PDF and JPG with this software. Here is a set as 300 dpi JPG files, in the order they appear on each side of the brochure page note that they are folded to keep pages 2 and 3 as the outside, visible pages after folding. Japanese TI-99_4 Brochure.zip
  15. The first two pages are the four outside panels of the brochure and the last two pages are the four inside panels. Each group of four panels is on one side of the paper when completely unfolded. The scans you have here are the original output, as the scanning software for my printer sucks somewhat. I had it set to sense the page content to ensure I got the right size output, as the panel size is a bit nonstandard--and the last two inside panels had a bunch of white space at the bottom that it cropped. No content is missing. I did finally find a setting that lets me increase the resolution a bit (from 200 dpi to 300 dpi), so I'll test that later today.
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