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  1. I recently sold the last one of these I had hiding in my spare parts boxes a couple of months ago. I made 20 of them based on the expressed community need back then. I'd have to have about ten more people looking for them to make another run of them economical (I have enough of the connectors, so that part isn't a problem).
  2. Hey Klaus, you could add a couple of additional cards to that PEB list: the TI DSDD Disk Controller, The 1200 BAUD SuperMODEM card, and the FORTI card.
  3. The one we built was a Q*Bert sacrifice as well. . .they seem to be the most common of the Parker Brothers titles for some reason, especially as Frogger was considered more popular BITD.
  4. All Parker Brothers' games have that option for selection #2, @Globeron. It is a central part of the coding for their CROM chips, with the CROM handing off control to the actual program after setting the starting variables (number of players, etc.).
  5. Myarc XB-II is a disk-based program that loads into the Myarc 128K, 256K, or 512K memory cards. One note--it also requires 8K of RAM in the cartridge slot. The Myarc XB-II cartridge that put the RAM into that slot only had an 8K RAM chip in it (although some also used surplus Pilgrim's Pride 6000+ cartridge boards, making it possible to turn some of them into a standard supercart by adding an EA GROM).
  6. You are right about the case being a tight fit--but some careful filing on the various high points inside the case will eliminate those problems. The UberGROM in Turtles' case is socketed, as is the Flash chip. No soldering necessary once you get it right. The hardest part was getting the case open without damaging it. I had a lot of fun making that one for him. I may even do one or two more like that eventually, especially if I find more donor cartridges for an acceptable price.
  7. Thanks, that will come in handy. . .
  8. You could add the Powertran Cortex, as that is another of the TMS-9995 machines. You could also add the Marinchip S-9900, although I'm not sure if that one is in MAME. . .
  9. I will have to look at this--I may be able to do a modified UberGROM board that permits this to work. . .as those two chips can probably be made to fit.
  10. A most useful best practice. Many thanks, Beery.
  11. The original 99/4 prototypes had an internal video modulator. The FCC didn't like the signal leakage (it failed their tests), so TI switched to a monitor and sold it with the console. They got an external modulator to pass the tests in 1980 and sold them from about the middle of that year as a separate accessory. Later, they included the modulators and sold the monitor separately, as that significantly reduced the price-of-entry for customers. On the RCA cable question--the TI cable is a 5-pin DIN (for NTSC models) at the TI end that breaks out into the necessary Audio/Video RCA connectors for the TV/monitor. Sound is only one channel.
  12. In the Midwest, Chicago is really your best bet for TI things. Turtles and I stopped for the night in Elkhart last year on our way to Chicago, but I think we'll be on a different path this year, as we'll have to detour through a different part of Ohio to meet some outside commitments.
  13. Nice! This is actually the first time I have seen one of these cards in the wild. . .and I've been looking for about 20 years now.
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