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  1. I just checked my TI board supply for you. I have about 40 of them sitting next to my keyboard right now.
  2. Of course, if you get one of the XB 2.7 suite cartridges, that has Extended BASIC, TI Writer, Editor/Assembler, Disk Manager 2, DSKU, the Myarc Disk Manager, Diagnostics, and a whole lot more on a single plug-in cartridge (although 32K is needed for a lot of these). I really understand the tactile like for original equipment too. I have an extensive (nearly complete) collection of TI and third-party cartridges. . .
  3. I keep one of the multifunction tools at my desk that spreads the combs open and that will also perforate the pages. I get a lot of strange looks in its direction from folks coming to my cube who have no idea what it is or does. . .
  4. I have now gotten all three of my initial test boards fully operational (that makes a total of four new HRD4000Bs, counting the first one that @FALCOR4 built), and the design is now frozen. All necessary layout changes based on our testing have been incorporated, the schematics just need a few more tweaks to match the layout, and the manual updates are nearly complete. I've also been working on building an editable copy of the ROS 8.14 manual so that we can update it to the current 8.4x version of ROS. We're still looking at the possibility of extending functionality to 16M, but that would require a ROS update to allow many more disks or using the split function originally used for the Phoenix mod to make the board into a logical pair of 8M Horizons. The hardware won't need modification to expand a Horizon this way, but it is not actively supported in the software.
  5. And this document also describes the ACS computer security system, which was mentioned in other TI publications, but for which very little real information existed. We definitely need to do a deep dive into that BASIC specification document, as I suspect it will tell us much more about the actual level of Microsoft involvement in the original BASIC interpreter development process.
  6. I have a one word response for all of these documents: DROOL!
  7. Beware of squirrels in your attic--they will chew on any wires they find and could accidentally start your house on fire if the wires short out. . .
  8. I think I may have a copy of the manual squirreled away (with the cartridge)--I'll look for it and try to get a scan up for you.
  9. Interesting finds there, Toucan. I suspect the Beginner's BASIC book was part of a test printing--and that the output of that review was to change the color on the final manual. Definitely check the technical data book contents--having the 99/4 version would be most useful. On the joystick manual, I haven't seen it online, so high quality scans would be a good thing.
  10. None of the ZIFsockets I got from Chinese sellers were original. They've even started copying the Aries sockets of late. . .
  11. I don't have much affection for squirrels, but random squirrel launching isn't a good answer either.
  12. Didn't the Panasonic require the SmithCorona or the Okidata cable?
  13. Sounds good to me. Was there any software that actually depended on that code? If there was, I'll just identify it as a known issue in the manual for those using current versions of ROS (and point them back to 8.41 if they still need to use those functions).
  14. I have a 99000 (white ceramic), several 99105s, and a 99110. The 99000 came with a weird board I got from a former TI worker in Germany a long time ago. I also have a 16MHz-certified 9995 from a different German source that used to work at the TI works in Munich.
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