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  1. I'm still mulling it over--as I wait for the results of my COVID-19 test to come back. . .
  2. Looks like an interesting alternate to the DREM, if they get it working with TI disk formats. The DREM is already fully compatible with the TI, but choices are always a good thing. . .
  3. One note, if your Geneve was originally purchased through Albert Visser of LCC, he made some mods to the boards to make them work better in Europe. . .and I don't remember what they were, offhand, but I think he posted the changes in either TIdjingen or TI Revue.
  4. That was its purpose--and as you noted, using it could cause issues, @Toucan
  5. And note: loading versions of the software between 6.82 and 6.85 (the last versions compatible with your programmer) will brick your programmer if it is a counterfeit. It is possible to recover from a bricking, but you have to cut a trace on the circuit card (the procedure for that is on the Autoelectric (XGECU) website) and reload the software that was originally SHIPPED with your programmer. This problem generally only occurs if you bought your hardware new within the last two to three years, as pretty much everything available after the beginning of 2018 was fake/counterfeit. Older devices are almost always original, and won't have this problem.
  6. The Amnion public domain collection had about a dozen disks of Logo programs in it. Some of them were games. IIRC. I don't think I have ever seen a program written in FORTRAN for the 99/4A in the wild. I know there are a few out there, I just haven't ever personally seen one outside of the example programs included with the package.
  7. TI also sent registered users a kit that would allow them to perform the mod on their own. I think I may still have one of them lurking about. . .
  8. Thank you! These are perfect for the restoration process I've been doing with other TI schematics!
  9. Actually, the AEMS installation guide explicitly says that it does. . . Asgard AEMS Installation Manual.pdf
  10. Both pass AMSTEST V4. The differences are the addition of an activity LED circuit and tabs to lock it into the PEB slot better. It also has some of the circuitry needed to expand the board to 4M, but only on the output side of the 74LS612, so that part of the change has no function yet.
  11. The demo does, in fact, play on a 99/4A. I made a couple of test cartridges with the BIN file and demonstrated them at the Chicago Faire a few years ago, IIRC.
  12. I have an extensive list of TI books, @Schmitzi I attached it here. It is missing some titles, as I had done an update a while back that was lost right after I made the update in a disk crash--and unfortunately, also before my next backup. TI 99 Book Listing.doc
  13. Oddly enough, I think I do have one. I know I have one of the SW99ers boards, several of the boards that I made as a test run with Dan Eicher a long time ago (using the SW99ers GERBERS), and several of the newer variants that I build now.
  14. Are you looking to power a PEB with this or just a console? I used to use a 150W for my console while I was in Germany, but that was overkill. If you can find one around 75W, that should give more than enough headroom for the TI console power supply.
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