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  1. Ksarul

    SDD 99

    Yeah, it is getting somewhat difficult to find any components used in current products. The big players have sucked all of the air out of the parts space to try and guarantee enough stocks to keep producing for another year or two. They're hoarding whatever they can get their hands on. . .
  2. I began soldering a bunch of the PEB Extender boards together today. Price for boards from this group will be $41 for an assembled board, shipped to a US address to cover Postal Service price increases.
  3. Ahhh yesssssssss, that is correct. Paolo did the mod to put the Myarc 512K card into the Geneve. . .
  4. The mod was from Paolo Bagnaresi, IIRC.
  5. The QS-Ramdisk program was a disk-based program. The only alternate EPROM I've seen for the Foundation card was the one that lets you treat it as a Myarc card (and run Myarc XB-II with it). There is also a proceure out there to upgrade it to 512K when using the Myarc-compatible EPROM. Foundation cards generally run in the $100 to $150 range, depending on how many people are looking for them at any given moment, so definitely not enough to buy an HRD 4000B with the windfall, unfortunately.
  6. Note one thing about any Quality 99 disk--they did some bizarro copy protection on them that could be defeated with Copy-C, but not with most other disk copy programs. I believe a lot of their programs had the protection routines removed by others long after Quality 99 was no more, although I'm not sure if anyone applied that procedure to QS-Ramdisk.
  7. There are several programs out there that use it. Masscopy by Steve Lawless is one that I remember off the top of my head. I also found the manual for the Foundation card up on WHT, which may give you some assistance.
  8. The option I'd choose is maybe (if that option was available), as it really depends on what the wife decides we're doing this summer. . .
  9. Do not forget that there is a TI-issued troubleshooting guide in the 99/4 section on WHT. It is for the 99/4, but most of it still applies with the /4A. I scanned it and put it up there a few years ago--I still need to scan the one I have that is /4A-specific (I picked it up about a year ago).
  10. Rock Creek Park is about 15 miles away from me. . .
  11. Not exactly, but there is a huge thread here on AtariAge on programming the F18A. There is more data in that thread than any manual would give. . .
  12. Isn't the last entry in this issue one of those newer things (The Gauntlet of Death)? With that, new things do sneak in now and again. Catching some of the developments of the last ten years would be a good idea though, as then people would still have current memories of them to use when writing the data down, preserving it for the next 30 years of TI users.
  13. Rich, I think the operative @apersson850 referred to here is that TI XB uses 12K of ROM, and that 12K when added to the 24K of GROM made the total memory of the module 36K, not just 32K as @Maury Markowitz asked about and which you confirmed as correct in post #7. The later clarifying answer was to ensure Maury understood what was in the original TI XB module--it wasn't an RXB question (something he isn't familiar with at all yet). You have seriously expanded TI XB to get to the current iteration of RXB (which I really like), but the question was about the original (and that 36K number is actually printed on the back of the box, IIRC).
  14. The computer was released in Australia too--I have a boatload of newsletters from User Groups in Hunter Valley, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. Someone in Australia was even selling one not too long ago, so they do turn up. You might want to read through the Australian newsletters on the WHT site to see what options were out there, especially as a lot of interesting hardware tidbits show up in them (Aussie users were quite resourceful folks due to the limited market there). There is a huge amount of data on the WHT site overall, I just pointed you straight to the User Group folders.
  15. I have them on hand--but I am waiting for my wire-wrap bus connectors to arrive to solder them together. Those should be here within the next week or two. I thought I still had some when I ordered the boards--but I'd actually used up my supply, so I needed to restock. I won't likely need to do that again, as I was able to get a few hundred of them this time for a reasonable price.
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