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  1. I've got a T56, but I haven't had to burn any 25V chips yet, so I haven't gone hunting.
  2. True statement for a lot of things there, @OLD CS1. Never try cleaning up old coins, porcelain, banknotes, or even books. The results will not be what you desired. . .on the other hand, gently cleaning up the dust on an old appliance with a damp cloth won't damage the patina, but it will clean up the crusty dusties.
  3. But vintage is "supposed" to look grungy. Cleaning it up would reduce the value, as that vintage dust is worth a lot of extra money. . . LOLOLOL
  4. Didn't Jerry Coffee also make some changes/corrections to the 9640 p-System? I seem to remember coming across something to that effect in the 1995/1996 time-frame.
  5. That is a most beautiful collection--and the contents of the PEB could be anything too. . .definitely worth it for anyone collecting in France, and even a good thing for the folks in Europe if the seller is willing to sell outside of France (the auction specifies France though, so that would require some discussion with the seller). Looks like one of the speech synthesizers has load interrupt and reset mods done to it too. . .
  6. That is a bizarre console. I have never seen one without a cartridge port. There were planned variants without the side port though (they used Hex-Bus instead). Looking carefully at the picture here, it looks like the narrow strip at the top of the cartridge slot above the piece blocking the door is a different , manual addition. It would require more pix or the physical case to be certain. . .
  7. @tmop69 is burning through the range between 400 and 500 compiled games at warp speed! I like it!
  8. That beige telephone coupler never made it release either, IIRC. Note that there seem to be a reasonable number of beige joysticks out there too, but they were all assembled with black cables and don't have serial numbers, so they are more properly prototypes too.
  9. Seriously fun game. . .another Retrospect Classic. I need to get cracking and make myself a complete physical set of all of your cartridges. . .
  10. Oh yes, and a picture of my formerly-feral house cat. She spent her first 18 months of life as a mostly wild animal that loosely associated with Turtles and I, and the last 18 months as an indoor cat that sometimes tolerates one or another of the remaining feral colony cats to come in the door, rub heads, and in one case, sleep in her favorite chair. They are all related, as all but one of the ten cats roaming about are descendants of her grandmother. All are spayed/neutered now, so I get the joy of caring for all of them without the risk of explosive overpopulation. . .welcome to the cat dimension, muaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaha!
  11. Turtles has actually been going through a lot of stuff and photographing it. I think he has built that archaeological hobby into a pretty extensive photo gallery here on AtariAge.
  12. Ksarul

    Eye Candy

    It's @OLD CS1's shrine to the Frog Gods. . .LOLOL
  13. I'll have to hunt through some deeply buried parts boxes to pull it out and have Turtles take some pix. . .as I didn't make any before it got put away about fifteen years ago.
  14. Excellent! Many thanks for doing the sleuthing here.
  15. Here's a great Powertran Cortex resource. I linked to the download page--the ROMs are at the bottom (both Standard Cortex and FORTH flavors).
  16. I actually have one of those beige plates. They look really odd until you examine them in person.
  17. Here's something that only comes up once in a while: a PEB with a beige-variant disk drive hole cover plate.
  18. No way I'd make that kind of mistake, @acadiel. It has taken me more than 40 years to get my collection to the state it is in--and Turtles wants to keep it preserved once I shuffle off to oblivion, so it will probably be a complete set for a long time.
  19. The mice connected to the mouse connector on the Geneve were busmice. They used the same mice as Z-Nix did (the Z-Nix Turbomouse). It was a relatively easy change to convert the serial variant to a busmouse by swapping some of the signal lines around. I built a few adapters to do that while I was in Germany, but the schematic I drew for the cable was destroyed in a flood while I was living in Turkey. I may still have one of the adapters I built buried in a box somewhere. If I turn it up, I'll recreate the schematic. . .as this subject seems to come up now and again. I see the Z-Nix mice for sale now and again too, so it is possible to get one that matches the original if you are lucky. All of the Z-Nix mice I saw today were newer models though. Here's an ad for the right Z-Nix mice.
  20. Unbelievable, but it truly sold for the list price. His sold items don't identify it as something he accepted a best offer on. . .looks lke @OLD CS1 will be in need of a drywall patching kit soon--and hopefully, his fist doesn't impact with a stud or some other painful blockage inside the wall to add an emergency room visit into the mix.
  21. When Rave99 closed their doors, Cecure Electronics obtained the rights to the Rave99 products. When Cecure closed up shop, they sold their entire remaining stock and the rights to it to Richard Bell. Unfortunately, one of the storage units containing a lot of the stock/documents Richard purchased was impounded and cleared out by the storage unit owner because of some issues with the storage payments (IIRC). A lot of stuff was lost in that transfer. Cecure had the PAL equations, as they did at least one run of the boards sometime around 1995 or so. I know Richard has some programmed PALs, he may also have the necessary JEDEC files buried in the mass of things he received from Cecure. Having this set in the wild serves two purposes--it allows folks to repair the one part of the card that wasn't readily available and it gives me the last puzzle piece I needed to make a new board layout for Richard. As to the decoding, adding AMD/E would be a good idea to enhance compatibility. . .
  22. That makes this card reprodicible. . .I will work on a new layout with the AMA/B/C mod on it and ask Richard Bell if he's interested in doing a run of them, since he is the current owner of the IP for the card.
  23. TIC and A99 are also part of that repository (the last two folders). Note that the source included there is everything Al still has, so if some portions are missing (this is the case for TIC, IIRC), they probably no longer exist as source code.
  24. Some of the display data for the first screen may be in the ROM, which is what I have to check to be able to answer the copyright date question. As the GROMs are socketed, it is also remotely possible that the GROMs were placed into it at a later date. My board set machine was made in very late 1978 or very early 1979, based on the date codes of all of the installed components, so a 1979 copyright date is actually plausible. The GROM to manufacturing list from C.B. Wilson also didn't appear to include a console GROM set older than early 1979 either.
  25. I had some long conversations with the seller of this particular system before it was sold. He wondered what the handset was for--and I identified it and the need for the IR box plugged into the top of the console to make it work. He realized that he also had one of those in the box of TI stuff he bought from a retired TI engineer for a pittance and decided he had major gold in his hands. I made a reasonable offer for the pair--and I was ignored. That was when he put the machine and the IR set up for sale for the crazy price. I let him know that the machine wasn't a Dimension 4, told him what it really was, and provided a link to the other auction going on at the same time to allow him to compare them. I also made a reasonable offer for the set--using the price I had paid for the complete Dimension 4 in my collection as a reference, since it was purchased at open auction and was of similar rarity. He ignored that offer too. He did sell it in the end, but he failed to change the listing, so the buyer didn't get the Dimension 4 they thought they did. He also sold it for considerably less than his initial 20K demand, as he later lowered the price to 10K and then took someone's best offer for it. I don't think it ended up within the community either, which is unfortunate. The most important takeaway here though is that the machine in this picture is NOT a Dimension 4, it is one of the 1,000 or so 99/4 test units (prototypes) TI built before releasing it. Another of these test units sold for $1,500 or so at about the same time this machine was sold. That machine still had the brushed aluminum trim and the test certification documents matching its serial number (719, IIRC). This one with the damaged case does still have the serial number sticker (739, IIRC), and based on the data gleaned from the earlier one's paperwork, this one would have been built in the late summer of 1979 (July/August).The case for the 99/4 has the cutout to insert the IR unit, but the connector that would be on the underside of the cutout is only present on the Dimension 4, so it is pretty much useless when plugged into a 99/4 except as a non-functional display item. If you look carefully at the joystick, you will note that it has a lot of buttons--20 of them. A complete pair of them would thus have 40 keys. TI made a metal frame to snap the joysticks into, making the whole thing into a 40-key remote keyboard (and there was an overlay for that too to identify the uses of those keys). The pair of devices in this picture is apparently the only set of them that ever escaped TI or a museum. The Dimension 4 was also built in at least two variants. One with the internal speaker and a slider volume control and one with an audio out jack instead. I have a complete Dimension 4 without the volume slider, and a complete Dimension 4 circuit board set for the volume slider version. The GROMs are identical to the ones used in the 99/4. I still have to read out the ROMs to see where the differences are, if any. As far as I know, I have the only Dimension 4s outside of a museum. I would be pleasantly surprised by the appearance of another one if one is out there, just for the opportunity to compare the different builds and preserve that information for the community. @acadiel and I were able to acquire a set of Dimension 4 schematics (he posted them in the C. B. Wilson thread, IIRC), so a lot of the technical information is out there now too.
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