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  2. It sends the message that women are object. Look, you can print in and put it in your house if you like but this is not something I would put outside my office (nor my house for that matter). You need that picture to send the message that you are attracted to women? (you said girls but I'm sure you meant women) ==>> By the way, I was asking for real and serious photos. I don't want to start a debate here. You can think differently. I'm only looking for a cool picture.
  3. I was really hoping for a real picture. I know the picture to be inappropriate and sexist, in my opinion. It is horrible to think, in a time that we want women to join Computer Science even more, you would post the picture. Look, it is fine if you want to picture but I think I was clear in what I looking for and for what. Don't you think this picture would send the wrong message? I think so.
  4. Hello all, Every few weeks, I change a picture outside of my office. Of course, nothing is better than Atari 8-bit computer (in my opinion). I have been searching in google (images) and I haven't found the ONE image. I'm looking for an image of Atari 8-bit (XL or XE) with a nice setup and ideally with someone coding. At the same, a picture that was taken during 80s -- maybe one in magazine. I know this is a very trivial request and it doesn't compare to more important threads here but I love my students to see different technologies that were available, from time to time. Thanks,
  5. Hello all, Sorry for this selfish post. I recently moved to Colorado (Fort Collins) and I was wondering if the Atari 8 bit (and vintage computing for that matter) was more active than in Florida (I was in Miami). Any of the Atari 8 bit people here in Colorado? Anyone in Fort Collins?
  6. There are many post that one may want to have it "pin" but I think this qualifies as one. I wonder what are the changes of getting this PIN (at least in the subforum for programming the atari 8bit in here).
  7. I'm interested in a fully build
  8. Blues76


    Appears to be a 3D render.... but who knows.
  9. Could this be a pc solution (running some type of linux os) with something on top that runs games or something similar to valve (windows or linux maybe)... Could this be? I'm having trouble thinking that they manufactured their own console (as a new console). Maybe I will be shown wrong.
  10. why don't you send money directly via paypal to him.
  11. What's the difference between those three. I register already on those three. Do you have a preference? are they different? or the same? Thanks,
  12. I received all the issues!!!! I love them. Thank you so much. Amazing magazine!
  13. Louis... It is very interesting how was the scene back then. I lived in Concepcion until I was 14 (which, in 1990 I came to the states). In Concepcion, the primary places we had for Atari 8-bit (tape or disk) was a couple of places in the city center ("centro") It has been a long time, but one of the stores was located in front of city park ("La plaza de armas"). There was a video arcade place, called Gioco. In that mall, there was a store that sold Atari (there was also a store that sold music, among other items there). From the news that I was able to gather, I found that Gioco is not a coffee place with a few arcades from the 80s (see here and interesting story about it here ) -- I remember Gioco as I had amazing fun on the arcades when I was kid and I was even robbed for a few coins (I was probably 11 maybe)... In that particular mall, there was a very small places that sold computers and games (of course pirated). They had more than Atari. I do remember my parents shopping around in another store for an Apple (I'm not sure if it was an apple II or mac, it look to me like a mac but the apple Iic plus had that feeling too -- so, I'm not sure). What I do remember is that it was very expensive, so at the end they purchased the Atari 65xe with tape drive in that store that I mentioned. I think they purchase a tape with 10 games (river raid among them) -- of course the tape was pirated. Another store that I remember, where I purchased a a few games was in a small mall near by, where a big toy store (big for the time) was located. I think the store's name was Otto Kraus but I may be mistaken. It has been a long time. In that mall, there was a place, where they sold Atari, Commodore, and Amiga computers and software. Everything was pirated but I think they would go to Santiago to buy some games. Most of my games came from other friends, in particular, a dear friend named Bruno that his dad probably worked with computers because they had lots of computers. Other friends had games. There were other stores but not with much software. The store where I used to buy the software from times to times, later open a place in a supermarket where they would sell the games in a "mini" store. The disk drive was purchased a year later (or two) from a store --- It was the best, the 1050 was a great gift. Actually, I don't know what would have happened if I would have gotten the Apple computer but I do know that the Atari woke up the love for programming and Computer Science (I was coding a bit before with a calculator that my sister had for her university who had a one line lcd and basic built-in -- maybe a sharp ... it had a keyboard on the right, on the actual cover and the numbers on the actual calculator). I remember the scene in Concepcion being primarily Atari and yes C64 was second. I never med anyone with an Amiga or Atari ST when I was there. I remember talking to some friends that coded about C and Assembly language without real understanding of them, as we knew only basic. There were some people into programming but lots of friends were just into the games. I believe that PC were become more popular. I remember playing Ace of Ace on a 286 (or possibly 386?) that was owned by the brother of my brother-in-law. I also remember a store in Concepcion that was beginning to sell Atari ST (They didn't sell Atari 8-bit in there). All those computers were very expensive at that time. I do remember that the best Atari purchase I did was on the street. Someone was selling magazines. It wasn't a Kiosk, but a vendor on the street with magazines. He had an Atari magazine (I wonder if this was published on Santiago or something else) with code but it had an amazing disk: Turbo Basic... Turbo Basic was the best basic I seen for the Atari, when I was active coding on that platform. (I haven't coded in Atari since I came from chile). Finally, there were a few things that I remember that I wanted to do. One was to connect with a modem to Santiago BBS that I heard. I never did. I never had a modem there. I'm not even sure if there was but I heard there was one. I also wanted to visit a store in Santiago that had atari hardware and software. I don't remember the name but it was probably in providencia or las condes. I actually don't remember. However, it was amazing when I went. They had Atari ST, 8 bit , software, and it was very big compare to the stores from Concepcion. This was probably a year before I left to the states. Another thing that I didn't have was a printer. However, my friend Dario had a printer and we used to do pretty cool stuff with it. I don't remember if the program to draw was called Paint Shop, Paint Pro, or something like that, but it was very cool. Anyways, it is really good to know that we have people from Chile here and I would be interested to know how was the scene. -- Francisco
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