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  1. Hello, For those of you that have the MIST, how has been your general experience? For the Atari 8-bit, what hasn't worked? what is the general experience when you are using the MIST versus an emulated Atari versus the real hardware? I'm trying to find out the experience for those that own a MIST -- I hope this thread doesn't become to what's better or what's worst. I'm trying to find out to see if I it will be a good experience to have one. Thanks,
  2. I don't know why you are so bother. I can think of a few reasons. I don't have anything against you. I don't know you and I don't want to create a conflict with you or anyone else. If it serves you right, you may continue arguing or providing commentary.
  3. There was nothing off. You bid it more than once... even with the description. But it is ok. You are who you are. Thank you again for your feedback
  4. Thank you . I will reply to you Currently, the auction was cancel due to the disk drive (see previous posts) and I do have someone in the waiting list that I must honor before I will reply today
  5. When the auction was active, as soon as you were out bid, you became a sore looser i'm not really sure why do you keep posting here eightbit
  6. We don't want anything happen to you but one option would be to donated to people here All of it, including this statement and the statement of someone selling something at a high price to see the reaction is all of course, in a playful matter! But if you do decide the list, you can let us know how you would decide who can go in the list?
  7. maybe. But some people assert prices not but what the products being sold but what they are listed for (I'm not saying that is right, I'm just saying that it may happen)
  8. This would be an interesting. Say someone here, just for fun, places a system (say 800XL) for very very high price -- would this make other sellers not from this community to the same? Interesting!!!
  9. But where did you buy each of them? if we could know. Do you need to keep the 37 or can you let go a few
  10. What's the difference between proc and return? I guess return is about vintage gaming, and proc is for atari only?
  11. All of this is interesting. The main point of the thread that I created wasn't so much the different on used items. The main question, if you read the original one, it was why would someone place a 500 dollars for a 130 XE when you can get NOS for less. That was the main point.
  12. To be honest, I haven't been that lucky. The stores here, the few times I have visited (that may be the problem) don't have any Atari 8-bit stuff (or related). Craiglist, very little. But I'm sure there may be other cities with more items. Thanks
  13. First, I hope your daughter gets better. I know you did mentioned her health. I'm a father and I hope the best. Also your health, maybe 2017 will be better. I like the links. I wasn't aware of this game base. I checked the source. It seems to be written in VB6. To get the source up and running can take some work. I haven't used VB6 in so long but it is possible to get it up an running in Windows 7 I mean, in case If I wanted to modify the code. I think the bases are nice and they have a support forum. Which is nice. It is much nicer to have. I have a whole bunch of files but they are organized in folders, and it is so much easy like that. The work that you guys have done is amazing. Thank you again I wonder if Starwindz have considered releasing the source code? That will be helpful. For example, I would like to add a few things. Thanks
  14. I hope you get well soon. How many hours you think one must invest to pick up this project? Just thinking if is something I could do (of course, if is allowed)
  15. I think so... I remember the game a bit different but yes, that must be it.
  16. I think this game pack is missing Dukes of Hazard -- I may have it on drive with Atari Stuff -- But i have to look for it.
  17. For the Mr. Robot Game, is anyone aware of any cheats.
  18. Mr. Robot is a great game. The Game Pack has three but they look the same (I don't mean version, but Robot , Robot II, Robot III)... I'm a bit bother by the fact that if I jump in some places, Robot dies opposed to just letting the robot just fall... I don't like that... or maybe, the realization that I'm a lot worst now (or maybe I wasn't even good playing games and my memory has been lying to me). Anyways, I love this game. It is great that we have a remake, but I haven't play it...
  19. This is such a nice pack!!! Thank you Questions: 1) What's the difference with the versions. For example, Bruce Lee has a few versions. 2) Is there anything equivalent for the other Ataris? (e.g., 2600, 5200,..) Thanks
  20. There is not that many auctions in comparison with Buy it now. I think there may be more people into vintage computing than before or less supply (or probably both). An interesting poll (to be conducted in AA forums) is how many people that are either using or hoping to use real hardware never used them before, when did they started collecting, and thus far. It will be very interesting to see if there is a trend. It is also true that supply seems to be less. Not even for Atari computers. I have searched other items that used to be more common that have gone up in price considerably.
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