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  1. Hi, I found some casettes in my collection which are not in the list. Ghost Hunter by Dick Smith Electronics. Unfortunattely, my copy does not have an inlay so I do not have a catalog number. Games Pack 3 and 4 by Processor Software. Games included on Games Pack 3; Gunfight, Gambles, Moonlander, Tracker and Nim Games included on Games Pack 4; Super Slot, Golf, Invasion, Killer Sub and Survival Regs, Martin
  2. TLC is The Lisp Company, the Logo variant used on Aquarius. This book is about learning Logo, but much more technical. Regs, Martin
  3. Missing in the literature section. Book: Thinking about [TLC] Logo for Mattel Aquarius Writers: John R. Allen, Michael E. Burke and John F. Johnson Published by: CBS College Publishing ISBN: 0-03-064114-4 Regs Martin
  4. I have three of these tapes;Mower Man, Disco Fever and also Postman Pot. All with inlays and art by Add-On, but CCI tapes Regs Martin
  5. Yes, the Kronos computer came with Italian manuals. But the box and manuals have pictures of the Radofin Aquarius computer (without Kronos logo). The Aquarius computer in the Netherlands came with an additional booklet in Dutch, but the original English manuals Regs Martin
  6. I have Games Pack 1 and 3 by Add-On plus GP 2,3,4 by CCI Outline (GP3 by CCI) also futures on the game casette included with the Kronos computer. I have also not heared about Crazy Plane and Rick 'O' Shea Who knows what unknown games are on GP 2 and 4 by Add-On? Regs Martin
  7. I got this book "Jouez avec Aquarius". The content is all listenings made by the Aquarius printer.
  8. The site is called marktplaats.nl and here is the link to the auction: https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/verzamelen/elektronische-apparatuur/m1651549017-mattel-aquarius-old-timer-computer.html
  9. Saw these tapes on a Dutch auction site, nothing special but note Mower man; published by CCI with catalog CCI008 Regs Martin
  10. Only one overlay according to the SpaceSpeller manual, no hand controllers with Chess Regs Martin
  11. I have Melody Chase, Chess and Space Speller. Chess and Melody Chase complete with box, packaging material, keyboard overlay, both handcontrollers overlays plus manuals. No handcontroller overlays with the chess cartridges, as shipped. Space Speller is missing the packaging material, has only the left side of the keyboard overlay plus only one handcontroller overlay Regs Martin
  12. Wow, big list. Did not knew there were so many publishers. But I did missed two titles Add-On Electronics|GamesPack 3 (Mad Mould, Invisible Outline, Alien Attack, Cute Cubes)|1984|N/A|Standard|KEB014 Custom Cables International|Mower Man|1984|Keith Perry|16K|CCI008 Mower Man is in the list, but also published by CCI My wishlist has just expanded :) Regs Martin
  13. The Micro-Expander is working great! It is really easy to transfer files from the PC to the Aquarius and loading files from USB is extremely fast. I just need to think to the Mattel advert with the arrow poining to the Aquarius bus, saying "Anything that will happen in the future will fit here" You did that! Thanks, Martin
  14. Hi Bruce, My micro-expander arrived today! I'm going to try it tomorrow Can't wait Regs Martin
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