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  1. I have Melody Chase, Chess and Space Speller. Chess and Melody Chase complete with box, packaging material, keyboard overlay, both handcontrollers overlays plus manuals. No handcontroller overlays with the chess cartridges, as shipped. Space Speller is missing the packaging material, has only the left side of the keyboard overlay plus only one handcontroller overlay Regs Martin
  2. Wow, big list. Did not knew there were so many publishers. But I did missed two titles Add-On Electronics|GamesPack 3 (Mad Mould, Invisible Outline, Alien Attack, Cute Cubes)|1984|N/A|Standard|KEB014 Custom Cables International|Mower Man|1984|Keith Perry|16K|CCI008 Mower Man is in the list, but also published by CCI My wishlist has just expanded :) Regs Martin
  3. The Micro-Expander is working great! It is really easy to transfer files from the PC to the Aquarius and loading files from USB is extremely fast. I just need to think to the Mattel advert with the arrow poining to the Aquarius bus, saying "Anything that will happen in the future will fit here" You did that! Thanks, Martin
  4. Hi Bruce, My micro-expander arrived today! I'm going to try it tomorrow Can't wait Regs Martin
  5. Hi Bruce, I have also send my payment. Can't wait to see it work :)
  6. Hi Bruce, Yes, I still would like to have one!! Thanks! Regs, Martin
  7. Wow! I haven't been very active on the Aquarius front, but Aquaman pointed out your project and it is amazing!! Cool stuff. Can you also sign me up for both boards? Thanks & keep up the good work. Kind regards, Martin
  8. I tried to translate Local Bomber of Games Pack 2 to Android Java with the Aquarius graphics. I got it running too, but the game crashes on the second run
  9. Jay, Thanks for creating this video. I did had that bug during development and thaught I fixed it. It didn't showed during testing, but never the less... Regs, Martin
  10. Indeed, the Aquarius BASIC interpreter doesn't need spaces between commands and/or variable name. It recognises SCR as the statement but didn't recognize OLL and asumes it is a variable (OL as Aquarius only accepts 2 letter variable names). So this is standard behaviour. You can play around and use commands like SCRUB or SCREENWIPE Regs Martin
  11. Sorry, I do not have a youtube account or channel so I didn't put anything on Regs Martin
  12. Thanks, it is simply done using the GET/PUT commands. First I take a snapshot (GET) from the first column and next a snapshot of the latter part. Then I PUT the last part in front and move the first column to the end. In the main game I use SCR LEFT to scroll the full screen. Regs, Martin
  13. Wow! Truely amazing! Well done, and thanks for sharing the schematics with it! Great work Regs Martin
  14. Thanks PSET, Turns out there is a bug in BLBasic v2.0 I have just release a bugfix BLBasic v2.1 Please read this post to learn more about the bug and to dowload the bugfix. Here is a new BLBird, created with BLBasic v2.1 blbird.rom Regs, Martin
  15. PSET reported a bug with BLBird. Turns out if you start Virtual Aquarius and start immediate a ROM created with BLBASIC (like BLBird) it will report a FC error when a PUT command is used. If you start Virtual Aquarius, load BLBasic v2.0, press ENTER, and then load BLBird -> everything runs fine. In other words, the PUT command was not correctly initialised in BLBoot modus. This is a bugfix v2.1 for BLBasic, it only contains the ROM and source. Please use BLBasic v2.0 for the manual and examples. BLBasic v2.1.zip Kind regards, Martin
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