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  1. I also picked up a bunch of Sega Genesis games mint in box for $1 each.
  2. Three Imagic games (Laser Gates, Solar Storm and Star Voyager) all mint in the box with instructions for $1.50 each. All at the same place at the same time. I also picked up a boxed Beam Rider for the 5200. 2 days ago I bought a Sega Game Gear for $8 with a Road Rash cartridge and a Game Gear car adapter for 75 cents. I also picked up a tabletop electronic Stargate for $2 at the Goodwill. Its been a nice couple of weeks
  3. Ummmmmmmm, nevermind about the pictures of Frogger for Super Charger. Perfect arcade port? I think not. While very good its not quite up to the level of the arcade.
  4. Are there pictures of the Super Charger version of Frogger? I would love to see it. Was the Super Charger ever emulated?
  5. Oh come on now! Doesn't anyone remember the Mario Bros ad? It was sung to the tune of Car 54 Where Are You? (the old TV show) It goes a little something like this.... Somethings gumming up the plumbing poor Luigi's in a bind Fighter flies, holy cripes! They're all gumming up the pipes! MAAAAAAAAAAARIO WHERE ARE YOU????? It was live action too, and very cool Also, the live action Spiderman commercial was sweet as well.
  6. I found three boxed video games complete with instructions at a yard sale a couple weeks back. Solar Storm Laser Gates Star Voyager All Imagic games All in the box All with instructions and all at the same yard sale for $1.50
  7. Two days ago at a local yard sale I found Laser Gates, Solar Storm, and Star Voyager all in the original boxes with instruction manuals for $1.50 each. I passed on a 5200 Beamrider but after looking at the rare game list on this site I wish I wouldn't have. It also had the box and manual.
  8. I was out and about today and picked up Laser Gates, Solar Storm and Star Voyager all Imagic games and all in the boxes with manuals and all at the same yard sale. I was very pleased.
  9. This isn't rare but its a good deal. I was at a yard sale and this lady had 10 Atari cartridges in one of those cartridge holder type things and she had $1 on it. Myself being the tight ass I am asked "Will you take 50 cents for it?" which she replied "sure". So I got 10 games for 5 cents apiece.
  10. I'll vouch for Krull the arcade game. I love playing it on my laptop.
  11. Circus Charlie is one of my all time favorites. Was a prototype rom ever released for the 2600? If not, where can I find screen shots of it?
  12. Was Hyper Olympics ever announced for the 2600? This game was spiritual successor to Track & Field made by Konami. I loved that game.
  13. I didn't say *all* pawn shops were bad just this particular one.
  14. I went to a pawn shop about 25 miles south of my home yesterday looking for some Atari games. This pawn shop carries quite a bit of older systems including Atari, Genesis, NES, SNES and Saturn. The first thing I noticed was a sign that said they were going out of business. ARGH! Everything was 50% off of the sticker price though so it wasn't all bad....until I looked at the prices. I found an Atari 2600 with everything except for the power adapter which had a sticker price of $9.95. I figured I could get him down a few bucks considering there was no power adapter included. Nope, he said "We usually sell Atari joysticks for $5 so I'm not lowering the prices any". I just thought to myself "yeah, thats why you have a box full of Atari joysticks sitting here". I snickered and said "That's why you are going out of business" and walked away. Here are some examples of the crazy prices: 3DO system - $59.99 Sega Saturn system - $59.99 Sega CD - $59.99 Super NES - $39.99 Sega Genesis - $39.99 NES games - $5.99 SNES games - $9.99 Sega Saturn games - $19.99 Oh well.
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