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  1. Finished Knack yesterday. It's back to the vita for me for now. My son has Rayman Legends and Super Mario 3d World coming for Christmas. All of that should get me through until the next wave of PS4 games hit. I had heard that Tomb Raider was coming in late January to the PS4. I never got around to getting it on the PS3. That should be perfect timing for me to finish some backlogged games.
  2. Had it in my cart, about to push confirm.... Bought Lumines and KZ mercenary for Vita instead....dang it!
  3. Packaging from Amazon on mine was lacking too. Only problem I've had is my PS4 has turned on once or twice and there hasn't been sound. Each time the sound came back after a restart. I'm guessing it's an issue with the HDMI cable. I've read others with PS3 having this problem and simply changing the output on the tv and coming back to the ps3 fixed it. My tv is getting older so maybe it's a mix of the HDMI and tv?
  4. I just finished KZ and actually ended up enjoying it. The pacing that bugged me at the beginning picked up. I will be playing this game through on harder difficulty again and do some trophy hunting. Most reviews I read gave it around a 8/10 which I think is a good not great score and is just about right for this game. Last level gave me fits. Just in case *spoiler* I thought you had to destroy the cameras on the last level with your bots. I kept getting spotted and killed while I was maneuvering my bots. Took me near an hour to realize I just had to find the switch for the cameras. Lastly had the game ended when the first credits started rolling I would have hated the ended. The true last level brought nice closure to it *end spoiler* Started knack. Haven't gotten too far into it to form an opinion on it but I will say that it is surprisingly difficult. Playing medium difficulty and anytime there are 3 or more enemies on the screen I find myself dieing 90% of the time. Thankfully you don't start too far back. Maybe I just have to spend more time with the combat system?
  5. It wasn't a deal breaker for me either but I had just picked up GTA 5. It would have been nice to be completely done with the PS3 instead of keeping it hooked up along with my PS4. Also, I bought the PS3 late, around 2011, after dealing with too many failing 360s, and there are a lot of ps3 games that I'd hoped to still get. It would have been great to pass the post launch game lull with some ps3 games I never got around to. I still can do that, I just can't do it with my nice new $400 machine.
  6. I guess I am going to have to do this. I'd thought 500gb would be enough since I planned on buying physical copies of everything but since it downloads even those it kind of defeats the purpose. Still going to buy physical copies though. Anyways, this may be a dumb question as I am not use to having to swap hard drives out on consoles, does anyone know if there will be some kind of process on the PS4 that will allow you swap data from the old to the new HD? I know trophy info is linked to your PSN account but I'm talking about game saves. If not I'll have to upgrade much quicker than previously thought.
  7. I don't think I could add any to your complaints other than I felt that the pacing in the first couple levels was slow. The first level is just you walking around as a boy..... I'd complain that they could have summed up the first level in a cut scene but then I'd probably complain that the game relied on cut scenes too much. I guess it is going for more of a steath approach. I'm not big on steath games which may be why I am not overly fond on the game and why, in later levels where's there's more enemies, I find myself going in guns blazing and dieing. I agree, ho hum gameplay but a sight for the eyes. Resogun on the other hand is great pick up and play fun.
  8. Mine wobbles. Not sure if it's a big deal. More of an annoyance. I'll probably stick something under it to even it out but you're right, doesn't seem right for a $400 machine having it. I've never ran into it with anything else. However, if that is the only problem that I encounter with it for the foreseeable future, I'll take it.
  9. Glad you got it figured out. What are your thoughts on the game?
  10. It came today. Played it for a couple of hours before work but everything worked fine. Hopefully that continues. I only played it briefly but from that experience Resogun is everything I thought it would be. If anyone is into Shmups and particularly defender it's a must. Killzone seemed kind of slow paced but I only got into the second chapter so hopefully the pace picks up. I saw the option to purchase the warranty with amazon but had decided to go with Sony since I believe I have a year or something to purchase it. I figured I'd spend the money on a game now and pick up the warranty in the future after the holidays. Too bad about Sony's poor CS. I will say that it was a pain sending in 360 after 360 (I think it ended up being 3) but every time MS was curtious and I got my console back quickly..... It just didn't work for very long
  11. Bah, I passed on the amazon offer and can't find anything from the online order invoice that would lead me to believe its still available. Must be a one time chance with Amazon.
  12. Bummer because after what I went through with my launch 360 I was really considering purchasing the extended warranty through Sony just for peace of mind. Would it be just a waste of money?
  13. Mostly other forums but I found this article after a web search. Can't vouch for the site but it lays out basically what is going around on forums. Also, I'm not saying I buy it. Sounds incredibly stupid to one, do it and two, admit to doing it. http://www.dailytech.com/Foxconn+Interns+Reportedly+Damaged+PS4+Consoles+Sony+Celebrates+1+Million+Sales+in+24+Hours/article33765.htm
  14. Mine will he here tomorrow. I purchased it from Amazon prior to hearing about all these issues with PS4s coming from Amazon and the rumor that someone at Foxxconn may have sabotaged the ps4s he worked on. I decided to leave my order and take a chance on 1) those rumors being untrue and 2) the talk of DOA systems being overblown. Really looking forward to trying out resogun. Reminds me of Defender, a lot. Also have Killzone, which is a series I haven't really followed since the original KZ, and Knack.
  15. I got mine from Best Electronics. I don't think you'll beat their price for a new JagCD. Yea their website is a little dated but their service is great.
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