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  1. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 330685448082 Their are several folks that got ripped off or got Great deals tonight, Apple iPad 2 32GB, Wi-Fi + 3G (Unlocked) $300?
  2. Thats what i meant by fishy, looks like different background on each pic & a stock photo of the DKjr which doesn't look vintage but like one of the newer knockoffs, not that couldnt happen but just seams to good to be true, might be a good thing i hesitated...
  3. 4 Table tops, boxed donkey kong jr, snoopy, popeye, and a Large Nintendo Super Mario-looks home made sorta- never seen one before- all $80 w/FREE shipping. it would cost almost $80 to ship the Nintendo cab alone...
  4. Was this the deal of the day or is something fishy about this? I saw it the second it popped up and sent the seller a message just asking about it. He immediately replied saying he was in a desperate situation and needed to sell very fast, that they were real and all 4 included in the auction... 0 positive feedback, no ebay activity in a year and a half, just seemed fishy but non the less i clicked back on the auction which was still active, thought about it for a second, thought with ebay and paypal- if it turns out to be a scam i should be covered right, well what the heck... BIN... the auction is over ....1 second before i clicked BIN, someone else beat me to it eBay Auction -- Item Number: 330685465049
  5. yeah i saw them as they were getting ready to test them and told him i would buy them untested and thats what he priced them at for me. i thought i was dreaming. he said that they usually end up throwing them away because no one buys them. At my loal Savers (like good will but bigger and much better) that used top be in Little Rock back a few years ago i never saw any Atari stuff after going there for months so i asked the manager in the receiving dept, and he said they just throw all atari and stuff older than NES in the trash cause no one was buying it, i asked him how much he threw away, he said he had been there for 5 years and probably for the last 3 years he had them throw out probably 3 or 4 atari's and older systems and games/joysticks a week!!!!! I asked him to hold everything he gets and i would come buy it once a week- and he did- and i bought ALOT of stuff over the next 3 or 4 months, then (you know whats coming) they started putting it up front in a glass case and the prices went through the roof, and the last few years they havent gotten much stuff at all, or just continue to throw it in the trash!! Can you imagine all the stuff that has been thrown in the trash all around the country in the last 10 years????
  6. And knows well more than what he's saying in that auction about the nature of what he just sold. meaning what praytell...?
  7. Yep, i just got mine a few days ago and its brand new, minty fresh, shrink wrapped, im dying to open it and smell that 1970's oily/ plastic/ vintage video game smell- you know what i mean, Right?? May buy another just to open 1 and leave one sealed... $30 shipped is a Great deal on these...
  8. I have one brand new sealed just like this one that i will be selling soon if anyone is interested just pm me your offer and we might just bypass ebay all together
  9. This is as close as i have found to me playing Atari, its around 1978, you cant see the Atari but i can make out a few games in a storage case (pitfall, kaboom, yars revenge, asteroids, donkey kong, combat, et) i think, and it looks like maybe pointmaster joysticks with the red fire button on top.
  10. Atari 2600 - Malagai boxed (NTSC) Ebay Auction -- Item Number-- 260540641973 Well, i posted this on page 8 of (Wanted-- Interesting Auctions) post, not sure what happened, Al if you could move it that would be cool.
  11. Allmost $50,000 at 11:26 am CST, logged in finally but my cart is empty now and cant get to products page!!! $67,000 11:35am
  12. $6500 now, gotten on like 4 times in the last 15 minutes, www.sparkfun.com, got to login page 3 times, put in all log on info and... kicked out $12,000 now, still cant get past login
  13. $4000 as of 10:33am CST, still cant log in
  14. Just got on for a second, it said $3100 had been given away, then i tryed logging in and.... no luck...
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