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  1. Doubt that's going to happen. As others have said, with their mechanical drives, they won't survive that long! Bet the same was said about 2600s back in the day.
  2. The PS3 backwards compatibility issue has swayed me from ever wanting to own the system. If I remember correctly, BC PS3s had higher rates of burning out, more or less because of the fact that they were BC. Then, Sony removes compatibility with two of the largest and best game libraries in existence (PS1 and PS2) for cost-cutting reasons - effectively ending my interest in the system. I am one of those game buyers that gets every console, each generation, but waits a year or two between each one. I usually complete one generation right as the next one is being released, and it keeps me on a steady, but not overwhelming, game-buying pace. That said, I was planning on getting a PS3, as my original PS2 has burned out, and I have a large library of games for two systems that I couldn't play. But with such a high price tag, and no backwards compatibility with their old library, I just bought a PS2 slim and saved a bunch of money. I can wait til PS3s are found at Goodwill for $5 and grab it then.
  3. That much I assumed but I was wondering, if they were wired correctly to each other (meaning ground to ground, power to power, etc.), if the Vectrex could be convinced to use the data coming out of an Atari CX22 trackball or keyboard controller. The reason I ask is because apparently a driving controller can be used with the Tsunami homebrew so that seems to say that it's possible to wire in other controllers to be usable by the Vectrex. But I don't know what the limits of that console are. So I was wondering if it could be possible to wire in a trackball and the Vectrex could even read and store what was coming out of it or would it just be useless noise. I've never programmed anything for a Vectrex so I don't know what its hardware will accept, if wiring in the trackball would be feeding data to the Vectrex's registers such that it becomes the programmer's problem to make sense of what is being read or if it's the case that no matter what is wired to what the Vectrex will never understand what it's being sent. From what I've read there are 4 pins for the fire buttons, 1 pin for each pot, a +5V, a -5V and a ground. Can a board be wired up to convert trackball gray code into the equivalent of +/- voltages? I'm sure I'm probably asking questions that are so dumb that it's hard to even explain how dumb they are. I'm just thinking in terms of what if GCE had decided to make a trackball controller for the Vectrex in order to play games like Centipede and Missile Command (if it had stayed around long enough) that would have come out eventually. Would GCE have had to scrap the idea because the Vectrex was simply not capable of accepting a trackball (I find that hard to believe considering they managed to make a color-wheel 3D viewer work) or would they have had to make a special trackball with a daughter board that converted gray code to analog joystick voltages? http://www.playvectrex.com/ go to 'VecTech' on the sidebar scroll down to 'controllers' first controller mod listed - 'Modified Atari 2600 Paddle "Pong" Controller' - there is your answer! I have seen a few different modded controllers for Vectrex. I have a PX1 Arcade stick and a SNES controller modded to work with Vectrex, and I have seen lots of converted Genesis gamepads. Its a minor modification to make a universal DB9 to work with a Vectrex DB9
  4. Oh boy...video game obsessions have always been a part of my life. A few of the different series: Popful Mail (Sega CD) Tomb Raider Pokemon (only til Gold/Silver, but I put thousand of hours into Red/Blue/Yellow. Still do) Mega Man 1-8 World of Warcraft Halo (mostly Halo 2) Phantasy Star Online NCAA Football (probably played 25 different seasons on four or five different versions)
  5. Vectrex owner here! I have two in working order - serial # 101681 A is my main system, and serial # 0124542 is my spare/back up. I also have two original controllers, one of Recycled Gamer's homebrew lightpens, a modified Playstation arcade stick from John Dondzila, and Sean Kelley's v2.0 Multicart from 2000. No original games, but I do have 4 overlays - Star Trek, Star Hawk, Armor..Attack, and Space War. Long live the Vectrex!
  6. Popful Mail for Sega CD. People love Working Designs games, but this is easily the most forgotten. Absolutely the best game I've ever played.
  7. Nevermind, that is the issue. I am obviously pretty new to the vintage computing scene, and didn't realize the NES RF cable alone wasn't going to work. I am going to get me one of those tomorrow and I will be all set. Thanks!
  8. Upon doing more research, I have heard people say things like, 'clear RF signal' and 'not too much noise in the signal' but I do not know how to make a clear RF signal...does it have something to do with corrosion or overuse?
  9. What exactly does the screen look like? I use this http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103471 to hook my CoCo2 up to my tv and it seems fine. It has the boot screen, just very fuzzy with scanlines running up and down the screen. Switching to channel 4 makes the scanlines even more prominent. I don't think it has to do with the cable, I've heard other users have had success with NES RF adapters and this one works fine with my NES.
  10. Hey there Atariage, Today a buddy of mine got a large lot of free Video Game stuff. We had just completed a trade (got my Mean Santa 2600 cart!), and he said that he'd give me something out of the lot just for funsies (YES, FUNSIES). Out of everything he had gotten, he decided he would part with a loose Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer 2, and I was ecstatic to take it He said the guy he'd gotten it from said it worked, but I had to test it myself. Since it came loose with no cords, I grabbed a working NES RF cable and hooked it up to my TV. Success! A bootscreen! However, the picture is insanely fuzzy...I opened it up and dusted, poked around, and saw nothing too out of the ordinary - yet, I am no expert. I guess my question is, does anyone have any suggestions on fixing a fuzzy RF connection on a CoCo 2? The cable is fine, the computer boots fine, the keyboard is fine, but I have a fuzzy picture. Is this fixable? Or is my free CoCo kaput? Thanks for any information you can share!
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