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  1. I don't know about the multicard, but I can say the service and support you will get and second to none. Atleast you can be confidant in that.
  2. I used Vaseline or petroleum jelly. It has done wonders in bringing back the colour in the plastics and it doesn't end up sticky or oily. Use a very small amount on a rag and keep wiping it until it's nearly all off.
  3. Thanks for the updates Curt. Hope this all turns out good and you get to put major input in the direction of the Atari name and its use.
  4. Seeing it's just the brand name and IP, lets hope someone does things right for a change. There's is a lot of potential there!
  5. Who actually owns the I.P to the classic Atari arcades, ie: Gauntlet, Marble Madness, A.P.B etc. There's a a gold mine in those IMHO.
  6. Anyone with any updates? Been over a year now.
  7. Thanks for the update Sloopy, as long as it's still coming, i'll be happy.
  8. Will be a shame if this doesn't eventuate as it looks like it might not. It would be my last chance to get one of these since i'm now on a pension. I can't really afford to order another one. Will just have to ride it out and see what comes of it.
  9. Hoping one of those xeones ia mine. Any estimate of where mine is in the queue.
  10. "New site for an old generation" makes me feel old Maybe change old, to older
  11. A new 400 in the box !That would be a holy grail find for me!
  12. haha.. didn't even realize you could pause it! Just one thing, doesn't need to be done, but wondering. Those cut scenes, is there a way to make the animation smoother? Other than that, this is really something, it's a fantastic job and you deserve a lot of credit
  13. Why no interest in torrents? It would be the best for files this size. Hotfile and such wouldn't take files in the Gb's, you'd have to break them up which would be a pain.
  14. You know what, This is one of the two only programs I feel is rock solid in it's gameplay. The other is Donkey Kong. Imagine if this came out in 1982! Can't wait to see what else you have in the pipeline, want to give us a few hints
  15. Absolutely brilliant! Just loaded up V8 and the title screen looks fantastic. This is one fine product right here. You are to be commended sir, it's fantastic! Thank You!!!
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