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  1. My Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Oscar. I will absolute buy a few of those budget games. I would want:Frostbite,SHMUP!,Yar's Revenge,Kaboom!,Heroes Arena, & Shouganai Is there any chance you could add Sea Quest to the budget titles!!!!!
  2. Got my Email I can't wait to start playing SGM games!!!!!!! I feel like where in the home stretch and my excitement can't contain itself!!! I just want to scream are we there yet!!!!!
  3. Come on JF even if you weren't healthy anymore and needed a blood transfusion, you would only ask for Coleco Branded blood . ColecoVision or Die
  4. I'm so excited!! I have so many SGM games to play when that gets here!!! I'm going to need to take a few weeks off! Thanks ED!
  5. Ding Dong The Witch is Dead Thanks ED
  6. I would say wait to talk about SGM 2.0 until everyone has plenty of time enjoying there SGM 1.0. After waiting years for 1.0 its not fun to hear that it may be obsolete before we even get it. Just some advise in PR, either that or give everyone waiting a free upgrade to 2.0.......just a idea
  7. Hi Ed I did not get a confirmation email. You might still have my old email. Just let me know if you need it again
  8. What that means is there was never a Super Action Soccer made in the US. In the UK Coleco made Super Action Football because in the UK Football is what we in the US call Soccer. I had a label made that states Soccer instead of Football. Mouse Trap was released in the US and in the UK. So I don't really see the point in the comparison but if you want to have a custom label made that was blue and unlike something else, and its the only one out there I would say it is rare as it is the only one. The definition of rare is "(an event, situation, or condition) not occurring very often."
  9. I'm not passing fakes off as original you asshole! That is a custom label I had made for Super Action Football(Soccer) Its the actual pcb and the label was made will before Pixelboy made/or even talked about his version. The shell is from a donor US shell as I wanted the game to be like if it was released here in the US for my collection as anyone who collects Colecovision games will know that Super Action Soccer was never released in the US, but I guess AtariBrian if you didn't know that you could always ask me and I would be more then happy to educate you. It is the only one and was made just for me. If you don't know what you are talking about you can just shut your face, or you can always just ask me like a normal person and I will be more then happy to give you a answer. I'm not trying to hide, in any way. I just don't need to set off ebay's robots by calling it a homebrew, so I stopped putting the word homebrew in listings, but if anyone wants to ask any questions I have no problem giving a history on anything I sell. If you have a problem feel free to talk to me.
  10. Hi Welcome to the Colecovision Community!
  11. The difference is that this is the earliest playable version of the game. Its a Prototype so in this version there was no score system set up yet, no intros, collision was off, plus lots of other differences. The game wasn't finished and its more of a proof of concept item. You wouldn't ever play this version over the retail version, the 32k prototype is a piece of Colecovision homebrew history and I think its cool to see games in early form of development. The Rom file that was released by Collectorvision is the released version of the game.
  12. Collectorvision just did a second run of Mario Bros last year. It was Revision 4
  13. To my knowledge the rom file for the 32k Prototype is not available, and there is no plans of releasing it. JF would know for sure as far as releasing the rom and if it ever will be released. The rom file that is available is from the retail version of Mario Bros. You can see the differences in this You Tube video:
  14. Ed I have been trying through emails, PMs and every way I can think of (smoke signals coming soon ) to let you know my email has changed since I made the payment over a year ago. Can you please let me know if your getting any of these messages? Thanks
  15. I saw a cool video about Carnival that made me want to play it and post some high scores so I thought I would share: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/QyLKtVp1HNg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  16. Hi Ed I sent you a PM back in Feb but it doesn't show you have read it, I just wanted to let you know that my email has changed since I bought my SGM so you may have a old email for me. Can you contact me on my knew email that is in my PM? Can you let me know that you got this message?
  17. Cool I look forward to hearing from you
  18. Just because you "think" something is true doesn't make it true. Selling Mario Bros at any price has no effect on the homebrew or collecting scene (with the exception of helping it grow, by creating interest in the platform). Under your mentality I guess I caused anything that is made in a low production run to go for huge prices right! Let me give you a lesson in collecting 101. The price of games always has to do with A: how many of "x" game was made B: How many people are wanting "x" game. A+B= C: price of "x" game. This happens with every system including the PS4! Homebrews, do to the nature of how they are made have low production runs so after a game is no longer made, its instantly rare and hard to find. As the Colecovision(or could be any system) community or just interest in the system grows so does the value as there is still only "x" amount of games but now there is even more people wanting it. The only way for a price to go down is to make more of "x" game(in turn can cause controversy). This happens with the Vectrex, Intellivision, Atari, Nintendo, Genesis, SNES, and even with current games that have a limited print run like the PS4 anniversary edition. So for everyone putting all this blame on me for the colecovision makes no since. You all act I created this "amazing" way to make all this money. I didn't! You should just be happy that you by the games from the developer, at a very reasonable price and that interest in retro games is growing by a lot! 5 or 6 years ago (maybe less) Collectorvision and Pixelboy where making games in the 25 to 50 unit mark, and now there making will over 100 units for each game sometimes more. Which in turn makes it so they can make even more games. Looking at the prices of homebrew for any system after there production run doesn't mean anything to the community as the developer and publisher are done with that game and is making the next game. The only people it affects is if you don't buy the game when it comes out, and which in turn you are causing more problems to the community then anything, because these developers and publishers are counting on you to buy there game right away, so they can get there expenses paid for. They want the game to sell through there stock as fast as possible, so they can get to funding the next game. That's the way homebrews for every system works, and that is the truth! If you don't believe me check out prices for games like Pier Solar on the Sega Genesis, any Vectrex homebrew, any Nintendo homebrew that is no longer made like the 8-bit Xmas games you can look at any year. There is so many examples it would be redundant to list them all here. I didn't make this up its just the way video game collecting goes. So stop blaming me for things I have no control over, and buy your games as they first come out (like I do) from Collectorvision, Pixelboy, or any other developer/publisher. The price of the game after they sell through there stock won't matter to you.
  19. For one that post that you are bullet pointing was meant to be me last but I keep getting attacked so ya I do to respond to those people, as this thread has been made just to hate on me. Games that I sell, I make a point of not selling games that are available from the Developer, as I have no intention on taking away money from any developer. The very few times I made a error I took the listing down right away.
  20. Talking about ripping people off! Look who showed his face! Yurkie your mods have a higher fail rate then the white Xbox 360s! You should change your name to Red Ring Yurkie!
  21. That's bull shit also because you still bitched when I sold my SGM and started it at $0.99 with no reserve! I'm not sure if its just jealousy or if you just feel brave behind a computer.
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