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  1. Does replacing old Atari 2600 cartridge labels with new, quality reproductions substantially alter any value they have?  Bear in mind I am not banking on my 250-some carts for my retirement, I just want them to look nice.

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    2. patroclus99


      If you want them to look nice in your library, I'd say go for it, unless it's just some wear-and-tear patina.  Also, there are lots of collectibles, cars for instance, which accrue value from restoration.  I think it is a win-win (aesthetically and financially).  I guess the only caveat might be, upon selling such items, apprising the buyer that reproduction labels were used.

    3. eddhell


      I would say depends on the condition of the label you're trying to replace...It shouldn't hurt a rare cartridge if the majority of the label is destroyed/missing anyway.  I've seen plenty of Crazy Climbers and Video Cubes that were missing end labels which was one of the most common problems with Atari brand games, I don't see why re-printing the end label would hurt it much as you could remove it again if needed...


      But if it was an ultra rare top value game and the label is even a TINY bit legible I would leave it alone.

    4. Shawn


      A fake label is the same as no label at all. I'd much rather have an original label in terrible condition than a reproduction fake one.

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