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  1. Gave it a go on my PAL Jag with Skunk. Yes, it's fun! But I have experienced a weird behaviour. See https://youtu.be/sxg9FNA2SNo Weird, really weird! Did anybody else experienced this?
  2. I've put some 47 pictures and two more videos online. See: https://plus.google.com/104042128125238901905
  3. Had a some great days in Germany this weekend! Special thanks to Björn and the helping hands for making this event possible and becoming a true highlight every year in my Retro Computing & Gaming life. Here's the walkaround video with comments: https://youtu.be/WETD23apBnQ

    QLvsJAGUAR's collection

    My Sinclair QL and ATARI JAGUAR collection.
  5. Hi folks, due to family reasons I’ve been offline of the ATARI community for almost half a year now. Since a few weeks now I find time, passion and most importantly joy for my Retro Computing & Gaming hobbies. Yesterday was a holiday where I live and I was able to edit and publish my videos of the 2014 E-JAGFEST. See the new YouTube-Playlist „E-JAGFEST 2014 - LYNX is 25!“ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPA5-0Eb09k&list=PLQHAWWG2O0e0EJniM6wk-jqSAIJCJZJm1 Cheers, Urs
  6. Here's my last contribution to this thread: A year ago on today's date there was the release of Jag is 20 The Movie http://youtu.be/z4hXwTF43qY The same weekend saw the big Jag is 20 party at the ejagfest 2014. Here's the complete playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQHAWWG2O0e3aGNyo6FmwhfAwvOEerDoN Jag rules!
  7. Finally here are my pictures of this year’s LYNX-is-25 party: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=C250D8748980CE5A&id=C250D8748980CE5A%215179&sc=photos A rather bold statement: If some Jag-ers can make it to drive almost 1400km for a jagfest or even fly in, then why the hell you guys stay at home? Jagfests only happen because, through and for people. Jag rules! Stay cool...
  8. Or what about step back in time to last year's Jag-is-20 ejagfest... https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=C250D8748980CE5A&id=C250D8748980CE5A%215178&sc=photos
  9. For the meantime enjoy a ride back in time to 2011: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=C250D8748980CE5A&id=C250D8748980CE5A%215177&sc=photos
  10. ...at this year's ejgafest with two delicious cakes by Sandra and Simon of http://www.atari-shop.nl/
  11. Back home from ejagfest 2014. Driving home was 5:47 hours in one go for 650.3km. Altogether it was a journey of 1362.4km. Summarized it was an awesome weekend!
  12. Hi again, in a nutshell: I’m a Swiss Jag enthusiast and collector since 1995 who tries to combine other hobbies such as travelling, music, science fiction, air & space, photography and video with Retro Computing & Video Gaming. All my Retro Computing & Video Gaming activities are without any commercial interest. My QLvsJAGUAR YouTube channel is not commercialized. As History and Sci-Fi are two of my other hobbies, here’s another one under the topic “Today, a year ago…”: http://youtu.be/1rpXeoKZm1Y Enjoy!
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIHyONpi_l4 Jag rules! Or Jag roars! Cheers, Urs -------------------------------------------------- http://www.qlis30.org.uk - Sinclair QL 30th anniversary 2014! http://www.youtube.com/QLvsJAGUAR https://plus.google.com/104042128125238901905/posts Sinclair, QL, ATARI, JAGUAR, NUON, APPLE & more... Ever wondered what QLvsJAGUAR is about? http://www.qlvsjaguar.homepage.bluewin.ch/QLvsJAGUAR.html
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