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  1. That would be nice! LX.NET has a good writeup about the Mandebug and Pinky/Mandy workings on his page: https://atarilynxdeveloper.wordpress.com/series/epyx-development-kit/ Will have to check the threads here again...
  2. Oh well... still haven't found any devkit files but something else instead... an amiga disk from a friend containing a .rom and a .bin file. Checking the .bin file in a hexeditor it was indeed a file generated by handyasm. So i loaded it in my version of Handy and saw something familiar: the into of "Shadow of the beast" with the zooming owl logo. Familiar yet with a subtle difference from the retail version. If there's some interest here, i can post the sources to open the .bin-files directly in Handy. My personal version of the emulator is so heavily modified and has several loose ends, it crashes quite often. Must be a memory leak or out-of-bounds access... But the file loading part is straight forward and shouldn't have too many bugs. In the meantime i can share my bin-loader that can be put on a flashcart. It waits for handyasm .bin-files transmitted via comlynx (62500,8,E,1). Similar to what the bll-loader does but not as advanced. Blank screen, no safety checks, no comlynx configuration, horrible self-modifying asm code. But it works (tested on Lynx I and II). The zip-file also contains the .bin for trying out. The .rom file was a surprise. Using a WinUAE setup i had to add an encrypted bootloader first - worked like a charm with the encryption tools. Copy-paste a lnx-header and... Here's what i found - a pre-release version of "Shadow of the Beast" (left side vs. retail version righthand side): Funny - they had to change the text on the loading screen... I guess Atari didn't want the word "Amiga" to appear anywhere. 🙂 bin_loader.zip
  3. Hello Lynx Community! Please don't flame me for asking this... Inspired by Carl Forhan's excellent series of articles about his Quadromania rom hacking and a post on twitter (asking who else is still using the original amiga tools), i wanted to try the old devkit tools. However, no matter where i search, i cannot find much. There's the encryption toolset which comes with a version of HandyASM (v1.08 i think - not the latest version, but anyway...). Next, there are some posts here about the redeye sources - so there are some redeye related include and macro files also. But that's about it. Lots of missing includes, macros, demo sources and amiga tools... To do anything at all, i figured i'd need at least Handyrom to make the link from the assembler generated bin-files to a rom image which can be finalised by the encryption tool. Not to mention lots of missing include and macro files. So - my question: Are the original tools and sources available somewhere or is anybody willing to share them (or parts) with me? Maybe PM in case... If copyright of 30 year old software is an issue here, i'd also consider buying the physical disks if anyone is willing to sell at a reasonable price (although the developer documentation is copyrighted material as well, yet readily available...?). Full devkits are not available and even if - the hardware is certainly priced way beyond what i can afford. But why is the original software part kept (seemingly) strictly private after all these years still? I don't think the amiga tools and devkit sources are useless without the Howard/Howdy or Pinky/Mandy-hardware. Sure - CC65, bll, etc. are way more capable and convenient to use on today's hardware. But that's not the point here. I wanted to play with the "old school" tools - just for the added retro fun... Best regards and thanks for reading Michael
  4. ... and KiCad 5.1.9_1 (latest stable) doesn't open the files at all...
  5. Hi - just quickly checking your last driver code: Shouldn't IO_CHANGECLOCK just do a single STZ RCART0 instead of two? From your comments further down it seems you want this macro to change the A1 line from low to high (or vice versa). In its current form, doesn't this macro do high-low-high or low-high-low? EDIT: Oh - my bad. It's A1 not A0. Therefore two STZ seem right.
  6. If i remember correcty, the reason why it is not working is just a bad header. Try setting it to 0x0400 pagesize(?)
  7. Mail for me also. If you still have blank carts left for sale, i'd take a sheet of 10 (40€ right?) Please pm for payment - PayPal or bank transfer. I'll pm my address. Michael
  8. @karri I'd like to get one set of stickers as well. I do not own a Pi or a pihat by now, but who knows... Michael
  9. Wow - perfect timing. I must chime in here. After being away from Lynx emulation and development for about 10 years now, i just came back last week to check what has happened since. My search for the latest handy-emulator and available patches/fixes just turned up with exactly what was mentioned in the first post - 0.98beta seems to be the last exe-build floating around. The sources available from sage's github page (handy-win32src-0.95-patched) seem to be the most complete regarding updates and patches: patches included in "handy-win32src-0.95-patched" (correct me if i'm wrong): crashes at startup for cc65.org bugfix (patch available on handy's sourceforge page "patch.diff") single point sprite bugfix (fixes Robotron intro, Joust lava, ...) everon bugfix (fixes wuerfel.lnx) stuttering sound fixed (doublebuffered) eeprom support available patches missing in "handy-win32src-0.95-patched" zipped rom filenames containing more than 1 dot (patch available on handy's sourceforge page (system.cpp) - search/replace 2 occurences of strchr with strrchr) Gates of Zendocon sound missing (laughing spider) The missing sound in Gates of Zendocon was already fixed by GadgetUK. Unfortunately he never published code (or i couldn't find it at least) but only provided executables - see post #83++ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/186720-fixing-known-bugs-in-handy-emulator/page-4 handy0.97 - Gates of Zendocon sound fixed but others broke handy0.971 - seems to work fine Maybe @GadgetUK can make the source public or dig his memory what the required code changes were (i know - it was 6 years ago...). Pretty PLEASE? Also - the stuttering sound fix included in "handy-win32src-0.95-patched" only works partially for me. Sound is playing nicely on startup. But disabling and re-enabling sound while a game/intro is playing (2x CRTL-S) is a "roll-a-dice" game. Sometimes the sound is going completely berserk after enabling, sometimes it's fine. It might be a problem with the read- and writecursors of the soundbuffer. On sound start the buffer is flushed and the readcursor is set to 0 - doesn't the buffer need to be filled eventually? I'm by far no expert in directsound but messed around with the code nevertheless. Without digging documentation and debugging i think i have a fix that works for me: Just change the delay in timeSetEvent from 25 to 50 like this: DirectSoundPlayer.cpp, line 159: if ((m_TimerID = timeSetEvent(50, 0, TimerCallBack, (DWORD)this, TIME_PERIODIC)) == NULL) // 50 was 25 Disabling and re-enabling sound now always works on my systems. I guess the new delay gives the buffer some time to fill up... Maybe if any of the well known atariage members would kindly ask @GadgetUK about the Gates of Zendocon fix (might be more successful than a query from a noob like me), then hopefully one day all known patches/fixes can be incorporated into a single source repository. Michael
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