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  1. as i sayed 8.86 mhz crystal's are ten a penny you will find one in just about any tv or video recorder scrap hunt the streets moreover any crystal will resonate at its overtone instead of its fundemental provided you load it right to make it so
  2. well dont turn round the crystal then typical ... you come here for help and when you get good advice some novice tells the pro's how its done.... with quotes and no real evidence i can post 1000 links easy on crystal atomic migration and how the crystal just drift sticks to a new frequency irratic and unpredicatable so replace it this maybe the only way to cure this issue ntsc tv etc are very sensative to colour carrier changes in frequency and no a drifted crystal will not stop the unit working just affect its colours moreover a faulty regulator ??? ive never seen one in over 20 years that has some fault other than it works or it doesnt sorry regulators go wrong 0% unless they die while crystals do they drift and decide to stay somewhere else even a 2% drift as a perminent point will disolve the colour and keep the rest of the chipset in sync its that simple...
  3. you will find both crystals and resonators held within carts computers radios trx and any media that uses quarts crystals the quarts comes from other than one mountain in california so they are not IC grade in atari or other so drift with time by more than 100ppm mostly these units have a lifetime and factors like 1ppm drift but have a life time other than replace them there is no choice to just unsolder and turn them around as the drift is polar and they become polerised with time so all the crap in them at atom level moves around so replace or as a test turn them round it wont cure a failed machine however it will effector the state of things like colour and glitch you encounter missing levels on game carts etc etc best replace a resonator like a electrolytic cap every 10 years .... i write models for many things in c++ for simulation and i always build in there time in life factor as a measure of uptime and use its time people realised a crystals doesnt stay static .. and this affect there whole retro machines ability to process a good analogy is flushing a toilet voltage being water and current the fifo effector.. if you flush current you drag atoms in a particle stream...
  4. im sure he will work it out much like you im afraid my over 30 years in the trade counts for nothing ?? perhaps there is a magic cure wave a wand or something eh?? replace the caps turn the crystal around last time i checked my atoms my body was made of have moved on maybe its just the hominids dont???/ why not try some of the methods i posted ?? with resonators and crystals on YOUR old carts and machines instead of condem what i sayed 100% maybe 100% of the time i am not right but there is no need for a skaving revoke of my own experiance i pitty you my friend as you are a true idiot most crystals are made of inflamed quartz that is full of impurity why use good chip grade quarts for timing turn it round then tell me im daft in a somwhat nieve fashion...????
  5. brings me back to my first post that says if you run the backup on a virtual server on a say quad core pc first!!! then restore it as needed this is the best approch best forget the 19 or less days data take it out the equassion restore the backup in home on a simple pc and draw it off {port it} to a different framework rather than suffer this way there is the option to restore each page panel and post as needed etc... super edit afterall the forum was a bit of a mess anyway and like an old rose bush needs a dam good prune this time of year... to cut out the dead wood it would be less hastle to set up a machine with the right components than spend ages grasping at straws and a race to buy a host thats going on held to ransom for data isnt worth it
  6. no this isnt true you just use a small TTL ic to double the frequency very easy so you can use a 4.43 to make 8.86 but you need to use an ic and the error rate multiplys by 2 so a 1ppm crystal @ 4mhz becomes a 2ppm error at 8.86 so your not right and that guy has the right idea in essence just didnt describe his idea right i think 8.86 is easy to find ten a penny...
  7. sounds like a bad coupling capacitor or the psu isnt so good ie a hum bar ie a bad resoviour capacitor so every few lines youll get distortion try to take a few pics of the inside and the screen you get.. i think replacing a few capacitors it will be aok,,.
  8. remove the 3.579575 mhz crystal and turn it round solder in change the 4.7uf and 2200uf electrolytics near to the regulator ic infact all the can electrolytics ...! sometimes the associated zener diode or other diodes and caps goes leaky{rare} to the colour control pot watch for and replace the 2n3906 transistor associated with the crystal i would use a bc547C type and watch the pinout it right it has a higher gain its unlikely the regulator is damaged as it would not work bad solders maybe same goes for around that crystal i think you should look for and replace the crystal it controls everything colour etc and they do drift with time and atomic migration turning it around is enough beware for a faulty colour delay pot...! same goes for carts and there resonators.. and crystals
  9. you have a filled buffer for video but for hsync signal nothing vsync is ok {this is what a pitcure looks like if hsync isnt right} hsync and vsync are usualy mixed together in a logic ic this is the way older 4-8 bit machines work as hsync and vsync are usualy generated in different areas of there chipset {or single ic} the picture and its framing is correct but the display isnt becouse the hsync isnt there i assume it uses a modulator and rf signal to tv having never seen one or held one.. used one or owned this unit i would sumise its one of the ic's inside has come loose or moreover these older pcb like pong and other bat and ball are single sided pcb that use TI controllers with solders on one side only i recon its either a dry joint around the hsync to the sync combiner logic comes from the video ic.? or a bad coupling capacitor usualy a low value electrolytic that has dried out like a bad battery can you open the unit carefully and take a macro photo of the top and bottom of the pcb i think here pictures speek volumes
  10. maybe a good idea is to simply ask member's not to login when the backup comes up online i guess we did ...
  11. Actually the guy behind 250host is free to register as many domain names as he likes and host them with whomever he likes (apart from hosts and services who won't have him due to unpaid account balances). Just because he has an unpaid hosting account doesn't mean he will lose the domain name . He can keep paying the renewals, move it etc. The only way he could lose a domain name apart from it not being renewed is creditors go after him or his business and get the appropriate court orders to dissolve the business, make him bankrupt etc. im sorry ive been in the position of a ip domain admin and i can assure you they have been 'black balled' the mistake people make when adding hosted domain name services to ip's is thinking admins dont talk and share a list of non solvent users its realy a no brainer for sure so 1} his host main host 'trusted ssl' is no longer providing secure domain status in any form 2} he has many issues 3} unpayed bill + interest and prob dudicial court orders served or pending {served in this case} 4} refuses to contact users {withholding data is a federal offence } so the fbi want him this is why liquidweb suggested an attorney and not a lawyer... im sorry you just dont realise u.s.a law in this case and i am sure brian will i will eat my shorts on utube ... if 250 again surfaces in its prepresent form unless someone buys there domain and custom the guy left it just 6 months bills late from selling his domain name and its custom as a going concern to the point it folded...
  12. i want to personaly pay tribute to atariage.com for putting up with us through the hard times all mukers together!!!!
  13. a disolved domain is one that no longer exists in any cashe and will when you look at the host .com {sells you space} no longer has even an ip address plug on back bone has one less .. them!!! eventualy 250 will go from whois when this happens the director has been struck from hosting any web pages becouse his stature has become insolvent to the degree creditors are left unpayed... ....
  14. lets face it the guy brian ! is so slow now as a snail 1} has over 250 people chasing him c,me ++ some or - else 2} has no domain as its been (suspended / deleted / removed) = gone only to his inhouse servers 3} obvious account problems with liquid web.. money??? where gone... ! 4} there office and i suppose there home accepts is in los-vegas !!! and no man is made of steel or an island there for sure!! lets face it we all want to live in los vegas but its dam expensive even a night out never mind the wheel and cards etc... 5} many users have payed a year or months in advance blocks and i feel for them!! here 6} the 'name domain' has been "disolved"... so has become part of the mirky waters of the liquid web ... 7} most important the company liquid web has done more than to acknowlaged this fact in several ways 8} liquidweb are not a liquid ship ...! unlike many pubs and have many under heads .. to pay themselfs so darren your right .. and were in the first place.. no matter what or when a fixed ip domain provider disolves your account and basicaly tells users to ' find another host' it means 100% the liquid no longer flows and there is a dam... or motion to sue in progress or granted as posted most often is been a few tries and last resort so good on liquid webship without them maybe we never had data back atall!!!! and thats that ! ive seen this situation so many times accross the world web and quite right 250 were payed by many and did a body swerve... a rogue trader in the end probably the credit crunch puts pay to there gambeling habits sorry for my poor spelling some words ive written i dont practice myself too often 1 months data soon disolves to only 20 days if you think it over 25-4 -2 = 19 days data say 15 posts and five threads a max per day no loss people as glad by 5000% the effort to retain any data and learn a valuable leason where data has become so important so the loss is just maybe less than 100 posts ast no loss realy
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