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  1. Less TI time. But is it really because of the virus? At work, I have to finish programming a machine that has fallen behind schedule (regardless of the virus). Now, as the other projects are postponed because of the virus, I can finally work 100% for this machine. Since I don't need to take the children to daycare/school anymore, I can do 10-11 hours of work per day. A programming overdose.
  2. The TI-81 was my 2nd programming experience at home, when I was 21 years old. Because of that, I bought a computer and became a (late) geek. My first experience was running a few CALL SPRITES, CALL CHARS and CALL HCHAR on the TI-99 when I was 8 years old. Between the two experiences, only some VisualBasic and PLC programming at technical school.
  3. What about JS99'er? It runs fine on a phone. With a more mobile "skin", it's even better: http://lb3.one/js99er/
  4. It took me 6 1/2 years to find time and motivation to finish this... Here it is: Fractals2.zip You maybe will notice that I used the "Marching Ants" method for the selection rectangle, a tribute to Bill Atkinson.
  5. 1:10 for the GPL version printing only the final result: 7's problem no printing.g.bin The display of results takes a lot time because I use a C style "format" function that replaces %'s by values.
  6. Here are the converted sources: 7's problem - TEXT files.zip I didn't find an utility to correctly convert tabs to spaces (even Notepad++ stupidly replaces all tab characters with a fix number of spaces). So I wrote one: Tab conversion.zip
  7. I said TI994w used also the GPL extension. I meant for another format (binary format). You really should try the XDT GPL assembler, it assembles the RXB cartridge in a few seconds. I'll see if I can easily convert my sources for the Ryte Data assembler.
  8. It's just a text file. Like ".c" for C language source files. In fact, ralphb used it too for the GPL exemple included with his XDT GPL assembler. The ".GPL" extension is also used for binary GROM files for the TI994w emulator.
  9. It's there, you just have to click the "reveal hidden contents" button. Here's my "library" file which includes "formatString", "print" and "scroll": lib.gpl
  10. It's the original un-optimized version, but with only one array (Post #54).
  11. Just for the fun, I did a GPL version:7's problem.g.bin
  12. I think it's a nice compiler. You can easily in corporate assembly routines. I used it only once though, for the "Bricks" demo.
  13. The big over-sight is that A2 is not necessary! I tried to understand my forth code after 8 years, but it was easier to read unhuman's XB version: He was using only one array. Here is the corrected version:
  14. Submission: Mastermind Platform: XB Written by: Lucien Baumann 1 RANDOMIZE :: CALL CLEAR :: CALL CHAR(35,"0000001F10101010000000FF00000000000000F80C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C") :: F=0 :: CALL CHAR(39,"0C0C0C0CFCFC000000000000FFFF0000") 2 CALL CLEAR :: CALL CHAR(41,"101010101F0F00001010101010101010") :: IF F=0 THEN DISPLAY AT(22,1):"Guess a number of 4 digits from 1..6. Clues: 1st=In pos2nd=Wrong pos." 3 DISPLAY AT(4,10):"#$$$$$$$$%" :: CALL VCHAR(5,12,42,12) :: CALL VCHAR(5,21,38,12) :: DISPLAY AT(17,10):")(((((((('" :: DIM A(4),B(4),E(4) :: FOR I=1 TO 4 4 A(I)=INT(RND*6)+1 :: NEXT I :: Y=5 :: ON WARNING NEXT :: CALL CHAR(91,"101010101F10101000000000FF0000000C0C0C0CFC0C0C0C") 5 ACCEPT AT(Y,11)SIZE(4):N :: DISPLAY AT(Y,11)SIZE(4):STR$(N) :: J=1000 :: FOR I=1 TO 4 :: B(I)=INT(N/J) :: N=N-B(I)*J :: J=J/10 :: E(I)=A(I) :: NEXT I :: C=0 :: D=0 6 FOR I=1 TO 4 :: IF E(I)=B(I)THEN C=C+1 :: B(I)=0 :: E(I)=10 7 NEXT I :: F=1 :: CALL HCHAR(22,1,32,96) :: FOR I=1 TO 4 :: FOR J=1 TO 4 :: IF E(I)=B(J)THEN D=D+1 :: B(J)=0 :: E(I)=10 8 NEXT J :: NEXT I :: DISPLAY AT(Y,16)SIZE(1):STR$(C) :: DISPLAY AT(Y,18)SIZE(1):STR$(D) :: Y=Y+1 :: IF Y=15 THEN 9 :: IF C<>4 THEN 5 9 M=0 :: J=1000 :: FOR I=1 TO 4 :: M=M+A(I)*J :: J=J/10 :: NEXT I :: DISPLAY AT(Y,10)SIZE(10):"[\\\\\\\\]" :: DISPLAY AT(Y+1,11)SIZE(4):STR$(M) 10 CALL KEY(5,K,S) :: IF S=0 THEN 10 :: GOTO 2 MASTERMIND.dsk
  15. Standby, like all my hobby programming projects. I don't have a lot of free time with two little boys of 2 and 4 years old. When they sleep, I'm just too tired. It was maybe 5th on my TODO list, now it just went 3rd or 2nd. There are at least two people here who did bank switching with GCC, so I have a lot of available memory for an A.I. player.
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