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  1. O2. I didn't see any noticeable difference with Os, or without printing 10 times "1899 PRIMES". Here's the source with the generated assembly: ERATOSTHENES_SIEVE gcc.zip
  2. Voilà: eratosthenes_sieve.c.bin ~13 seconds using Classic99 and a stopwatch.
  3. For this benchmark program, we could also keep the default character set. That could improve it by a few seconds, but I was expecting something 1.5x slower than Forth (~150-200 seconds).
  4. Thanks! I used "pcb type=paged", instead of "standard".
  5. GPL is disappointing with this one: 342 seconds. Maybe it's all these accesses to expansion RAM? I used an old mess version (0.136), I can't find how to run it on mame 0.164: eratosthenes sieve.g.bin With Classic99, it takes 387 seconds.
  6. Here it is: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/248187-benchmarking-languages/?do=findComment&comment=3422021 You must click "Reveal hidden contents" to see the code.
  7. Vorticon asked for Classic99 INI entries, here they are: [usercart90] name="Fractals" rom0=C|6000|2000|mods\fractals.c.bin rom1=G|6000|A000|mods\fractals.g.bin [usercart91] name="TIB Multicolor" rom0=G|6000|A000|mods\Multicolor Mode.G.bin You can also use "Cartridge" / "User" / "Open...". The multicolor cartridge does not show in the cartridge selection screen, but it loads correctly. Select "1 FOR TI BASIC". Fractals: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/210211-fractals/?do=findComment&comment=4399740 TIB Multicolor: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/210211-fractals/?do=findComment&comment=2721792
  8. I made a cartridge that adds the much loved multi-color mode to TI-Basic. Surprisingly, it went a bit unnoticed. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/210211-fractals/?do=findComment&comment=2721792
  9. I takes 1 second to convert your sources with this WSH script: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/233677-xdt99-new-ti-99-cross-development-tools-available/?do=findComment&comment=3747491 But then you have to install python and learn how to run Ralph's assembler.
  10. Less TI time. But is it really because of the virus? At work, I have to finish programming a machine that has fallen behind schedule (regardless of the virus). Now, as the other projects are postponed because of the virus, I can finally work 100% for this machine. Since I don't need to take the children to daycare/school anymore, I can do 10-11 hours of work per day. A programming overdose.
  11. The TI-81 was my 2nd programming experience at home, when I was 21 years old. Because of that, I bought a computer and became a (late) geek. My first experience was running a few CALL SPRITES, CALL CHARS and CALL HCHAR on the TI-99 when I was 8 years old. Between the two experiences, only some VisualBasic and PLC programming at technical school.
  12. What about JS99'er? It runs fine on a phone. With a more mobile "skin", it's even better: http://lb3.one/js99er/
  13. It took me 6 1/2 years to find time and motivation to finish this... Here it is: Fractals2.zip You maybe will notice that I used the "Marching Ants" method for the selection rectangle, a tribute to Bill Atkinson.
  14. 1:10 for the GPL version printing only the final result: 7's problem no printing.g.bin The display of results takes a lot time because I use a C style "format" function that replaces %'s by values.
  15. Here are the converted sources: 7's problem - TEXT files.zip I didn't find an utility to correctly convert tabs to spaces (even Notepad++ stupidly replaces all tab characters with a fix number of spaces). So I wrote one: Tab conversion.zip
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