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  1. Sometimes I wish I could send "LOL" as the bid!
  2. Just last night I was lost in the jungle with Pitfall Harry!

    1. Rik


      No better place to be!

  3. 1st FB invests in artificial intelligence 2nd they invest in VR what's next they invest in robotics and begin the Cylon vs Human war?? This is sounding more and more like an episode of "Caprica"!

    1. Keatah


      Well, you don't have to USE their stuff. They only make what people want. Therefore people must seem to want it!

    2. n5x


      Oh I have the DK1 and have the DK2 ordered from day one lol


  4. Weird Science

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    2. lushgirl_80


      1985 is so much better than 2013....and gawd i love that movie LOL

    3. Stephen


      You're computer's retarded - what, did you get a free toaster with it?

    4. Bakasama


      When I look about at his film, I see it like a pair nerds make the perfect woman but end up with a perfect older sister.

  5. I wish I had vacations as long as it taking this C128 to get to my house thanks so much USPS!

    1. pce_collector


      Speaking for myself, USPS has been MUCH SLOWER since the start of the year.

  6. Easiest way to change an Xbox 360 drive?

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    2. MrAtari2600


      Disk Drive? takes some interesting and nervewracking pops of the casing to get it opened. But are we talking HDD? or the Disk Drive? youtube is a fantastic guide spot! watch about 2-3 before you do it!

    3. n5x


      I'm going to try to swap logic boards and see how that goes

    4. MrAtari2600


      Good luck! i still stick by the youtube tutorials if you can!


  7. SMD Rework station ready time to fix the Jaguar!

  8. My Jaguar died this weekend I found a blown cap and changed it still no red light :/

    1. ApolloBoy


      There's a good chance that the MC34163 chip is fried, try replacing that.

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