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  1. Unearthing this for an update. An excellent individual over at Reddit identified the game as a few games by Gamco. Specifically Fractions: Addition and Subtraction, though he did also mention that it was included in a money game, and possibly a few more. I hope this reaches you, and anyone else looking for this game! @[email protected]
  2. I'm a fan of the original too, and got the Wii remake when it came out! Good to hear it's being re-released, I believe it'll do very well! @[email protected]
  3. Sadly, no, and no additional information or screenshots either... I'm thrilled to hear that someone remembers it though! At least we know that it's exists, somewhere! @[email protected]
  4. I've been trying to find out the name of a DOS game for years, but with no luck. It's an educational game, and from what I think I remember, you have to do money-based problems in order to get to a special minigame. In the minigame, you play as a little man who has to go around a little maze collecting coins, sort of like Pac-man. However, the ghost of Blackbeard (?) is chasing after you and it can actually go through the maze walls. While you're going through the maze, purple coins will pop up, and you need to collect as many as you can before time runs out. They're for bonus points. After you collect all the normal-colored coins, the exit opens up and you need to leave the maze. After you do that, you beat the maze. It says You Win (Or 'Game Over, I don't remember) on a flashing screen with a big skull. After the win screen pops up, there's a little message that says that Blackbeard's ghost went back to it's grave (or something along those lines), and then you do more of the plain old problems. I've been itching to find out what this game is so I can play it again, I haven't so much as HEARD about it from anyone for years now. Thank you! @[email protected]
  5. For me it's gotta be Haunted House. Came close once, but it turned out to be non-working and ended up returning it. Got my money back though! @[email protected]
  6. To what golden RadioShack RF adapter are you referring? I would really like to see the picture improve without soldering anything as I have no experience with that. http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103471&CAWELAID=107591607 It's very easy to use- plug the Atari's cord into one end, then twist the other end into the back of your television. @[email protected]
  7. I've been having a couple problems with a "2 or 4 Player Tennis Tourney" game. (www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=10072) I'm brand-spanking-new to cabinet ownership. Since this is my first arcade cabinet, and since I have very recently gotten it off of Craigslist (for free!), I'm not exactly how to fix these problems... Yet. One problem is that the ball doesn't detect collision with the paddle in the game, thus the ball passes right through the paddle all the time, and causing the left player to always win with the score 15 to 0, no matter how hard the right player tries to hit the ball. Perhaps there's a switch loose, or the game's broken beyond repair? Another thing is that the sound is very quiet. Sure it's there, but it's very difficult to hear. Maybe there's a knob or something on the inside to adjust, I'm not sure. And the last thing, the quarters are always getting jammed in the slot, and even though it's a quick fix, it gets very annoying to do over and over, and it's difficult to get the quarters to count as a credit rather than have it pop back out the return slot each time. Thanks! @[email protected]
  8. Well, Adventure technically has a 'continue' feature. If you hit reset (after being eaten by one of the dragons, for example), you are warped back to the gate of the gold castle. When you do this, all the items in the game should be where you left them. However, all dead dragons are revived, thus making a reason not to die. @[email protected]
  9. Perhaps you own the only existing prototype for the first home version of a converted arcade game. @[email protected]
  10. There's a Homestar Runner RPG homebrew that was unfinished, but it has a beta released to the public where you can just wander around its huge maps. It has great music, and its maps are ENORMOUS! Sometimes I play the game just to wander about the huge landscapes it has, and to listen to the music. @[email protected]
  11. I hope you don't mind, but I got my hands on this game and I really like it; the idea of controlling a 50-foot-tall stalk of celery is hilarious, as well as pig enemies and stale pretzels for power ups! ...Though I thought that I would like to help somehow, so I edited the sprites a little bit in the Hack-O-Matic program! Here are some screenshots of the pigs and the pretzel after I edited their sprites- I'm not sure that the changes will carry over to Visual bB, because I used the Hack-O-Matic. :-\ Hope you like it! Keep up the good work. @[email protected] 50celery9 Graphic Mod3.bin
  12. I recently got a great deal on an Atari 6-switch woody- with Adventure, a joystick, and a power cord- all for about 20 bucks. The reason why it was so cheap was because the place you put the power cord is very loose. I had to jiggle and adjust the plugin until something finally showed up on the screen- it works, but the power input (or somthing along those lines) needs to be fixed! Does anybody know what I should do in order to fix tihs? At the store, I was able to demo the attachments on a Sears Video Arcade 6-switcher, and they all worked fine. Could the problem be that I'm using a power cord that's supposed to work with a Sears console? @[email protected]
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