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  1. Canada before US I think. Commonwealth comes first.... 😉
  2. Does the keyboard have a printed circuit board or a metal plate that holds a mylar sheet in place? It has a mylar sheet held in place by a steel sheet.
  3. Hi Bought myself an 600XL today from a carboot sale. Most of the keys work apart from A,S,D,F,G,H and both shift keys and control key. Opened it up and removed the ribbon cable, cleaned it with an eraser but still no joy. Is there anything else I can try? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the help. It's running Tos 2.05 so no progress bar.
  5. Hi Recently bought a Mega STe off ebay. Takes ages to boot up with a disk inserted when powered up first time. White screen for about a minute. Then the disk drive spins up and the desktop appears. But when soft reset, it will read the disk immediately and go straight into the desktop.
  6. Looks like its not the power supply of the STe causing any problems as my newly acquired Mega STe does the same. This is the cable that I bought eBay Auction -- Item Number: 390232521592
  7. Bought myself a peST, which I received today. Tried it with a optical mouse and works flawlessly! Trouble I have found is, when the peST is connected the fire button on my joypad, connected in the number 1 socket will not work. Is this normal? Thanks
  8. Hi Bought myself a RGB cable off ebay for my STe. Sometimes when switching the computer on I get a distorted picture as seen in the attachment, or just a black screen. Have to reset the ST 3-4 times before I get a normal picture. Tried the cable with an old CRT TV and no problems at all, nice and crisp, and colourful. Picture is quite dull on the LCD TV. The LCD TV is a Sony KDL32EX503U. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi After 10 years in storage, thought I would power up my trusty STe. Works fine!! Played a couple of games, Dungeon Master and Stunt Car Racer. Still great games! Been shopping and have bought some goodies for it. HXC floppy emulator PeST UltraSatan Composite Monitor Cable. Was thinking of upgrading the ToS to 2.06? Anything else I should buy?
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