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  2. if you are able to make a .DSK image file out of it, please do. I'd love to try it for you.
  3. Sorry for digging up an old topic again, but I have a question. Is there any place I can find disk images for this stuff? I have an old PCW10 on my repair desk right now which I got to power up but since I don't have any bootdiscs (3.5" DD) I can't see if it does what it should do. I have searched online for some while now but I can't find any images besides from the 3" 9512 images.
  4. Great news!! No I can say it runs on ALL ! STF(m), Mega ST, STe, Mega STe, TT, Falcon
  5. If I recall correct, ggn is gonna test it on a falcon tonight............hope to see his reply here later on.
  6. Ok so I'll remove the HAGA, but still this game is running from harddisk
  7. wonder if anyone still has these ports on the harddrive. I wanna look into them
  8. Hey People, Yesterday evening I was doing a harddisk adaption of "Indiana Jones - And The Last Crusade", the point and click adventure game. I've been doing some testing on an emulator, emulating different atari systems (1040STfm with TOS 1.04, Ste 8Mhz with 4MB ram and tos 2.06, Mega Ste @ 16Mhz with 4MB ram and TOS 2.06) and they were all working. In fact, on the Mega Ste @ 16Mhz the loading time and scrolling was a little faster! I also tried running it on an emulated Falcon030 and an AtariTT and alll seem to be working. Now I was wondering, are there any TT and Falcon owners that are willing to try this game from harddisk on real hardware? Technically the copy protection is still there. Copy protection comes in the form of before actually starting the game, you have to enter a code from the translation table book that was delivered with the original game. If you fail to give the correct code, the game will run in "DEMO-MODE" which means you can not save or load. See the little youtube video of an impression how it works:
  9. please explain... How is "rebuilding the new thing" comparable to holding back the fast car in 1st and 2nd gear ?
  10. the IC used in the XEP 80 is still available on ebay. shouldn' t be too hard to reproduce the XEP80
  11. I've had the same thing happening to 2 of my sonic the hedgehog carts....1 I socketed and got an altered beast maskrom from a friend of mine and the other is waiting for me to decide what to do with it.
  12. http://19rsn007.0fees.us/nintedo-m82-repair-part-2/ Update!!
  13. Look at my latest repair job guys. Wasn't working properlly (PSU needs a recap, video amp needs to be fixed/replaced) But right now with jumperwires and breadboard....it can be used. Gonna do a full repair blog on my website http://19rsn007.0fees.us/
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