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  1. Someone is selling a copy of Alice's Moms Rescue on Cartridge on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Atari-Jaguar-Alices-Moms-Rescue-Limited-Run-Platformer-Cartridge-Version-/272227236925?hash=item3f6201fc3d:g:AIoAAOSw3v5XIqPN In one of the first posts by Orion on the release of the game he said would not fit on cartridge so am I correct in assuming this is someone's unauthorized homemade copy?
  2. Is same one as one from best electronics, will still need to modified
  3. Yes maybe a little harsh. Dealing with Nick has been a pleasure the last few years. But No matter how you say it, it is one of our few jaguar vendors gone soon.
  4. doing a little research OEM parts for CX10 very hard to find. CX40 parts can be had at best Electronics here: http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/CX40_REBUILD%20KIT.htm Here is article to modify CX40 parts to fit CX10: http://www.cgquarterly.com/2010/04/01/replacing-the-pcb-in-your-atari-cx-10-heavy-sixer-joystick/ Hope that helps.
  5. Just got an email from 16/32 systems in the UK and he will be closing down in the next few months. Nick used to hang out here but not so much anymore. Email offered me 25 percent off everything in stock not just Jaguar stuff. Maybe Nick will extend this discount to all here at AA even though I would guess a lot have also bought from him in the past and have seen this email. Commodore 64 fans have to really be bummed out about this.
  6. Yep just bought one also, Thanks Orion.
  7. I am a little confused here. We keep talking about cartridge cases but no where do i see any info on making or selling any cartridge cases. Did I miss something?
  8. 90.00 GBP for the clear one. Now someone put up a black one and let's see the difference.
  9. I bet someone who already has the standard black cart buys this wanting both versions.
  10. Yes I agree with that. If I not already have $200 is not bad deal for a very good game.
  11. Difference is with BlackOut people know less than 90 were ever made total CD and cartridge. They were very open about that, maybe a way to sell them all with that shitty game. Elsanar has been produced twice (or 3 times not sure) to my knowledge so people assume less valuable.
  12. True the free game completely out shines the $300 one
  13. Yes joke on anyone dumb enough to buy it.
  14. My suggested alternative is RocksOff a free game by Reboot. link: http://reboot.atari.org/new-reboot/rocksoff.html Basically same thing, CJ got bored one day and an hour later had this done.
  15. always have Ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-Jaguar-Skunkboard-SillyVenture-Edition-Revision-3-Complete-in-Box-/291536551026?hash=item43e0eebc72
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