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  1. Well, I've finished swapping out all the capacitors in the PSU. After temporarily covering it back up and plugging it in, I've got all the correct voltages. 12 VDC, -5 VDC and 5 VDC with no load. However, as soon as I turn the coleco on the 12v rail drops to 6v again. So, either my PSU is just bad or something else is wrong... Any Ideas? I guess ill check the video ram as suggested by cdn2a Here is an album of pictures I took while swapping out the caps. http://smg.photobucket.com/user/beaverbandit/library/Colecovision%20PSU%20Capacitor%20swap Sample pic:
  2. My parts arrived today and I've opened up the PSU case. I didn't have a chance to work on it any more than that. Here are a few pictures of the guts and I'll post more as I replace the capacitors, hopefully it will help someone down the road. Dave
  3. Apparently Radio Shack is going belly up again, unless they can find funding. As a result all sales are final and no new shipments are coming in. After sifting through the component drawers I could only find 4 of the capacitors but they were axial, not radial. I've ordered all the capacitors from amazon and should have them on Tuesday. Now I just need to get a dremel so I can open up the housing. What have people done to close the housing back up after cutting it open? Plastic cement?
  4. Cant find the edit button, sick of trying... If someone can edit the 1st post to include this, awesome. If not...no worries I just wanted to add that ch 3 and 4 on my tv are static...always When I power up the Coleco there is no image, no black screen just static. I don't know if that helps... Also, I'm thinking my problem could be a capacitor in the brick... Dave
  5. Hello everyone, I've got a quick question... My Colecovision doesn't turn on, that is to say when I flip the power switch I get no picture on my TV. I've replaced the power switch already with a Radio Shack DPDT Rocker - 275 691. I've checked continuity with my meter as well as voltage. When I check the PSU with the system in "Off" I get all the correct voltages 12v, 5v and -5v but when I turn the switch on the 12v rail drops to 6v. I checked voltages on the back of the plug receptacle and at the board where the switch is connected. A 6v drop seems to be a bit excessive... So, where do I go from here? Do I crack open the PSU or could there be an issue on the board? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dave
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