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  1. RIP 😞 Condolences to his family. Very sad news.
  2. Source code for 1K intro "Happy 2022" is here: https://github.com/FreddyOffenga/Happy2022 Nice compilation pps!
  3. Hi all, Here's our invite for Lovebyte 2022 https://demozoo.org/productions/303175/ Join us in a celebration of the smallest with a dedicated sizecoding demoparty / event, held on the weekend of 11-13th february 2022 on Discord and Twitch We'll be online streaming with oldschool and high-end intro competitions in different size categories ranging from 8 to 512 bytes in size. From our 256 byte graphics and nanogame competitions to bytebeat music competition. Or what about cool size-coded related seminars to get you started, Bytejam, DJ Sets and many other events? This is the one event where size does matter! Don't miss it! - Lovebyte 2022: Bring the love! https://www.lovebyte.party
  4. Watch and vote for the nano awards! http://nanoawards.lovebyte.party/
  5. Join us in a celebration of the smallest with a dedicated sizecoding demoparty/event, held on the weekend of 12-14th march 2021 on Discord and Twitch. We'll be online streaming all through the weekend with tiny intro competitions in different size categories from the smallest to the even smaller. From 256 pixel graphics and game competitions to bytebeat music competitions. Or what about size-coding related Seminars to get you started, Roundtables, DJ Sets, demo shows and more. This is the one event where size does matter! Don't miss it! http://www.lovebyte.party Competitions: - Combined 32 byte intro competition - Combined 64 byte intro competition - Low-End 128 byte intro competition (Atari, Commodore, Spectrum, etc.) - Hi-End 128 byte intro competition (DOS, ARM, Tic-80, Javascript) - Low-End 256 byte intro competition Atari, Commodore, Spectrum ,etc.) - VM 256 byte intro competition (Tic-80 , JavaScript) - Hi-End 256 byte intro competition (DOS, ARM) - 256 byte game competition - 256 Pixel Graphics competition - Bytebeat Tracker music competition - Bytebeat music competition Events: - The Nano Awards 2021 - 8 byte and 16 byte intro showcase (all new releases) - Compo Preshows - Sizecoding Roundtables - Demoscene Skribbl.io sessions - Best of tiny intro shows - 256 Second talks - DJ Sets - And many more surprises! How to submit: 1) Contact the lovebyte orgas on this channel (superogue, havoc, psenough, RamonB5) via discord pm or email to [email protected] to get your votekey 2) Register and login at: http://party.lovebyte.party/ 3) Submit your entries. See lovebyte website rules for requirements. Any questions? Feel free to ask us. 4) Videos larger than 128MB can be send via sync.com or wetransfer to [email protected] Deadline: March 12th, 23.59 CET , but preferably earlier to help us better prepare your entry.
  6. Nice invite! I hope to visit at least one of these parties this year
  7. Yes, same. I suspect java update somehow removed my older java runtime used by eclipse/WUDSN. Sorry, have no details about it, just frustrating not knowing what happened.
  8. Totally missed the zero install version. Will try this new one. Good timing, since Java update ruined my WUDSN installation recently. Thanks JAC!
  9. From 'Mapping the Atari': 580 244 COLDST Coldstart flag. Zero is normal, if zero, then pressing RESET will not result in reboot. If POKEd with one (powerup in progress flag), the computer will reboot whenever the RESET key is pressed. Any non-zero number indicates the initial powerup routine is in progress.
  10. Ok, ok, here's a version with coldstart. Still within 256 bytes 😁 happy2020.xex
  11. You are not authorised to read this forum. Same here. Back to AtariAge
  12. Nice recap SenorRossie and thanks for all the effort you put into this once again! I had an awesome day. Big thanks to all who helped and joined us!
  13. @Lastic: usually there are several people who can help with electronic repairs and debugging. Just bring the 130XE and we can ask around
  14. Best wishes for 2019 to all!
  15. Looking forward to a great 8-bit invasion! Hope some more people from NL will join us Freddy.
  16. What is the reason to have smaller files? For long term preservation it's best practice to keep the files close to the source (the raw dumps). Derived files (e.g. ATX, PRO) can be used for testing and as publication format for emulators. Or maybe I'm missing something?
  17. @AtariNerd: what Keatah said. Actually it is tested with the most common XL rev.2 OS as documented in the readme https://github.com/FreddyOffenga/outlove/blob/master/README.md
  18. Hehe, nice! Megazine #5 and #6 had some good articles about sampling http://www.ataripreservation.org/websites/freddy.offenga/megazine/
  19. Thank you Usually I have a crude idea for something which I "think" would fit. The first step is to make it work and not care too much about clever tricks (which would make the code less understandable). Then optimise it and come to the conclusion it won't fit. Sometimes the next day after a good night sleep more optimisations will pop up. Eventually it's like optimising until it fits or come to the conclusion the idea simply won't fit. But it doesn't end there. When it fits, there is this urge to add more. E.g. when it has no sound, I want to add a bleep or two. So, we are lucky there are demo compo's with a deadline, otherwise one could go on forever adding, changing, optimising
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