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  1. Dude! Thanks Tursi, i'll start messing with that tonight and keep the group posted in the next day or so! I've been spending some time over the last week cleaning up some of the old code and got a little more rom space back, i have 7k free know to cram in level 3, music and simple title screen. i want to see if i can get myself to about 8 or 9k free ideally before adding those but will again keep everyone posted. Also, any chance there is a simple and super fast sprite X flip option I can use? Half the sprites in the game are wasted to mirroring frames (Dracula walking left with 3 colors and then Right for all the same frames). I could literally reduce the game size almost by half if the coleco is capable of flipping sprites fast enough. if a function in the c library exists, or if someone can show me how to use a asm version to hook into c, that might be cool to?! Take care Russ
  2. I also am looking for a way to play back TinyMusic format in C. Amy gave me the awesome music for Monster Bash but only in TinyMusic so i can save as much rom space as possible. Anyone have a example on how to embed TinyMusic asm or any asm into a C project and how to call it? I'm not a asm coder at all sadly. just C. I'm looking to start up on Monster Bash again so i can get it done. I just need to get the music in the game and then get a few more k back from my sprites to leave room for level 3 and i'm done. Please any info on how to run TinyMusic in C, let me know. P.S. Hope everyone has been doing well. it's been a while since I posted here.
  3. I agree. There wouldn't be anything to stop the player from just racking up points and no levels to progress. I've toyed with taking away a jump for every jump (good or bad) so lower the chance of playing for hours till you loose all lives, what i didn't mention iin my last update video s the game will get faster and faster (after every 6 or so successful landings i'm speeding up the copters little by little). it will peaks out at around landing 30, but if someone can survive at that speed for that long, they deserve to rack up serious points! Thanks for asking about the game! always glad to respond to users on here, sorry for the delay in response! Take care, Russ
  4. Thanks! I couldnt have said it better Tarzilla! VectorGamer - you should play or at least watch youtube footage of the original arcade game rip cord and you will see i'm very faithful to the arcade and to what is shown in the coleco catalog photo of the game. Missions mode is my answer to spicing up the game to be more enjoyable as i now the original version is very basic. If i go messing with the original mode i'm bound to upset players as it's not what was potentially going to be released back in the 80s. I'm sure i wont be able to make everyone happy but i'm trying with adding Missions mode. Russ
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAaDAsiiOtk&feature=youtu.be Here is the latest update for RIP CORD. including the first ever peek at the new Missions Mode! Enjoy. Russ
  6. I got my Coleco FB today from Toys R Us in Rochester NY. The sales clerk had to get a manager to override the sale because the system actually noticed it had a release date that wasnt up yet. They where nice enough to sell me one, but i watched as the manager grabbed the other stock off the shelf right after that. yikes. Now i just have to figure out who to talk to about getting Side Trak and Rip Cord into the next version! I always wanted to go to the store and buy my own game some day!!!!!
  7. Very cool! I keep thinking more and more about this game as a must code project!
  8. Thanks! I got alot of work done on the game this past week! I will hopefully post a new video showing the updates sometime tomorrow.
  9. Hmmm. Zookeeper! Maybe once Rip Cord and Monster Bash are completed i'll take on Zoo Keeper if no one else does.
  10. Zookeeper would be the #1 on my wish list! I'm not sure it came out for any home system?! If only there was unlimited time, otherwise i'd code it myself Russ
  11. Cool. that would make a neat bonus stage for the game! if i have room / time after the game is done! i like it!
  12. Finally back working on Rip cord. here is my latest update after starting development back up last week. Russ
  13. Too Funny! Nice work on the Gamester81 game!!!!
  14. Side Trak limited edition Only selling this to see if i can raise some money for Christmas http://www.ebay.com/itm/291039085697?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Russ
  15. Got more work done on Rip Cord. here is the latest YouTube Video update for 12-15-13 Take care, Russ
  16. My top 3: Retail: - Mr. Do - Cosmic Avenger - Bump N Jump Homebrew: - Ninja princess - Elevator Action - Pac Man Collection (and of course Side Trak but i didnt want to put it in my top 3) Russ
  17. Got it working! the plane is scrolling out of the left of the screen and back into the right nice and smooth! took a little tinkering but man with you and nanochess's help about the early clock setting that did the trick! and i didn't have to waste any more sprites / tiles! Thanks again! My code to toggle the 2 modes only added .1k to the previous rom build so i can live with that I'm glad that issue is behind me! Thanks again Guys! Russ
  18. Nanochess, Kiwi, thanks for the info. i had no idea that smooth scrolling a sprite off the left of the screen was going to be so tricky! Thanks for the info about the Early Clock! I now have the plane smoothly flying off the left of the screen, only to have the issue on the other side now. but with this info, i'm working on a function that will know when to flip back and forth the right color to toggle the mode as needed and reposition the sprite to make it look like nothing tricky is happening under the hood! Thanks again! Hopefully i'll be able to pull that off! Too funny how little things like that can almost be show stoppers on the coleco hardware! good to know! Take care, Russ
  19. Update with the latest music revision from Dan, and Now the player can jump out of the plane
  20. Coool! Thanks again for the latest version of the song. amazing work!!!!!! Russ
  21. Thanks! Dan did an awesome job on the music as always, it's mind blowing how talented he is with both his coding and music! to make everyone a little more excited, Dan just sent an even better version of the song! I'll see if i can post another video tonight / tomorrow! Or if dan wants to post a full version of the song on his youtube channel like he usually does that would be cool! Russ
  22. Title Screen Music by Dan (NewColeco), and Play Tester announcement! More to come next week!
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