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  1. Hello friends, long time since i got spare moments to get again into atari things. While i prepare my ste for retro bbs mayhem i am getting into 8 bit atari bbs using the altirra emulator. I use bobterm and bbs express 850 but i noticed on both of them that the screen not shows the characteristic blue color of 8 bit ataris screen but instead a faded vanilla one in express and a dark black with white letters on bobterm. I tried to change from pal no ntsc and trying different configurations but it dont change. Im asking because i have seen on the net screenshots of bobterm and they show the blue color, but i only see it in black. Are there something i'm missing?. Never had a atari 8bitter at the time, just a 2600 so not have much experience with them save emulation. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Do you know if the software is still available on the net?. Iwould like to check those effects if possible while telnetting some bbs. Thanks in advance!!!
  3. If you use tos 2.06 on your ste, it shows the logo and memtest. As you have 4mb,you can use tosram in order to load the tos in the ram and boot from there.
  4. That cable will get you vga from your ste, but in high res(mono) only. If you want color you have to go the scandoubler/converter route like with the amiga. I use a similar cable on my 520 STe and it outputs to a 19 sony lcd monitor perfectly, but in monochrome.
  5. Locnar suggestion seems also interesting, but i prefer an external solution for avoiding opening of the machine and also do not mess with the cpu, that needs to be removed for installing the adapter. Can the cosmosEx work without a raspberry or is needed in order to work?.
  6. Interesting device!. But there are some things i really don't know what is for because it includes a raspberry pi. Is it really needed for it to run?.
  7. Hello guys and merry christmas to all!. Since santa is coming soon i have been thinking in putting a massive storage on my ste, as the floppies can get picky at times. I have read about the ultrasatan, although i need to know if i have a good dma chip(i think got a good one, but need to assure), and also read about the gigafile sd from inventronik. Both solutions can be on external enclosure, think that i like a lot. IS there another hardware out there with similar spes. I want mainly a modest space for when is needed to do serious stuff, as the floppies get full too soon. Thanks in advance!!!
  8. Hello friends, i managed to get my ste connected to my linux box via serial and got access to a shell console. The problem i have now is how to get files transferred to the atari disk. I have used the sx command under linux that performs an xmodem transmission for the file specified, and on the other end, i use taz, and go to the receive file then select xmodem, but it always abort the transfer even before it starts. In fact, it never start the transfer. I have read a page when someone got it on his atari, but it doesn't work here. Sending from the atari to the linux box also dont work. I'm asking this because ghostlink dont work on linux, and i doubt that it would work under a virtual machine too. Any clues? Thanks in advance!!!!
  9. Will check the tos image i'm using(maybe i got the us version), but the tos inside the machine is 1.62 uk.
  10. The disk was formatted previously on the atari, and on another disks or images it doesn't fail. Will try the suggestion on formatting with another tool. On the other hand, floimg didn't report anything wrong, just that the writing was ok, but the image was smaller that the disk format(400kb vs 720kb of the disk). Other than that, it went ok. Will try your suggestions and report here the results. Thanks and happy new year to all!
  11. Hello all, i use from time to time, when experimenting the tos 2.06 using seltos(a program that loads the tos into ram and can survice reboots. I noticed that it boots ok and shows the atari logo, but i recall from emulation, that tos 2.06 showed also a memory test with the logo. Could be possible that neing it loaded into ram, the memory test isn't loaded?. Also, i notice on the tv-monitor and with the hi-res vga monitor, a subtle flicker, that don't appear when booting using its own tos(1.62). Anyone have a clue?. Thanks in advance!!!!
  12. Thanks for the image!. I put it in a floppy and tried to boot it, but it appeared to run, then, bring back to the gem desktop. I have noted that the image is a 400kb one, and the format used in floimg was of 720, because the others were too short to use. How is the optimum way to write back the image to floppy?. Is there any trick in floimg for disks that size?. Thanks in advance!!!
  13. Thanks for the help ParanoidLittleMan. I'll wait anxiously for your .st cracks. It's interesting that no .st image is on the net, at least i didn't find it.
  14. Thanks for the explanation. It just happens that the x68000 is one of my favourite machines, and seeing a game ported just made me crazy. Will check the link you provided in order to get more info. By the way, a port for blitter-enhanced ataris would be cool
  15. Tried the automation disk, and used 50hz mode, but still it didn't work. I tried to google a .st version, but seems that is nearly impossible. Has anyone a .st image of this game?
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