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  1. Here are pictures of the two drives I have. The first is the 360KB one. The second is the 1.2MB one. I have a straight 34 pin cable. I was trying them one at a time. Selecting the drive with the jumpers seems to work fine. That's the only one where I know what it does.
  2. I am trying to get a floppy drive to work with my ATR8000 but have had no luck. I don't know if it's the two drives I have tried or the ATR8000 that isn't working. But they both turn on and spin when they are accessed but I have no formatted disks to try and write or read from. When I try and format it sounds like it's starting to format but it's not switching tracks like a regular 810 does. Eventually it times out and I get an error 173. If you have a floppy drive working with your ATR8000, what type is it .. exactly. Frank
  3. You could cut less of the metal case, but I made it so I could take the board out without opening things back up again. I had to use one extra socket to raise the board up and miss the other chips.
  4. I have the previous Sophia DVI version in my 800. Works great. Needed to modify the case a little, but worth it.
  5. Is anyone still selling / making these?
  6. ok, I just want to know how long do I have to wait before I can buy a completely assembled one. Frank
  7. When I try and format in SDX and specify the drive letter, the drive responds, the formatter comes back (looking ready to format), but then I can't change any of the settings like Tracks and Density. I also don't see anything to specify the size of the disk.
  8. Well.... maybe it doesn’t. That could explain things.
  9. Has anyone used one of these drives with an ATR8000? I have it hooked up but have no disks to use. Formatting doesn't seem to work correctly. It addresses the drive correctly, it spins up when I try and access a disk. Formatting attempts to do something, but fails with error-138. I can't figure much else out. Frank
  10. Afraid to say I don't really know. In ANT all my slots have the same thing XLOS,ABvC
  11. I have a SIDE2 as well, and Yoomp loads fine. I just flip the switch on the cartridge so the side-loader starts, go find Yoomp and it loads.
  12. As an informational -- not a solution -- I have a 1200xl with an Antonia board in it. I don't have an AVGCart, but I do have a Side cart that I can load xex's with. Yoomp loads without any complaints...but then the Side cart has a setting so you can disable basic. I don't know how I would do it without that. Does the AVGCart have any settings?
  13. I would if I could, but I have no idea how to do that and I’m guessing I need some hardware for it.
  14. HA! I read the manual! The jumpers where set for an RS232 terminal instead of Atari. When I put jumpers J7 and J10 in the correct place every booted ok. I did a quick LPRINT test in basic and it responded correctly. I also confirmed from the jumpers I have the 64KB version.... Now off to find some drives to play with.
  15. I got my hands on an ATR8000 but unfortunately it doesn't work. You can turn it on, the light goes on, and it hums a little. Now, if I connect my Atari to it and boot it up, the keyboard locks up. No drives attached, just the cable to the Atari. Turn on ATR8000, turn on Atari. Atari boots, looks fine, but no keyboard. Turn off ATR8000 ... keyboard comes back to life. I have no idea what to look at. Here is a quick snap I took with the cover off. Help me Obi-one, your my only hope.
  16. Does anyone know if this would work with the right cable https://www.ebay.com/itm/333590636366
  17. Ever since I saw WarGames I wanted an 8 inch floppy drive. I realize I have no practical use for it, but still. I have an ATR8000 on the way. Is there a particular drive I should try and find that works with it? Are cables standard? Frank
  18. Had me for about 2 seconds .... https://www.amazon.com/Are-ready-Hokey-Pokey-Maxx/dp/B006VL372U
  19. Plug and play basically. Just need to modify the cage / case. I made it so I could remove the board completly.
  20. This was the jumper settings I received. Notice there is one you can't do with an actually jumper but need to do with a wire. Not sure why that's missing in the pictures of my install.
  21. I had to cut a part of the cage to make things fit. I swapped out the UAV for a Sophia DVI so all I have are the pictures.
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