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  1. That's a shame. Thanks for the additional confirmation though!
  2. Hrm. Feels like they should probably put something on the site to indicate that. 😕 It's unfortunate, because there are a few things still listed for sale that aren't on the eBay store that I'd love to pick up.
  3. Does anyone have any info on what's up with Atari2600.com? I know it was a one-person operation, and the-video-game-gallery on eBay seems to still be up and running, but payment processing on the website has been down for at least a week now. Probably longer, as that's just how long I've been trying--I haven't ordered anything from there in the last year or so. I've sent two emails through the "contact us" page and haven't received a response.
  4. I thought I'd come across a PAL Obelix at a thrift store yesterday, which would be the first import game I'd found in the wild. Turns out it was NTSC, so still no wild import games for me. Of course, I'm certainly not complaining about finding an NTSC Obelix!
  5. Well, checking back in on the thread, I noticed a pretty dumb mistake on my part... should read 600XL rather than 400XL. Durr.
  6. Hey all, just registered because I was going through my closet and rediscovered a veritable treasure trove of Atari 8-bit goodness! The lighting here isn't very good, so I won't take a picture just now, but I do have a copy of Inhome Baseball. Who'da thunk, in a box containing only 24 carts, that I'd find a relative rarity like that? Of course, there were 2 BASIC carts too In case anyone's curious, the rest of the stuff includes a 400XL, two 800XLs, a 5.25" floppy drive and cassette drive.
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