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  2. I agree with the article but not to the same extreme. I think it is a fallacy to equate something being the future to something entirely replacing the past. If when touch based phone gaming came out and someone claimed it would be the future then they would be correct. However, if they took that to the extreme that there wouldn't be controller based gaming then they would have been wrong. That is even more apparent now since Stadia is now also the future and it uses controllers. In other words, this kind of reasoning seems like if when air planes were invented someone claimed that it would be the future of long distance transportation to the point of trains no longer having a place in the future. There are more trains and tracks now than before the invention of the plane. https://youtu.be/oyJwQvbTWZM
  3. How is USB faster than WIFI? Anyway, I'm surprised that is all they did with the controller to try to reduce latency. It seems like it should be possible to send a button press before you pressed it. What I mean is something like as you begin to press a button it sends the signal of a press and then once the button is all the way down you feel the feedback of a press. It doesn't seem like a lot of time between beginning to press a button and then finishing the press but since we can see it without some extremely slow motion video then it must be enough to cover milliseconds of latency. It might even be enough time to create the illusion that there is even less latency than an actual console.
  4. In the strictest terms none of them are no longer consoles since they aren't designed to be played on a CRT. However, the Switch,at least as of now, appears to be much more of a dedicated gaming machine since you can't do much else with it.
  5. I think making an Atari VCS would make a great Ben Heck episode. He makes one based on what they have released, puts Linux on it with Atari emulators, eats a taco, and then says,"Simple as that!".
  6. John Forbes Nash Jr. and the rest of us in the schizo community all agree that believing the Ataribox will be more than renders is at a level of bat shit crazy beyond us and likely a communist conspiracy.
  7. And a real plastic shell is half the work of creating a console.
  8. None of my classic consoles outputs a resolution higher than that of a CRT but every one of them shows up with more detail on a CRT than on an HDTV. For an example, before seeing a VCS on an emulator or HDTV I didn't even know the graphics were made up of huge solid blocks because on a CRT those huge blocks appear to be made of many blocks that aren't solid but detailed. So, in a way, the resolution looks higher on a CRT.
  9. Unless the mainstream consumer causes a huge demand to bring back the CRT I'm struggling to think of any major benefit to me for it being on their radar.
  10. No, I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying that if a budget Atari that is already plug and play sized from the 80's could be done for around $100 then the same quality should be able to be achieved today for cheaper. A Flashback isn't even in the ballpark of the same quality.
  11. Even considering those things I still feel like I'm missing something. The Flashbacks have been out as long as the original Atari 2600(15 years). During Atari's 15 years they were able to create with 1980's technology a fairly decent budget model(Junior) that in today's money would be around $100. With today's much more advanced technology it seems like it should be possible to make a model of similar quality but much cheaper and still be able to afford to make it a plug and play with built in games while being able to sell enough over time because apparently Flashbacks can sell as long as the original and soon even longer. I mean, an Atari 2600 is closer to a calculator than it is to a crappy $20 cell phone. It can't be too expensive to clone something that primitive just like calculators are dollor store cheap now. Anyway, is there a thread and a post I should start reading about this arcade unit?
  12. Questions like these are some of the reasons I don't completely buy that the target audience is just people that are casual gamers with a nostalgic itch that causes impulse purchases. If this is the target audience then why is there a numbering system and different editions like plus, gold, deluxe, Activision Edition, etc.? I don't think of someone comparing what is new with the 8 compared to the 9 or looking up the differences between editions as something that is done with an impulse purchase. That is just too much thinking before a purchase. An impulse purchase would just be thinking something simple like,"It looks something like an Atari and plays some Atari games." which doesn't even require making new and/or different editions than the first to get sales. Why include original controller ports or with the SEGA Genesis cartridge slots if it isn't targeting people with original gear? Why include games that weren't popular at the peak of the Atari 2600's popularity like unreleased prototypes, homebrews, games sold to Atari Fan Club members, games exclusive to Europe, games released after most moved on from the 2600 during the Atari 2600 Junior era, etc.? There just seems to be a lot that points at us being directly targeted as part of the target audience.
  13. It was a failure by Nintendo standards but the only non-Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony consoles that outsold it were the Atari 2600 and SEGA Genesis. So, it should be easier to find replacement consoles and parts compared to all those other non-Big 3 retro consoles that it outsold. Someday fixing the controller could be like screen mods on an Atari Lynx today with the difference being that there were more Wii U controllers when new than Atari Lynxs when new. By more I mean like around 12 million more Wii U controllers than Atari Lynxs.
  14. I was 10 in 1991 and it was only a few months later when the VCS was discontinued. Up until then I felt like I was in the 2600's heyday because I knew the 2600 was a current option just like the NES and it was an option I experienced before the NES launched. 10 would have felt late to start gaming. I was playing Atari before I could ride a bike.
  15. I predict that this year AtGames will finally create a fully functional VCS clone.
  16. He is 3 months older than me but by the time the NES came out I already played most of the common VCS games. I can't recall the first but I think Space Invaders or Pac-Man would be the most likely.
  17. Since both Atari and Golden Eye were parts of my childhood the gap between them doesn't seem that huge. It doesn't seem grandparent huge. I mean, when I watch Stranger Things it reminds me of my childhood and when my grandmother watched Little House on the Prairie it reminded her of hers.
  18. Reptilian Avatar Shape Shifters! Stay woke, bitches!
  19. I'm wearing an Atari Represent shirt right now.
  20. I assume it has his other SEGA cores in it so the SMS adaptor would just be a way to hook in a SMS cart into an FPGA behaving like an SMS. If that is the case it seems like they should do the same with Nintendo cores on the Super Nt.
  21. It must have been too long since I seen Blade Runner because what I remember about how that future looks is closer to my idea of a utopia instead of a dystopia. I do remember CRT's still being a thing so I guess yes.
  22. Ma la campagna promette non solo l'hardware, ma anche un ecosistema che richiede successo.
  23. I'm really laughing but I'm a nobody like Atari so you are still correct.
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