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  1. I only need half so I'd go at least $150.
  2. Below is my list of games that I have for sale or trade. Mostly looking for coleco, intellivision, 5200, 7800 games in trade. Let me know what you are interested in and I'll get you pics and prices. Thanks, JOhn ATARI 2600 loose Adventure Asteroids Circus Atari Combat x2 ET the Extra-Terrestrial Haunted House Jungle Hunt Kaboom Missle Command Pac-Man x2 Pitfall 2 Stampede ATARI 5200 loose Berzerk Centipede Dig Dug Defender Frogger Galaxian Joust Jungle Hunt Kangaroo Mario Bros x2 Moon Patrol Pac-Man x3 Pengo Pole Position x2 Q-Bert x2 Qix Real Sports Soccer Soccer Space Invaders Star Raiders Super Breakout x2 INTELLIVISION CIBO unless posted AD&D Armour Battle no Inst Atlantis Boxing Demon Attack x2 Dragonfire no inst Frog Bog Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack no overlay Lock n Chase b/c only Major League Baseball no overlay Math Fun NASL Soccer NFL Football no inst Night Stalker x2 1 no inst Mouse Trap no overlay Poker and Blackjack (sears) no inst Snafu Space Armada c/b only Space Armada 1 overlay Space Battle Space Hawk Space Spartans Star Strike Sub Hunt no overlays Tron Maze a Tron c/b only Utopia no inst N64 CART ONLY Iggys Reckin' Balls ISSS 2000 Kobe Bryant NBA Courtside SEGA 32X cart only Metalhead Virtua Fighter SEGA CD complete Adventures of Willy Beamish Bram Stokers Dracula Cliffhanger Panic Puggsy Sherlock Holmes vol 2 Wild Woody x2 loose Batman Returns Bill Walsh College Football Eternal Champion Masked Rider - Kamen Rider zo Microcosm Prize Fighter SEGA DREAMCAST complete Crazy Taxi Dead or Alive 2 Maken X Quake Arena 3 South Park Chef's Luv Shack South Park Rally SEGA GAME GEAR Castle of Illusion SEGA GENESIS loose Alien 3 Jurassic Park Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Mortal Kombat Sonic 3 Sonic & Knuckles T2 the Arcade Game X-Men boxed Alex the Kidd in the Enchanted Castle Centurion Defender of Rome The Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants Skitchin' Taz in Escape From Mars Triple Score SEGA MASTER SYSTEM loose Black Belt Ghost House Hang On/Astro Warrior Poseidon Wars 3D x2 (1 boxed no inst)
  3. I went to the PO to send out a money order. Purchased the MO, placed it in the envelope and put it in the mail slot without leaving the PO. 3 week later and the MO did not arrive at it's destination. Went to the PO and filled out their form to find the MO and they charged me 5.40 for loosing my MO. I am pissed more about the 5.40 then them loosing the envelope...plus I have to wait 60 days for them to refund it. Back to paypal I guess.
  4. Spiderman is one of the last 3 32X games that I need and it isn't cheap. I've watched them sell for 70-120 loose. Tmec has come down and is 10-20. It hasn't sold for over 20 in over a year.
  5. Thanks for the info Niad I'm buying some from him already. Great selection and pricing.
  6. Updated and removed the games that I have received. Thanks to all that responded and traded with me. John
  7. Rayx - thanks but I'd rather not have to pay for shipping to or from france. john
  8. Thanks Pixelboy. That is what happens when I try to do too many things at once. Good thing is it just knocked a few off the list.
  9. I'm looking for coleco or intellivision games(see lists below). Boxed would be great but not necessary. Let me know what you have and a price. Thanks in advance, John coleco needed # Alphabet Zoo # Aquattack # Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris Superkicks # Blockade Runner # Dance Fantasy # facemaker # Fathom # Frantic Freddy # gust buster # H.E.R.O. # jungle hunt # Learning with Leeper # Linking Logic # Logic Levels # memory manor # Motocross Racer # Motocross Racer/Tomarc the Barbarian # Mountain King # one on one # Q*bert's Qubes # robinhood/sir lancelot # Rolloverture # Sammy Lightfoot # Sector Alpha # Slurpy # tomarc the barbarian # tournament tennis # Up'n Down # Wizard of Id's Wiz Math # Word Feud # zenji Intellivision needed 1. Beamrider 2. Blockade Runner I 3. Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling 4. Congo Bongo 5. Dig Dug 6. Diner 7. Donkey Kong Jr. 8. Ice Trek 9. ladybug 10. Mind Strike (pending) 11. Nova Blast (pending) 12. River Raid 13. Sewer Sam 14. The Dreadnaught Factor 15. Thunder Castle (pending) 16. Tower of Doom 17. Tron Solar Sailer 18. Tropical Trouble 19. Truckin' 20. Worm Whomper 21. Zaxxon (pending)
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