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  1. great show - super fun and I never did get to my homework. glad I stayed to watch the whole thing. next year we need an aerlan cam and he needs to be set up behind a DJ stand making comments and dropping sound effects as need be...
  2. I always enjoyed skiing, but wished that it had including a starting house/finish line and maybe some more variation in the trees, more courses, etc. was this a 2k game or 4k game? guessing that memory limitations was a prime motivator in the minimalist presentation. still fun, though! I suppose that now it would be possible to really crush an updated version of this with more memory for more courses and stuff.
  3. This is good, but I really see Darcy and Aerlan as the field reporters while you and Tanya man the studio...
  4. you should do a story every year about how someone digs up this story every year...
  5. you sure that's soviet? that's hebrew on the plate on the far side of the court...
  6. hah! in one of my lines of work, we used to come across people who thought that because they spent a lot of time in bars, they would be qualified to run a bar! Two different things, my friends. worst example of this ended with a bunch of guys losing their investment and then destroying all of the fixtures they installed so that the next operator would have to remove and replace everything (bathroom fixtures, bar fixtures, lighting fixtures, you name it). sadly, that building ended up being torn down for no good reason.
  7. to the best of my knowledge, kickstarter funds aren't dunned from your account until all pledges have been met. so a kickstarter project with a $5,000 goal will not take funds from your account until people have pledged a total of $5,000 or more. if they $5,000 goal isn't met, the project sponsor receives $0. it's my understanding that gofundme and indiegogo will fund a project (and dun money from your account) even if the project does not meet it's goals. as always, micro-funding situations like these are speculative and not a purchase. many projects that are fully funded never produce the product they were collecting money for; money collection for many projects, though, do function like presales, with supporters getting the product that they expected. this concludes my TED talk.
  8. the marriage of two beautiful stories...
  9. didn't @PAC-MAN-RED do some "sure, why not" graphics for this at one point?
  10. the covid got me in september! fortunate to have a mild case, although the post-recovery symptoms are still with me. hope that you feel better soon!
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