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  1. Did I pull the C$? I thought that I was using darrell's link and pulling US$. If so, oopsy! Now that the auction is over, I can't even find the item links... ETA Ooh, looks like a lotta late bids came in. Good job everyone! $2,356.92 in US$ 😉
  2. it's always fun to hit a nice round number! looks like as of 1 PM EDT, the auction is over $US1,200 as well. Congrats everyone! This was a really great event.
  3. Those are the happiest tacos I have ever seen! They must be celebrating the anniversary of this thread!
  4. it kind of makes me sad that tommy loves intellivision way more that the atari owners seem to love atari. maybe, after atari collapses again, tommy can pick up the IP.
  5. oh, of course! what ever was I thinking!
  6. Controllers are included in the All In bundle.
  7. That was so weird. silicon valley is so strange. corporate america on speed x1000. yeeps.
  8. "Why am I covered in hot sauce?" classic! I sure hope that someone is able to channel this taco-interest into a decent game...
  9. sax factory? I thought they closed that place down!
  10. happy memorial day weekend! hope that all is well!
  11. for small fundraising campaigns, especially for those not linked to a nonprofit, it's good to have a specific goal or a specific reason behind the fundraising. keeps things transparent and above board. transferring funds as a way of "paying back" for service opens all kind of doors relating to the potential for tax and insurance liabilities that we would all rather keep shut. small transfers of money here and there are one thing, but once you start to hit five figures, you move into grey areas that are potentially very knotty. I have a little bit of a background in this stuff and these are the types of things that keep me up at night or give me nightmares when I think about them too much.
  12. glad to know that this is still in progress.
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