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  1. can you draw the map on a tablet, like an electronic whiteboard/blackboard? you can get those that draw on "lined paper" or "graph paper," etc. that way you wouldn't have to futz with camera placement.
  2. I love seeing the steps and the volume that is being processed. it would be great (for the future) if the photos and text could be prepackaged into a "why is my order taking so long?" thread that just documents the process. and am I correct in understanding that you're processing over 1,000 cartridges? holy smokes.
  3. this is what separates the high achievers from mere mortals!
  4. that's the difference between 1/16th and 1/8th scale. always gotta read the box!
  5. whoa! deep cut! although tacos are better meant for that *other* thread...
  6. I would just like to say that brass is the best. you haven't lived until you've been clobbered by the brass soundwave of a high school marching band up close at a mardi gras parade...
  7. on the other hand, computers always do exactly what you tell them to, which isn't always what you mean for them to do...
  8. I am all in on the concept of a game called beanny booper!
  9. if you bring out the pipe and start doing the hugh hefner thing, I'm outta here unless *everyone* does it (tanya, darcy, aerlan, zoom guests, etc) as well.
  10. oh, fun! I'm glad that DC chimed in and that you were able to help him out a little!
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