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  1. is there a video of this version in action? took a quick look online and did not see one.
  2. the order of the phases of the moose are full, less than, null, greater than, and then full again. you don't actually have that sequence listed! on the one hand, phases of the moon are really by month and not by quarter so it doesn't really matter. but if you want to represent the passage of time using the moon and you might want to use the more traditional sequence
  3. @ZeroPage Homebrew James, are you still in touch with @TikiDan about debuting or presenting Gold Rush on ZPH? the fact that box art is being released is both exciting and suggests that the game might be getting close to the point of public release. just wondering!
  4. I just read that whole stupid article and I still have no idea what wonder does.
  5. My "concern" with reducing the number of nominees is that people really seemed to be jazzed about being nominated, even if they thought they had no chance to win. maybe the solution is a two step nominating process. First the nominating committee does a first pass and whittles each category down to 8 or 10. This is a list of "honorees" or "commendations" or something. So these are the people whose work was considered outstanding. Then, the nominating committee goes back and selects five from each category for public voting. This is the list of "finalists". When the categories are released, the entire list is announced withe the finalists given special attention. In doing so, the process would publicly acknowledge contributions from people who ostenstibly deserve acknowledgment, but also reduce the number of entrants that are actually being voted on. This might make it more cumbersome, but it preserves some of the excitement and good feeling that people get from seeing their work appreciated. It would be a shame to see that go. just a thought!
  6. you're not spoiled for thinking this. but it is a major milestone, which is...pathetic.
  7. This is basically the video that everyone has been waiting for, no?
  8. Venture Reloaded is exactly where a "Judge's Choice" award would come in handy. got a game that doesn't fit any of the categories? Judge's Choice. Got a game that was boxed out by another game and really shouldn't have been? "Judge's Choice". It's a way of making sure that an extraordinary contribution doesn't slip through the cracks. doesn't have to be awarded every year, because there may not be a reason to award it every year. I also def think that a committee only technical achievement award makes a lot of sense. again, doesn't need to be awarded every year, but can be awarded if there is a single technological event that knocks everyone's socks or or if after a few years, it has become apparent that a tech achievement has become invaluable. it would be like the nobel prizes in that sense. and while I am spouting off ideas, I think I mentioned elsewhere that I would have liked to see the packaging category broken up into: Best Packaging (which is the general appearance of box and cartridge) Best Box/Cartridge Art (spells like it sounds) Best Overall Presentation (which factor in the way the box looks, the cartridge art, *and* the presentation of the manual and the feelies packed in with the manual) at minimum I think it would be good to split the box art from the packaging since they are really two different things. that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!
  9. there you go. fit that into a cartridge slot!
  10. Nice job! You need to get your fuji to light up, though... also love the fact that your daughter was the python coder https://girlswhocode.com/
  11. woo-hoo! @TikiDan is working on his own schedule, but I am sure that it will be worth the wait. he is also *so* good natured. it is a pleasure to see him interviewed and hear him talk about his past (and present) atari experiences.
  12. I wonder what @roland p is doing these days. Looks like he hasn't visited the site since august of 2018.
  13. Dan's usually pretty good about replying if you ping him. Not sure what else he has going on. Hey @TikiDan, you out there? your fans miss you!
  14. D Train


    deep cut, my man. very. deep. cut.
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