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  1. looks like the ice track option from indy 500! I hope those cars are sliding uncontrollably around the parking lot!
  2. um, goodwill is a federally (US) registered nonprofit. not sure where you are getting that from. If you donate items to goodwill (and you itemize your taxes) you can take a deduction for the fair market value of the items donated.
  3. someone had suggested "Penultima," which I always liked...
  4. I *might* be inclined to leave a WIP on the list if there had been major changes from one year to the next. on the other hand, a one and done policy might serve as incentive for developers to finish up so that they can qualify as finished/released...
  5. Lenticular labels would be really fun. When I was in Coney Island, I worked with Bob Munn at Depthography: http://www.depthography.com/ he does some good (and interesting) work. just a thought!
  6. he tried to crowdfund something but there were no takers. but he was trying to raise a million dollars or something. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/119478-Jungle-Adventure-Headed-to-Kickstarter-Disaster yah, it is interesting to think about how things might have been!
  7. gotta say, that guy does a really good interview...
  8. what is this mardi gras game you speak of? has this been demonstrated in public anywhere?
  9. talk about an invasion of privacy! yowch!
  10. I want to hear how it is to play kaboom! with this. the paddle placement doesn't seem optimal. if anyone gets one, and really puts it to the test, please report back!
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