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  1. hahahahaha! I *thought* that's what I was seeing! so great. nice touch!
  2. do the moles go googly-eyed when you bonk them on the head? am I seeing that right or am I imagining it?
  3. D Train


    Rude Chess? Angry Chess? Andrew Davie's Angry Chess? that scans well, at least...
  4. glad that they fixed it! did they say what the problem was?
  5. new theme music for the show! it's got a good beat and you can dance to it. the label is missing something.... 😸🐱
  6. can you do a brief review after using is for a week? how you're using it, whether the joysticks stay locked in place, etc? I would appreciate knowing that. thanks!
  7. are you going to be able to incorporate the ZPH name/logo/cats somewhere on the shirt? back? sleeve? something like that? not sure what kind of flexibility you have with teepublic.
  8. I love the picture of you holding the space shuttle box in front of the launch pad!
  9. James is on the twitch chat and says that they are broadcasting for anyone who wants to go there...
  10. Huh. It looks like all of the internet services are up in vancouver and the weather looks to be ok, so it's not a weather outage. maybe the cats fritzed his system? seems strange that he would not have posted something here, though.
  11. I can never remember...what does darrell do when he's not working magic on the atari? he's in the aerospace industry? Does he (or has he) worked with 6502/6507 for work? The tutorials are both incredibly helpful and also incredibly generous uses of his time. Does he also teach on the side? If he did not have an electric car, would he rather have an old classic or a new supercar?
  12. the pathos really kicks in when the developer mentions that he hates tacos.
  13. ghost, joystick, modern controller...what is that last thing? a vibrator?
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