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  1. for some reason, I think that all of people on this screen should be labeled with the names of your favorite subscribers...
  2. Starlost was the early 70s, not post SW; it was originally supposed to be a new-tech special effects heavy series about a generation ship that suffered an accident and was knocked off course; the main characters rushed around to find the "backup bridge" to get the ship back on course even though they appeared amish. Keir dullea played the main character and walter koenig was in some of the later episodes. Harlan ellison and ursula leguin were involved but it because such a clusterfuck (and the effects that they ended up using were so awful) that they both dropped out (I believe). my dad and I watched this when it originally aired and we were *so* excited because it was new sci-fi on teev! and then it seemed like it mostly just disappeared, although tantalizingly, bits and pieces would pop up here and there unexpectedly. It wasn't until the advent of the internet that I was actual able to verify that it wasn't a fever dream and that it actually existed. the episodes are now on youtube and you can see them here: there's a wiki entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Starlost it's a whole crazy story. finding info about this was def recapturing part of my childhood. one of the episodes even had GIANT BEES, which scared the shit out of me as a 5 year old...
  3. This is an answer I can get behind. please send me your address so that I can subscribe to your newsletter!
  4. holy shit, i saw that when it first aired! blast from the past. I remember being freaked out by the accident and by the fact that they were leaving earth and everyone they knew FOREVER! these things have a big impact when you're 7.
  5. it's pretty clear there's no lack of ego on that guy.
  6. oooh, the 110 instamatic. hallmark of the 1970s
  7. mine came in today! looks good! first video game patch I've gotten in 40 years!
  8. this is really good work, right here. top marks!
  9. does this count? It's just as valid at Todd's record!
  10. great news! sounds like @Nathan Strum and @Andrew Davie are planning on being the in the studio audience; I'm booking my flight now! Who else is coming? @Albert? @SpiceWare? @Thomas Jentzsch? @johnnywc? @Arenafoot? I just need to know how many people are going to be there, and we need to vote on whether to have pizza or deli food; looks like there are a couple of places where we can get hot open sandwiches and matzo ball soup. I'm buying! @ZeroPage Homebrew I'll let you know my flight details so that you can pick me up at the airport. If I arrive an hour before the show starts, does that give you enough time to grab me and get back? Also, should I bring a sleeping bag or do you have guest room? How exciting! See everyone in a couple of weeks!
  11. I'll check out both videos when I have a little free time. thanks @SpiceWare!
  12. aren't we all in the sub 5.57 club?
  13. is that your house? and I've always wanted to ask you about your avatar. were you in a star trek fan film, or just a fan of mr. spock enjoying pizza?
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