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  1. I would like a red Dragonfly with the Pokeymax and the YM module.
  2. Is anyone else having sound issues with Eggerland Mystery on the Phoenix? The sound has a weird buzz to it. Eggerland Mystery doesn't have these sound issues on the MiSTer. Is there a new firmware that takes care of the sound issue?
  3. Tommy, you need to have an easter egg in this game where if you input the secret code and you get to the checkpoint you can hear you say "Badger" like you did at the 2:58 mark of this video.
  4. I had reformatted a couple of times and redid the copying of files several times and finally got them all (for the most part) to work. Some folders didn't have 255 files and still caused problems. In fact one folder only had 4 roms and had problems, but recopying a couple of times had fixed that. Thanks for the information.
  5. I am having issues now with my Phoenix reading the memory card and running certain roms. I have tried two different SD cards and I'm experiencing the same issue where I get a failed to open directory error. I am also getting an error sometimes where it says that the rom format is not compatible, but that some rom will work on the colecovision core for the MiSTer. My Phoenix was an original run Adam colored version. Where is the latest firmware updates located? Does anyone have any idea what can fix these errors? I am hoping to get this fixed before the new rom vault is released. Thanks in advance.
  6. If you haven't jumped on board yet, you should! I have been a member for the past two years and the exclusives are always worth it. Last years game was absolutely amazing! Probably one of the best on the system.
  7. Try the 2020 Secret game and you will surely forget that 2020 sucked. It really is that great.
  8. I will do my best to promote this as well. If people are reading this and haven't joined the club yet, last year's secret game was absolutely amazing! If this year's secret game is anywhere near the quality of last year's it will absolutely be worth joining the club!
  9. In the US they are just starting to send out stimulus checks. It might be a good idea to extend the deadline a couple of weeks.
  10. Wavy Navy is awesome. The added waves and mines adds a lot of challenge to the shoot 'em up genre.
  11. The dude is wearing a "My chemical romance" t-shirt. Can we really take him seriously?
  12. I have been a hardcore gamer since 1980 and I like the Amico. In fact that's what I am looking forward to the most in regards to the upcoming consoles. I just need a site now. 😉
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