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  1. Is Mappy_20180606_NTSC the final rom or is there a newer version that's on the cartridge?
  2. I just ordered one. I have a regular Harmony, but looking forward to the encore. Is there a thread or link that has the games/demos roms that only work on the encore?
  3. I went back in and there is a new shipping option that is much more reasonable. My total came to $87 and change for two shipped to Hawaii.
  4. I have been quoted $40.79 for shipping for 2 to Hawaii. Any chance of US or Canadian distributors as the shipping is more cost than a unit.
  5. That's awesome news. I'm really excited about the Omni. I would love to see a lot of early/mid 80s arcade games ported to the system. Specifically obscure arcade games or ones that just weren't ported back in the day. With the ability to save high scores that would be absolutely awesome. I'm also excited for the upgraded Odyssey 2 games. I can't wait to see some images of some of what you have coming.
  6. I'm in on the system with a CIB Sydney Hunter. Hopefully this will get funding.
  7. I'm hoping that one of these breakthroughs is the ability to save your high scores to cartridge. Well, I'm hoping that that will be a common feature to all of the Omni games and that there might be two other breakthroughs that will happen.
  8. This game is an absolute gem. Well worth playing.
  9. Is there any chance that Buggy Boy could be released on a cart? It would be extra awesome if the cartridge would save the high scores for the tracks.
  10. I think the sega market is large, but with all the genesis flashbacks that have come out for the last decade or so that has diminished the need. An FPGA accurate system is exciting for people like us that are into the classics and know what FPGA systems are, but most people that are itching to play some genesis games have had their fill with both the flashback and genesis comps that have come out on Playstation and Xbox platforms. What I think you might be missing on a Neo Geo FPGA is that back in the 90s there where many that would have loved to get a Neo Geo but the price point at the time made it a no go. Those people that may have wanted a Neo Geo then might be excited to get another chance and pick up a FPGA Neo Geo, especially with the possible ability to play the games off of an SD card through a jailbreak firmware. I would personally love to see a Neo Geo come out next, and would love for it to have the ability to have the Universe bios either included in the console or available as an additional purchase that could be placed on the SD card. I'm also not sure where you came up with the thought that a FPGA Neo Geo would cost $500?
  11. I would love to see this come out on the Atari 5200. I would definitely love to see it utilize the track ball controller. That would be pure bliss!
  12. How much are the Sophia DVIs going for? Are they still available?
  13. I'm excited about the news of the SGM being officially licensed. I will be supporting you both and purchasing both your and opcode's new systems. I'm excited about the future games that we will be playing on both consoles!
  14. This looks awesome. I know this isn't a pre-order thread, but I'm definitely interested in getting one.
  15. This looks awesome. Great work! I'm definitely interested in this if they become available for sale.
  16. If possible, can it display your favorites when you press some keyboard button? For example if you press the select or options key it will switch between general search and favorites?
  17. I finally got a chance to try the!Cart and it is absolutely awesome. Quick question, what does the favorites do? Are you able to view just your favorites from within the menu? If so, how do you do this?
  18. Thanks, this fixed it. I had thought I checked the NTT Data Pad Compatibility box in the past, but I guess I didn't.
  19. I found an interesting "bug" with the new firmware for the SD2SNES and the Super NT. I haven't tried the brand new v.5 of Redguy's SD2SNES firmware yet, but experienced this problem with both v.3 and v.4 of the firmware. When I try to play the game Super Bomberman - Panic Bomber W on the Super NT I get a yellow screen with a message saying "This game can not be played with the mouse." This happens all the time, even if I unplug the controller at boot up. If I try to play the game on my Super Nintendo it works fine. I'm not sure what the Super NT is sending to the cartridge that would cause that message to pop up in that game. I wonder if there are other games that won't work with the mouse that also get that message to pop up on boot up? In case anyone asks, I don't have my mouse plugged in at all and still get that message.
  20. I really enjoy it on the switch. I haven't really played this on game so much or really the 2600 either, but I always like to support any arcade packages (I know the arcade archives are single and not packages but still support) for home consoles. My user name on the high score boards is "spudboy" if you feel like challenging with the score.
  21. Is this the final rom that is in the original post?
  22. My vote would be for I, Robot and Major Havoc. 2 amazing atari arcade games that need to be on the Jaguar!
  23. I received my The!Cart last night and it works great. I'm looking to build some workbooks to flash it and was wondering off the process to flash the cartridge. Is it only available to flash the cartridge by using the Atari or can you flash the cartridge with the Maxflash USB flasher and a windows or osx computer? I have a Sio2SD from Lotharek so that is an option if I can't flash it from a modern computer.
  24. The game works fine on my F18A modded colecovision.
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