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  1. i like your username :D

  2. Gee.....Maybe I should list my rare Air Raid prototype,which was actually inside an early E.T case.....It comes complete with a letter of authenticity from E.T himself....
  3. Spike!...Molly!......Darnit!

    1. Sauron



  4. Here is a closer look of the actual cartridge
  5. Sounds like you purchased from the same seller. I have seen the Vectrom "cards" offered in the past in which you would have to mount it in your own case or just use it as is. Here is what I got.
  6. Thanks for the link! I would imagine there will be a lot of funky Vectrex stuff added to my collection in the coming months.
  7. Hi Lads, I just received a Vectrom 32 game multi cart from an eBay seller in France. I've been scouring eBay for a good Vectrex homebrew multi cart for some time now and figured this cart was the best bang for the buck. Originally I wanted one of the popular Sean Kelly cartridges,but I saw this "buy it now" Vectrom cart for $39 and thought I'd take a chance on it. So far,I'm impressed with it,but the built in mini switch selector takes some getting used to(but it's a neat feature).A better quality label would have been a good idea as well,but for $39 I can live with it. Anyone else have this cart in their collection? opinions?
  8. Thats what I'm talking about....a good honest to goodness auction. Had you started your Mr.Boston cart @ $9.99 and ran it with no reserve for a week, the bidding would have been fierce and likely would have sold for a bundle once all the dust settled from the last minute feeding frenzy and bidding war. The key is to not give bidders time to think.
  9. I have to agree with Atarileaf....the days of dirt cheap 2600's are coming to a close. Here in Ottawa where I live,a clean complete 4 switch woody or vader with 15-20 carts will run you upwards of $100.A 2600 Junior can cost almost as much because the novice retro gamers prefer the small slim size. You can still find deals on ebay,but Canada Post will arse rape you with shipping. My advice would be to run a wanted ad in your local kijiji classifieds , you might be surprised at what comes out of the woodwork. Good Luck!
  10. I'm in!... I'd love to see some more Vectrex stuff offered!!
  11. My Father used to always say; ' it's only worth what someone is willing to pay"......personally I think starting the auction @ $9.99 and letting run for 7 days, would reveal the true value of this game.With that being said,one really needs to look at the collectibility of Vectrex stuff.Yes,the Vectrex console is gaining popularity nowadays,but $3500 or anywhere near that dollar figure for a rare cart is, in my opinion, a really bad investment.An average blue collar guy like myself can buy a really nice preowned Rolex Submariner for $3500.....or a week for two @ a Sandals resort in Jamaica.Yes,I'd love to see this cart fetch $3500 for the seller,but one has to be realistic,....is there a Vectrex collector out there with that kind of disposable income this day and age?.....it would be interesting to see. I know if I spent that kind of cash on a game....my wife would kill me in my sleep.....
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