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  1. I don't think he means the size of the original 2600. Maybe around the size of a Jr. I think it would be epic if it looked like an upgraded version of a Jr. and have backwards compatibility for old 2600 games or if the carts are different, there should be an adapter.
  2. IF it got re-released, I'll buy it!
  3. I got a free-just pay shipping 2600 box from him. Shipping wasn't too fast as he got my message way after I paid, but once it was shipped it came fast and in great shape. I'm really happy. I highly reccomend him.
  4. Still available as I'd take it... Sure. PM me your address please. And as for the rest of you: your freebies will go out next week. The poverty over here is overwhelming. Because of sushi!
  5. My writing and reading skills are not average (not bragging). Much above. I LOOOOVE to read, and do it alot. I'm not too into Harry Potter. I read one page of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, returned it, and bought The Secret Garden and Anne of Avonlea. Thanks fpr pretty much callin me dumb.
  6. I meant a chemical lining that's fire retardant but's really bad for you..
  7. From what I heard, those tube televisions have a harmful chemical inside..
  8. I hope I find a cave full of Atari games..
  9. I had a dream I went to a HUUUUUUGE Goodwill, and there was a box with one NES game. I took out that NES game, and more and more and more came out... With pink, red, yellow, etc. colored carts too, and some of the labels were made of Origami psper. The last one... Was a Nintendo World Championships 1990! I've had much odder dreams, but that was one of the few I remember. I had the same dreams, Retrorussel (the first one) and RT!
  10. Shoot... The L6 dosen't work. He's just looking pretty in my room. It just shows static. My H6 should arrive today.
  11. I think the dictionary means text as in text ex. with typewriters or a keyboard. *Sings8 OOH CPUWIZ! Please lock this!
  12. IITS!!! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! (finish it)

  13. If you say it fast enough you'll always sound procotious! Better use it carefully 'cus it can change your life! *clears throat* For example, I said it to me girl and now me girl's me wife!
  14. Reigion? Unknown Company: Sears Speaker slits: Yes Channel select: yes, A-B hole but no switch Manufacturing location: Sunnyvale Serial#: 38119V Board rev #: B Factory reconditione: No Notes: Sticker that says: STOP-DO NOT ATTEPT GAME REPAIR. THERE ARE NO USER ADJUSTABLE PARTS INSIDE. OPENING OF GAME MAY DAMAGE HIGHLY TECHNICAL DEVICES INSIDE AND SUCH DAMAGE WOULD NOT BE COVERED BY THE WARRANTY. (yes, there is a period there) SERVICING AVAILIBLE AT THE NEAREST SEARS STORE IN THE U.S.A. Code taped inside: 99 07900008 Pics coming soon.
  15. Does anyone else know the definition of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?
  16. Thanks, Chuck. You have good grammar. I hope that new game I announce is Air Raid. Edit: How can you guess that I'm full American?
  17. Ok. This thread should seriously be locked.
  18. LOLOLOL Shee dieed in digdug and she ses shee blue up da pooka and fygar
  19. Funy things occured wit every game i bring. My mom screemed EEK when monsterz in ms pacman were on other side of maze
  20. Jr. Pac

    Atari Lists

    Sorry, Appoloboy. The thread hasn't been bumped in forever, and I thought when you bump it, it would be added. I checked last on July 27.
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