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  1. TI Debugger card also from >FFFF down to >FFE8 8 bytes are allotted from XB for that card. Also EA Cart.
  2. RXB 2001 to RXB 2015 has CALL PSAVE and CALL PLOAD for 8K saved to disk or hard drive. A CALL LOAD can save or load these values to Lower 8K, or faster use RXB CALL MOVES to fetch any length to be moves somewhere else like VDP to be read by Speech Synthesizer.
  3. The lack of memory on F18 is a real problem. Other graphic modes the 9938 and 9958 were in line with the 9918 in design thus allowing 4 times the size number of pixels and in every Graphic mode including interlaced modes. I was easy to tie GPL to the 9938 and 9958 as the code was very similar to 9918 and just larger numbers for programming ease. F18 is a great additional device, but pales in comparison to 9938 or 9958 in results or screen size or memory.
  4. Assembly sucks at DSR unless you have a GPL DSRLNK DSR from Miller Graphics. This has been stated for over 20 years as a fact. Assembly DSR only find ROM DSR and nothing else, hence why the suck.
  5. I can add more support for RXB SAMS easy, just start making cards with 4Meg or 16Meg or 32Meg or 64Meg or 128Meg or 256Meg......
  6. Well theoretically if the first byte is page number >00 to >FF for 256 pages or 1 meg then wish we could go whole hog second byte is 256 banks of 1 meg or 2.5 Gig.
  7. The question you did not answer was why is it changing UPPER CASE to lower case?
  8. From TI DIR TI DSK to PC DESKTOP it is changing the CASE for some unknown reason. Look if the file is LRXB6 and after changed to lrxb6 on desktop that is not a copy of the same name, I asked WHY IS IT CHANGING CASE OF NAME? What does the Alpha lock have to this transfer?
  9. Incorrect you can do OPEN and CLOSE from Command Edit mode as I do it all the time >OPEN #1:"DSK1.BATCH",INPUT >CLOSE #1 INPUT and LINPUT need a line number only due to in Command Edit mode used same buffer so crashed.
  10. Ok first off this will open and also put anything in a DV80 file including TI Writer codes or any hidden control characters: 100 OPEN #2:"DSK8.BATCH",OUTPUT 110 LINPUT #1:Z$ Defualts for open are DV80 Also defaults are LINPUT will fetch a line that does not crash the way INPUT does if you have other then characters 30 to 159 in a files. LINPUT is what I always use as INPUT crashes more often.
  11. A much better idea is just dump TI Basic and keep XB and those two GROMs should have been used for more OS features like XB Assembly support and Editor Assembly in Console.
  12. RXB runs BASIC with no modifications, but not with EA Assembly Support. But then TI Basic with Assembly Support is slow and very very limited compared to XB with Assembly support.
  13. Disagree, been updating XB (RXB for over 20 years now).
  14. Yea I have in the package PC Text Source, TI99/4A DV 80 files, GRAM files, XB programs, and even Classic99 package to install unitl Tursi includes it into Classic99 And to top it off a CALL USER demo file that makes a number of XB demo programs.
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