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  1. 8I'm about ready to dig them out but wife is having party tomorrow so it will probably be Thursday. I donated the better Dimension 4 to the computer museum when it was in Boston, trying to win their prize but lost to an altair 8088. This one also fired up back then but had a glitchy display if I remember correctly. Prefer to sell it local to dfw area so I dont have to pack and ship. I'll work on pictures. Also unloading my upgraded atari 400, happy drive, and Atari st 3d glasses stereotek and software but that would be for another board
  2. I've got a prototype of ti 99/4 and some developer boards I want to clear out, does anyone know a good place to post them?
  3. I need to sell off my Atari systems I’ve got a 800 , upgraded 400, couple of drives, pretty sure one is happy. Just lugging then around from storage to storage for years but shipping is a pain. In DFW area if there is any local interest Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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