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  1. Here are a bunch of new pics of the games. Also there is a copy of a letter from Atari about him writing to them asking about buying certain games directly, which I am assuming is how he probably got some of the games he has. The games will eventually be sold but deciding how to do it, how much they will be sold for and when it will be done is a bit daunting when you are talking about 350 games, some of them very rare, and only a day and a half since my first post.
  2. Here are some images of the whole collection. Maybe later tonight we can get some better quality pics up as well.
  3. Um...was your mother-in-law testing these games out herself, or relying on a pre-existing list to check which ones do and don't work? Because if it's the former... She and her husband I believe tested each to make sure that they worked. I don't think she was going for any high scores though..
  4. When she originally asked me about the games i used the mighty Google to search for "rare Atari games" I got a list and asked her if she had any on the list Video Life, River Patrol, and Out of Control were the ones she had that were on the top of the list, so those were the ones I included. I should have done a bit of research first to understand exactly how rare they were before I jumped in the deep end I guess. Everything else was very organized, so Mogul Maniac was with its Joyboard and Fast Food was with the cookbook etc. making it a bit easier to know what went with what.
  5. Yeah I asked about that and all the boxes pretty much were tossed, although all the manuals were alphabetized and everything was very well organized.
  6. So no one believes me again because I know how to spell? You people have already said that I should use this website to help me learn more about the games and then fault me because I know the difference between a picture and text only label? The Rarity Guide here has pictures of these things and it is not that hard to learn the difference. As far as to why the collection has so many rare games, my mother in law said that her father was a collector, and I guess I didn't realize how serious of a collector he was. Oh well, just one more time I end up looking like a dumbass. I'll keep working on it and try to convince you that I am not full of it.
  7. Well we ust spent the last 2 or 3 hours on the phone with my mother-in-law getting the complete list of games that she has, they are vaguely alphabetized. There are a few without instructions (~10), a few that don't work (Boing!, Cake Walk, Flag Capture, Fathom, River Raid, Starmaster) and maybe another 10 that are just the instructions. I believe that she will want to sell pretty much everything, and right now we are trying to figure out which games we should sell individually and which ones we should sell as bulk games. We can provide pictures for any game that people would want to see, but it may take a bit of time to get all of them. Thanks so much for you help so far. Asteroids Air Raiders Adventure (text only cover) Airlock Armor Ambush Amidar Atlantis Arcade Golf (text only cover) Astroblast Alien Adventures of Tron Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris Super Kicks Alpha Beam with Ernie Atari Video Cube 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (text only cover) Buck Rogers Bridge Bachelor Party Beat 'em and Eat 'em Boxing Bowling (text only cover) Boing! Blueprint Brain Games (text only cover) Breakout Barnstorming Baseball (text only cover) Bank Heist Backgammon (text only cover) Bugs Big Bird's Egg Catch Berzerk Bermuda Triangle Beany Bopper Battlezone Basketball (text only cover) Basic Programming Beam Rider Basic Math Bump 'n' Jump Burger Time Blackjack (text only cover) Crypts of Chaos Crystal Castles Carnival Canyon Bomber (text only cover) Condor Attack Cosmic Commander Crime Busters Communist Mutants from Space cassette Cake Walk Congo Bongo Centipede China Syndrome Chopper Command Circus (text only cover) Coconuts Code Breaker (text only cover) Combat Commando Raid Cookie Monster Munch Cosmic Ark Cosmic Commuter Comic Corridor Cosmic Creeps Cosmic Swarm Custer's Revenge Crackpots Crazy Climber Cross Force Cruise Missile Donkey Kong Dare Diver (text only cover) Dragon Stomper cassette Dragonfire Dragster Dishaster Dice Puzzle Demons to Diamonds Defender Demon Attack Demolition Herby Dig Dug Dodger Cars (text only cover) Dark Cavern Desert Falcon Decathlon Death Trap Donkey Kong Jr. Deadly Duck Dolphin Encounter at L-5 Enduro Entombed Escape from the Mindmaster E.T. Espial Exocet Eggomania Frankenstein's Monster Frogger II Freeway Football (text only cover) Front Line Fast Food with Cookbook Firefly Final Approach Frogger Frostbite Flag Capture Flash Gordon Fishing Derby Fire Fighter Fast Eddie Fireball cassette Fathom Fantastic Voyage Flight Commander Frogs and Flies Guardian Gunslinger (text only cover) Gyruss Gangster Alley Galaxian Glib Ghost Manor/Spike's Peak Gremlins G.I. Joe Golf (text only cover) Gopher Gorf Grand Prix Tour Gravitar Ghostbusters Human Cannonball (text only cover) Hunt & Score (text only cover) Harbor Escape Hangman H.E.R.O. Haunted House Infiltrate I Want My Mommy Ice Hockey International Soccer Junior Pac Man Jawbreaker James Bond 007 Journey Escape Joust Jungle Hunt Killer Satellites cassette King Kong Krull Kung-Fu Master Karate Kaboom Kangaroo Keystone Keepers Lost Luggage Laser Blast Laser Gates Lock 'n' Chase London Blitz Mr. Do! Mouse Trap Mountain King Motocross Racer Mr. Do's Castle Montezuma's Revenge Moon Patrol Mogul Maniac with Joyboard Missile Command Mines of Minos Miner 2049er Miner 2049er II Midnight Magic Millipede Megamania Mega Force Maze Craze Math Gran Prix Masters of the Universe- He Man Marine Wars Marauder M.A.D. MASH Ms. Pac Man Mario Brothers Night Rider (text only cover) No Escape! Name This Game The Challenge of Nexar Oink Omega Race Oscar's Trash Race Othello (textonly cover) Outer Space Out of Control Party Mix cassette Pole Position Pitfall with Harry's Diary Poker Plus (text only) Pigs in Space Pengo Pac Man Phaser Patrol cassette Phoenix Picnic Piece o' Cake Planet Patrol Plaque Attack Polaris Pong Sports (text only) Porky's Pooyan Popeye Pressure Cooker Pitfall II Private Eye Quest for Quintana Roo Q-Bert's Qubes Q-Bert Quickstep Roc'n Rope Room of Doom Real Sports Football Real Sports Baseball Real Sports Volleyball Rabbit Transit Race (text only) Racketball Raiders of the Lost Ark Ram It Reactor Robot Tank River Patrol River Raid Sir Lancelot/Robin Hood Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes Real Sports Soccer Riddle of the Sphinx Stronghold Swordquest Earthworld Swordquest Fireworld Swordquest Waterworld Shuttle Orbiter Sky Skipper Spiderman Superman (text only) Super Breakout (text only) Super Challenge Football Smurfs Rescue in Gargamel Castle Super Challenge Baseball Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars Jedi Arena Strawberry Shortcake Star Wars Return of the Jedi Stargunner (color) Stampede Steeplechase (text only) Star Fox Snoopy and the Red Baron Sorcerer's Apprentice Star Wars The Arcade Game Submarine Commander Sub Scan Stunt Man Stellar Track (text only) Strategy X Summer Games Subterranea Suicide Mission Super Cobra Surround (text only) Squeeze Box Star Raiders Solaris Sorcerer Seahawk Scuba Diver Seaquest Shark Attack Shootin' Gallery Skateboardin' Skeet Shoot Sky Jinks Slots (text only) Slot Racers (text only) Sneak'n Peek Soccer (text only) Solar Fox Solar Storm Space Canyon Star Strike Star Voyager Stargate Star Trek Starmaster Space Attack Space Cavern Spacechase Space Invaders (text only) Space Jockey SpaceMaster X-7 Space War Speedway II (text only) Spiderdroid Spider Fighter Spider Maze Skiing Springer Spy Hunter Sssnake Space Shuttle Survival Run Spitfire Attack Star Ship (text only) Track & Field The Earth Dies Screaming Taz Tunnel Runner Tutankham Tanks But No Tanks Title Match Pro Wrestling Time Pilot Towering Inferno Trick Shot Tomarc the Barbarian Tron Deadly Discs Turmoil Thunderground Threshold Real Sports Tennis Tennis Tax Avoiders Task Force Target Fun (text only) Tapeworm Tank Brigade Tapper Tac-Scan Up 'n Down Vulture Attack Video Checkers (text only) Vanguard Venture Video Chess Video Pinball Video Life Worm War I Word Zapper Wizard of Wor Warlords (text only) Warplock Wabbit Wall Ball Winter Games Yars' Revenge Zaxxon
  8. As far as selling them, I said in my initial post that these are my mother-in-laws games, so it will be up to her as far as what to do with them. I am pretty sure that if they are worth as much as you people say she will want to sell them. I am not sure where or when she will want to do it but I will be sure to let people at this web page know thoroughly in advance. Right now we are working on a comprehensive list of all the games she has, she is telling my wife over the phone what all the games are and she is typing up a list. If we let my mother-in-law type it may be until the 1st that the list gets done. Thanks for all the info!
  9. Here are some screen shots of the game actually working. (Edit: I shrunk these pictures to make them a bit easier to see)
  10. Hello all, Your posts have been very amusing, and no I don't think that anyone here was being rude or acting like a jerk, at least not much more than regular run of the mill message board talk. What I learned from my mother in law was that her dad was a big collector of Atari games and he kept everything in a large chest, which for some reason or another she ended up with, thus the large volume of games. I don't have a complete list yet, but she is working on getting one to me. As far as me never seeing the games it is because we live about 300 miles apart so I can't just run over there and see what she has. She kind of knew that some of the games were worth something and wanted to know if I knew what to do with them. I found this website and thus the initial post. I should have looked into the game titles a bit more before I posted because I did not know the extent to which some of these games were considered rare and I ended up looking a little bit like an ass. Anyways here are the pics she took of the games. The newspaper is the Erie Times-News from today, from the Erie PA area. Sorry, but the pics are real big.... (Edit: I have shrunk the pictures to make them a bit easier to see) Video Life River Patrol Out of Control
  11. She is presently trying to take pictures of everything and catalog it, she says that she does not have any of the boxes, just the cartridges and instruction manuals. I don't know much about Atari games, I had an Intellivision growing up, sorry, but I wanted to get an idea if these were truly rare games. I will try and get some pictures from her as soon as possible. Thanks for the info everyone, even the doubters.
  12. Hi all, My mother-in-law was recently going through her old junk and cleaning out when she found a huge collection of old Atari games, she says she has between 300 and 400 games. She was wants to sell the games, but does not know where to start. I don't have a complete list of the games she has but she does have some extremely rare games such as Out of Control, River Patrol, and Video Life. She also says that she has the instruction books for all the games she has too. I am looking for advice on how rare these things really are, how much these things should be worth, and where is the best place to go about selling them to make sure they get to people who actually care. I could probably get a complete list and maybe some pictures but I haven't seen any of these things in person so I don't know how good of a condition they are in, I am just going from what she has said. Any help you people could provide would be appreciated.
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